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One night we were laying in bed and my girlfriend Heather told me of an article she read in a woman’s lib magazine. It was a short story about a woman who was smoking and used a man as her ashtray. When she said that she pulled me close to her and had a excited look on her face. In this moment of intimacy I decided to tell her of my ultimate fantasy. I have always been turned on watching women grind out cigarettes under their high heel shoes. I said I always dreamed about a woman crushing out her cigarette on my stomach. Then she would light another one and put it out on my cock. Heather said “That’s kinky” with a gleam in her eye.

Heather was a very infrequent smoker but the next day she bought a pack of Virginia Slims. She walk in and flashed them at me and said “Are you sure you really want to do this?”. I was trembling and could barely say “yes”. She warned me it would hurt and she would not hold back at all. She’d crush out her cigarettes just like she would on the street. I got a big erection with that. She said “ Let’s get ready”. Heather went in the bedroom and took off her sneakers, jeans and t-shirt. She put on a black bra, black silk panties and her sexy black patent leather high heels. By this time I was on the floor with  my t-shirt, jeans and a whole lot of anticipation.

She walk over toward me with a sly smile and lit a cigarette. While she was smoking she would flick the ashes on my chest and grid them under the toe of her shoe. I rarely ever saw her smoke so I was really excited. I was even afraid I might cum too soon. When she finished her cigarette she dropped it on my shirt about three inches from my belly button. She then picked up her left foot, stomped on the cigarette and ground it out hard and slowly while she smiled and stared at me. I was surprised it hurt so much but I loved every second of it.  It burned a small hole in my shirt and left a red mark on my skin that didn’t go away for days.

Heather then lit another and said “You know where I’d like to put this one out, don’t you?”. I couldn’t speak but only nodded yes.  “But I don’t want it to be too dangerous” she said with a little pout.  So she played with my groin area with her shoe as she smoked. I think she was trying to excite me so I would get even harder. But that was impossible.

It seemed like it took forever but she was finally ready to put out her second cigarette. She stood with her back to me with her feet on either side of my body. I was staring up at her slim hips and incredibly long legs. She took a final drag and dropped her cigarette onto the crotch of my jeans and ground it out hard for what seemed like an eternity. I could feel the warmth of the cigarette crush on that spot through my jeans.  She then slowly raised her foot so I could look at the ash mark on the bottom of her shoe.   Both of us knew putting out a lit cigarette on my naked cock would have been too much – but this was a close approximation.

“I hope you enjoyed that because I sure did!”. I thanked her and told her it was even better than I had ever imagined.  With a mischievous grin she looked at me and said “I have 18 more cigarettes left in this pack” . . .

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