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I went to a big fetish/goth party and we must have had close to 800 people in attendance.  I wore my typical dark green T-shirt with the word “Welcome” written on it, looking like a welcome mat.

For many months i have seriously considered just lying on the floor somewhere in the path of the Ladies. Well the only good spot was in front of the Women’s bathroom. I had to weigh many factors before possibly ruining any future chances i might have there. i didn’t want to trip anybody(possibly hurting them), and i didn’t want to unnerve some by seeing a guy lying beside the Ladies’ restroom door. By the way, there were no doors for either bathroom. Well a bud of mine stood by at first to help draw their attention to me if they got too close w/o seeing me and even one Lady said She would do the same. After talking with a few women in the area and hearing all of them say enthusiastically, go for it, i decided too. 🙂

By the way, the restroom was at the end of a short hallway in the back of the first floor area and it was well lit too.

Well, i laid down and the first lady to arrive was coming from the open area and She just kinda paused and giggled and covered her mouth as She weighed the situation. She only slowed down but kept moving towards me. She like all of the following ladies, would ask or let me know they thought i wanted them to walk on me. I truly don’t remember what the first woman did, but it wasn’t long till several women were walking on me as they went to the bathroom. They usually giggled or smiled. During the night, over 50% stepped on me as they went into or out of the bathroom. Sometimes they stopped and stood on me a while, or even stepped around on me for a little while. Some were really wiping their feet on my shirt, several times back and forth. More than one said, gee, this is fun; and i mean they were really grinning.

The DJ for the night saw me and came over just to step on me and bounce on me a while; She is 6’0″ tall before figuring in Her high heeled platform boots. (white boots and white long skirt and white corset.) One other Lady who would unhesitatingly step on me was a hot asian, who by the way just trampled me upstairs in the VIP room, and She made two trips to the restroom during the hour i was there. She was helpful since She would see others staring, so She made a show of it by not even slowing down or looking down as She stepped up on me and continued on Her way. Well, one time She stopped on me and stomped some. Oh, one of those times She stepped on me was when two other women dressed in santa outfits was stepping on me simultaneously , so for one step there were three on me 🙂 The two santa dressed ones, made several trips over me during the hour i was there. They were so fun, and i think they were glad to take advantage of the situation and experiment on me. They didn’t really hesitate at all stepping on me and the second time across(coming out of bathroom) they were side by side in step and each stepped up on me simultaneously and continued walking like i was literally just a welcome mat. 🙂 There were many other individuals who would either slow to ask before stepping or to step over me avoiding me. Some of the individuals were surprised about the whole thing but were grinning before stepping off. Some got into it some. There was one who was concerned about Her thin heels, and She was at least a medium size, well Her first foot stepped across me and the second one came down solid on me, heel below sternum, almost caught me by surprise, making it fun 🙂

Then on the way out, she stepped on me full weight…loved it. There were some others that were concerned about their weight, but they were not fat, and they would step on me full weight with their non-spikey heels. they seemed to stepped slowly onto me and going across me. Their caution on me kept their weight on me longer, really sinking their feet/shoes into me. it was great actually. One girl had on something like boots with furry tops, reminded me of eskimo boots, well She made two round trips on me, each time stopping once to stand a while and with one shoe on my gut, raise the other shoe to stand on my face. I had never seen most of these women before, and this one was standing on my face with a quarter of her weight haha. i couldn’t believe it. And this girl had on a skirt, She was giving me the best view of the night, but i was still concerned some bystanders might think this was all i was up to, so i didn’t stare where i would love to have. 🙂

My main focus was to not see any girls trip and to let all of them remain comfortable with me being there, because i was right in front of the door!. Everyone seemed comfortable too; it went better than i thought it would. i could hear the women in the bathroom loving it. They were saying such things as …Step on him, he wants it, others saying how they stepped on the guy, etc.

once about three came out at once, each one stepped on me; the first two were stepping on me about the same time. it gave me a small sense of a real trample, and these 3 girls were people i had never met before, except when they stepped on me as they went into the bathroom lol. Of course i thought of Cucciolo in his video- 50 girl disco stampede; I LOVE THAT VIDEO.

I only have a few marks on me from that VERY memorable evening. I can feel a little tightness in my front torso, not much, but it reminds me of a niiiiice experience i had.

There was one particular Lady whom i have seen at the party a few times and LOVE Her looks. i only talked to her once before, and she walked over me the first time and second time, basically, except the second time she stepped down until her spike heel touched me below the sternum and for a second i thought she would do what no one else did that night, drive a heel into my gut. well, she only touched me with it and then stepped all the way across, she looked back knowing she teased me. Even though she didn’t step down full weight, i was in heaven at the thought/anticipation she gave me. i can’t wait for her full weight to drive a heel into me.

I was walked on by many women i never knew, a few women never looked back after stepping on me…..mannn i loved that night. My shirt wasn’t as filthy as one might expect, just the usual tiny bits of debris that would be on the floor.

Oh one more particular lady, she is 6’0″ also and she always walks on me at these parties(she said she looks forward to trampling me at each and every party!). This night she saw me and noticed how many people were watching, well she knew this was the time to walk on me. She ended it by jumping up onto me from the floor and landing on my gut while wearing her white platform boots and wearing her black and red outfit. (not the DJ i mentioned earlier ). While she was trampling me, there were three other guys asking her to walk on them, and that never happened before, that i know of. She was surprised and of course didn’t want to do that; she didn’t know them at all. She handled it gracefully though. (This might have been a good time for Ms Lunasea to be on hand, since She has desired to walk on a carpet of guys….and She deserves it too 🙂

I loved this experience; it was one of the most exciting times of my life. It was so fun to be the ground for women to step on, and then to know it was done by many i never knew and several of them never looked back after stepping on me…..gosh i loved it.

One side note, over half of the ladies were actually nice looking to very nice looking; it was so nice, that i considered pinching myself to make sure i wasn’t dreaming, but the heels/shoes kept reminding me 🙂


P.S. this post reminds me of a thread , i think started by KenRug about being respectful to the ladies and polite etc, when hoping to get trampled by them. It seemed that when they saw my smile as they approached and noticed i wasn’t demanding, etc, they seemed more comfortable about it. If they stepped over and not on me, i just acted sad and they would giggle. Sometimes that very girl would come back out of the bathroom stepping on me. When they did look back, i would somehow show them my appreciation, sometimes just saying thanks, but usually if they looked at me, my smiling face told them i was thrilled, they seemed to enjoy that. If nothing else, it is feedback for them.

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