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When I was young I remember a big party at our house.  My aunt Juniper was there along with several of my cousins. The young girls were wearing pretty dresses and little girl high heels.  But I was not allowed at the activities because because I was on restriction.  Earlier that day I scratched my father’s car with my bicycle. I was angry because it was just an accident and I felt I was unfairly punished. So I was resentful, lying on my belly on the carpet in dining room and playing with some toys on the floor by myself. In the room there were two of my cousins (who had previously stepped on me and used me as a ladder) and my aunt Juniper.

As I was minding my own business I suddenly felt something stab my butt.  I realized that one of my cousins had just walked over me with her high heel!  I said something unpleasant to her and she came back, stepped on me again and started to trample me without a word.  The second girl quickly joined her and they both began walking on me.

The girls really gave it to my back, trampling me fairly hard.   I remained silent even when their small spike heels dug into my ribs. They walked on me for a couple of minutes and got tired. Then they stepped off, whispered together for a moment and left the room. After a few minutes my cousins returned in the whole set, all four of them. They were again whispering in conspiracy as they tried to decide whether to trample me more or not. I didn’t know why but I looked forward to it.

But then my aunt walked over and made first step, literally. She slowly approached me and placed her foot on my back. She asked me if I had enough punishment. I responded “no” just to be defiant. She rubbed my back for a moment with her flats and then firmly stepped up. She walked across  my back and it was very good feeling.  Her flats had flexible, rubber sole but she was much heavier than my cousins.

My cousins looked at it with their eyes wide open, as they never expected someone so adult would punish me that way – they thought it was only their idea of tormenting me. To their surprise Juniper stepped off of me and said for them to finish the job as she left the room!

So my cousins began the real session. They trampled on my back at first. One of the girls decided to step on my head and immediately the other three copied her, some of them even using their thin heels.  Ouch!

Then the oldest girl ordered me to roll over and they took turns stepping on my whole body, including my face with their well worn shoes.   All of them had been playing in the yard earlier so their shoes were dirty.  Grass and soil was stuck on the bottoms of their shoes and (especially) their small heels.

The girls thought it was funny to clean their shoes on my clothes and then twist and grind down on the dirt.  I was filthy afterwards.  They also seemed to enjoy looking down at me as they wiped their shoes on my face.  This left messy smears that I later had to wash off in the bathroom.  But I didn’t care and actually loved how mean they were being to me!

It was magnificent, as all the party shoes of my cousins had small pointy, sharp heels that were 1-2 inches high (or more). Those spike heels dug into my flesh and occasionally pinned my cock. The crush was enormous, as the girls tried to dig them into me as hard as possible.  They trampled me  without mercy! At the end they were stepping and marching on me with their whole weight only on the heel tips. It was painful, yes, but also very exciting for me in a way I did not understand.

Unfortunately the fun was interrupted by another adult who entered the room. My cousins quickly jumped off of me and all ran away.

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