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It all started innocently enough, up early on a rainy school morning with Mom going about her early morning chores like laundry and carrying out the trash. She had already yelled at me to get a move on, so I had an attitude from the word go. Then, a knock at the door produced our attractive, well dressed neighbor, Claire, who was my Mom’s best friend. She was riding with us to work today.  Denim skirt, raincoat and umbrella and tan buckskin leather shoes with at least a 4 inch (10cm) spike heel. As she came in through the service porch, she was stamping and scraping those sexy shoes all the way.

Claire stopped short of entering when my mom asked why?  She then bent her knee and showed my mom the sole of her shoe with a few bits of mud and gravel still attached. “Use that pile of dirty things in front of the washing machine” yelled mom.  I thought…those were my t-shirts and briefs and such!  But with no hesitation, Claire buried her heels into my clothes. She wiped, and twisted, and stomped for what seemed like forever. She even stopped a few times to look at the soles before continuing the cleaning.  Even gave me a pretty smile when it was all over.

By the time Claire had entered the house, my mouth was dry and it took all I could do to hide my erection!  I just had to get a close up of that high heel devastation right now !  So I told mom I would take the trash. I grabbed the laundry basket and went outside. After depositing the trash at the curb, I stopped to look at my prize! I saw dozens of little heel marks and indentations from her spikes on my t-shirts and underwear. There were also well defined full shoe prints over everything.  I was so mesmerized that I stood out there for a while, in the rain, examining Claire’s thorough trampling.

As I re-entered the house, I realized that I was now kind of wet (thanks to my perv time) and mom yelled for me not to drip on her hardwood floors. Claire said “Let me help you out”….She grabbed an entire roll of paper towels and began to unroll it and hand them to me to wipe off. As the paper towels got soaked, I immediately threw them to the floor at her feet as nonchalantly as I could.  Claire ignored the towels completely and, since they were wet, the soles of her sexy shoes shredded them easily ! I was in heaven watching Claire carelessly crush, grind and rip up those discarded paper towels under her shoes as she moved about.

As we finished up, I reminded her that her shoes were now all wet again.  I asked if I could return the favor and help her – by cleaning off her shoes.  I said I could use a towel that was hanging on the chair.  Claire smiled at me and said “sure” like it was no big deal .  Nothing but a mild courtesy as far as she was concerned.  But I was overcome with excitement (and a big boner) thinking about touching her sexy shoes and being at her feet.

She stood at the counter and I took the towel and literally wiped her entire shoes thoroughly.  She was kind of ignoring me at this time which made me felt like some lowly servant to her.  That made the experience so much better !   I took plenty of time, especially paying attention to her thin heels, stroking the full length of them several times.   I was hoping during this time Claire would accidentally step on my fingers.  But, sadly, she kept her shoes firmly planted on the floor during the whole ordeal.

When I finished she sat up on the counter to inspect my work.  Claire took the towel from me and addressed a couple of small spots still on her shoes.   Then, she let the towel float to the ground and JUMPED off of the counter with both HEELS landing perfectly dead center.  She must have spent at least 1 full uninterrupted minute punishing that poor towel.   Oh how I wanted to be the towel at that moment ! When she was done I picked it up and said I would throw it in the laundry. But I stashed the towel away after she was out of sight for review later that day.

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