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When I was 11 I often played over at my friends house.  He had the most adorable and beautiful mother who used to stand on or walk over her son as a joke at every available opportunity in whatever shoes she happened to be wearing at the time.  Sometimes it was even in heels!  I remember being soooo envious of him.

One day his mother and one of her friends came home from a shopping trip while I was there. My buddy and I were in the living room just laying on the floor watching TV.

The first thing I noticed was the “clack, clack, clack” sound of multiple high heels walking through the kitchen.  Then, as they got closer, I could actually feel the vibrations of their heel strikes through the floor.  These women were walking hard and with a purpose straight toward us!

The pair came in wearing knee high boots they had just bought.  This was in the late 70’s when 7.5 cm (3 inch) heels were all the rage.  One pair of boots was burgundy in color with a rounded toe.  The other was black with a more pointy toe, very stylish.  The smell of leather filled the room.

The mom came over to her son and asked what he thought of her new boots while striking a pose right in front of his face. He made a wise remark knowing that he was going to get it.  And he did! She playfully kicked him a few times in the side and then BOTH women took turns walking on him.

The two made a game of it by one woman walking over the boy and then the other saying “you mean like this ?” as she put her boot on him.  And then the other woman would say “no, like this”.  And step on him a different way.  Repeat that over and over again.

My friend’s mom wouldn’t step on me because I guess she was afraid my parents would get wind of it and she would get in trouble. Now there I was, watching my 11 year old friend being trampled by two slim, attractive ladies in their mid 30’s wearing high heeled boots …  I was crying with envy and my stomach was in knots because I wanted this so bad.  They walked on his back and then flipped him over to walk on his stomach and chest.

The two hot moms also used him as a footrest to display their boots and talk about them to each other.  “Don’t you just love the color?” one would ask as she dug her heel into his chest and moved the boot’s toe back and forth.  “Beautiful” would be the response.  All while treating the boy like an inanimate object on the floor to rest their boots on.

For the finale, the pair stepped up on him at the same time, hugged each other and laughed while leaning all of their weight back on their heels before jumping off.  My friend’s face turned red (while I was turning green with envy).

I have been hooked ever since.

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