Non-stop trample 4.6 (12)

great trample experience at a fetish party

written by throwrug
original source of the story was Unknown source

I went to a big fetish/goth party and we must have had close to 800 people in attendance.  I wore my typical dark green T-shirt with the word “Welcome” written on it, looking like a welcome mat.

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Cocktail Party 3.5 (17)

Fetish party trample for one lucky guy

written by Steven
original source of the story was Unknown source

On a Saturday night Mistress Natasha a friend of mine invited me to her place for a cocktail party. Natasha knows me as “Matt” and she has trampled me many times.  She also loves trampling full stop!!! She planned to use me as a doormat/welcome mat for people to walk or step on as they arrived at the party.  Those attending included people I knew from the local fetish scene plus some non-fetish friends of Natasha and people from interstate coming to look at Natasha’s leather products and perfumes etc which were on display.  There was also two rooms set up for S@M activities plus a dance floor.

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