Halloween Trample Fun 13 min read

written by flapjack
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums


Smack! is one of a few fetish ball events that occur around Halloween in New York.  I always wanted to go to a Goth event and get trampled by ladies with those big Goth boots.

I went in a pseudo pro-wrestler getup (no tights). I didn’t carry a whole rug getup with me. I got there at about 9:30 not expecting very much. Not many people were there yet, but it somehow looked promising. There was a stage with some go-go dancers, all in those big boots I love. I recognized one from some Kevincarpet pictures – she was the girl with boots that had “KILL” on top. I chatted with her, and she was cool. I noticed one guy at the bottom of the front bar, that only sold beer, wrapped up in carpets like a cocoon. Nobody was standing on him for long periods. I went to him and asked if he was Kevin or Giorgio, and it was Giorgio. I noted that he was getting no action, but he stated that the night was young.

I hung around, got a drink, and chatted for a while with some of the people there. In the back, they had one of those X racks, so that people could get whipped. I thought it would be hopeful for later. I chatted with one Domina who said she would be up for some ball-busting later in the night. Another girl I met outside was keen on whipping me all over, but wasn’t into trample. So I had some of that action to get me warmed up…

When it got more crowded, I notice that Giorgio moved, and another rug appeared. This guy had a completely different protective get-up – big reddish cushy things that said “Welcome,” and a thin rubber mat underneath them, and white gloves that said “step here.” I personally liked his setup better than Giorgio’s which seemed too padded and restrictive for me. Sure enough, some ladies got up on them – both of them. It was still early, but the fun began. I said hi the new guy, and he told me that his name was AJ – sure enough, he claimed that he was AJ Jones of the famous Traffic Stop and Lawn Mower stories on the forum! I said that I was flapjak from MDFF, and he knew who I was immediately. I thought this was great!

I took out my camera, and decided to be the call guy for both Giorgio and Kevin. I didn’t know that I was going to be trampled but I thought, at least I could get some great pics and help the “pros”. I got to chat with dozens of ladies and encouraged many of them who were at first hesitant to get up on the human rugs. It was pretty easy when they wanted to pose for pictures. I treated them like the cool human beings that they are, with lots on encouragement and cheers. I told them that I was a rug also and they could stop by on me for a “rug-less” experience if they wanted. Most were vanilla really but they were at least S&M curious. But man, there were A LOT of hot women coming to this event, most in high-heeled boots and others with the big Goth boots. The more they drank, the more curious they got. LOL I would get one up on G & AJ at the same time, then get the other two friends to get up at the same time for some pics. Then I some of the others I chatted with earlier would see what I was doing, and wanted to join in. I actually really enjoyed just taking the pictures and socializing- a bit of a blast in itself!

I also chatted with the waitresses. I fell in love with the one dancing on AJ. She had such joy on her face when she marched all over him. I flirted with her and got more smiles, and she gave me a few kicks and pushed my head on the bar like a WWE Diva at one point, always laughing. I encourage everyone to give all the barmaids and the especially her great tips while they enjoyed their trample rides. I think the barmaids appreciated that.

But then I thought “hey, I could get on this action.” I said to some of the women, “hey, can you take a picture of me next to him?” They were more than happy to oblige, AND they took their own pictures. What was great it that it was seamless – they saw that I was a pretty normal guy with a kink, and it was no big deal. I know that guys like Kevin and Giorgio want to be totally still and minimize interaction, but I love the interaction. In a fetish event, it almost felt natural, and I even got compliments that I was pretty cool. One girl said, “you don’t have that creepy energy like some guys with kinks!” That just about made my evening right there!

Then, bad news hit. This security guy told G and AJ to move out of there. AJ protested that they had permission from the promoter, but the guy said he didn’t know anything about that and they were allegedly blocking customers. Total b.s. but remember, this was not the original location of the party. So AJ knew the promoter and we thought it best to straighten it out. In the meantime, no rug play. Giorgio knew one woman, got out of the rug, and did some boot worship service for her.

I chatted with AJ for a while. What was cool is that we at a couple of points got some hand trample action from girls with big Goth boots we were talking with, and they thought it was funny – “that doesn’t hurt?” We got whipped by my now pretty drunk friend from earlier. She seemed to want to get with me, but I thought better of it, and was glad I did, because fortunes changed. Permission was granted to carpet closer to the S&M area of the bar.

G & AJ set up again, and G got some action right away. AJ said that he needed his mat, but hold the spot. And hold the spot I did! I lay head-to-head with G, and went for it. Two girls in heels immediately got on my abs. AJ came back and laughed, “you’ve got no mat, you’re gonna get FUCKED!” I said I didn’t care. He immediately started taking his own pictures. One girl was not my chest, the other on my crotch – no problema!! They stayed there awhile, while they had drinks. I guess the advantages I had in that situation was 1) I was right next to the “dungeon” 2) I didn’t have a mountain of rugs on me, so the girls could just stand normally and enjoy their drinks and 3) no rugs in this fetish party was a novelty. AJ helped bark up a little action for a few minutes, and took lots of pictures. He went off to find a spot for himself, since I didn’t look like I was getting up for a while! He understood that this was my virgin voyage doing this thing, and he does this pretty regularly, so he was a true pal about it. I owe him next time!

All I can say is that I had the ideal conditions – right spot, right party, right time – so that I had almost non-stop continuous trample for about five hours, without rugs! G was literally tete a tete to me, so I got almost all the action that he did, as the women went back and forth. The difference was that I waved some women on, and got, shall we just say, more sensual action by a couple of the women. Many women got on me with the urging to the boyfriends,” hey get on him, he liked when you step on him.” Some would bounce of jump on me with their heels or boots, and others just put their feet on me for victory poses, sometimes for pictures, etc. I was happy to see my favorite barmaid give me “tips” too by doing that dance I said I wanted with her – on top of my chest and face!

One woman stood on me for a while, and then thought it better to rub her black high-heeled boot all over me, especially the raw parts… she had a very intense look in her eyes when she did it, and seemed to be enjoying as much as I did!

There was a crazy woman at my leg area. She took her high heel and stabbed my leg with a great deal of force. Pretty painful. I could tell whether she wanted my leg there or not – I saw her drinking and muttering things to herself, and I attempted to move my leg out of her way. But when I tried, she put more force on it, pinning it down! It was really hurting, and she wasn’t letting me move away, so I could only assume I had encountered a genuinely sadistic woman. Eventually, after about twenty minutes, she eased up, and I pulled my legs up for a break. She them stomped down on my feet and left them there for a while. Then she left, and didn’t look upset at all, but looked down with a raised eyebrow. Hard to read, but it seemed like she had some respect for what I could take.

Another woman loved standing on my crotch in particular. There was a lesbian woman I talked to earlier who did not like to trample who hung around her, or so she said. At one point, she started to make out with the woman on top of me, and decided to put her big Goth boot on my face while she did that. She made a scene of it, feeling the other women up to her panties and then looking down at me, while the other stomped down hard on my crotch – OUCH! YES, a lesbian cuckold wet dream cum true!!!!! Pics snapped and snapped. She then came down and stated, “I KNOW that you enjoyed that!” I said that I would buy her a drink later, but she said, “not a problem, that was coool!”

Another favorite was the Goth girl that periodically, every time she passed through, would march straight across my body! I think it was very much like the way Kevincarpet described when it is parked at an entrance, and they just walk across him like nothing. That’s what I got about every half an hour. I’d feel this rubbery SLAM on my leg, and there she was, walking hard across me, usually legs, crotch and chest, but later, a couple of times on my face. She had a wicked smile every time she did it, and I gave he a big hoot and a double thumb up, which made her laugh.

Then there was this other cute Goth girl who yelled out from the dungeon, “I am gonna get you!” I thought it was the other marcher, but she was a different woman. I pointed to myself as if to say, “who me?, and as it turned out, I was pointing to my face. “Oh, you want me to step on your face?!!!” she said, which was not what I intended to say, but I of course ran with it, and nodded yes. And she DID! She stood directly on my fact and twisted on it a few times for the better part of a minute! He feet seemed small, two big rubbery soles pressing down on me full weight. How many times over the years I had looked for that action on German websites, and there it was happening to me, literally out of nowhere. It all happened so fast that I was a bit stunned. All I know is that I saw AJ snap multiple pictures of that moment. AJ, wherever you are, please let’s swap photos!!! Anyway, she stepped off and gave my chest a little stomp, and then stepped off of me, with a wicked smirk. I wondered if I just woke up in a dream!

Another girl wore these SUPER sharp metal heeled boots. In the pics, she is the one with the boot over my face. I loved her, but she was killing me. I know all the nasty marks I have come from her. After hours of trample, I was reaching my limit with her, but she just LOVED standing on me. Even the folks around me were commenting. At one point, she used the heel to pull up my shirt and feel my marks with her hand. She had me such suck heel and lick her soled several times. Had she come earlier, I would have love it more, but at this point, I was moaning in pain – which unfortunately for me, only encouraged her. At one point she was on my face/chest, another “devil” woman was on my abs, and a super heavy Goth woman was standing on my crotch, all still, at the same time, enjoying drinks…. I was in total agony! She would occasionally step on my throat and look down, smiling down at me. I thought, “this is great, but i can’t wait until they MOVE!” The other two other got off a few minutes later, but the “angel” stayed on, now on my crotch, digging those heels in, full weight. I tapped on her feet for her to pull away, but I guess she wasn’t into safe signals. LOL Eventually, she let up, and just sat on the bar, with her boot over my face. Then my other friend came over and started rubbing me with her boot again. I guessed she knew that I was very raw and in pain, and saw an opportunity to help me “feel the sub burn.” I can’t tell you how blessed I was!

Just when I thought the morning was over, and no one was on me for five minutes, and skinny short haired brunette got on me with those buffalo platform boots I have always loved. She may have been the highlight of the entire party for me. As I found out later, this woman always thought that she was purely a sub. On top of me, for an hour and a half, she discovered that she was a switch. She was on G sometimes, but she said that she found her place on me, without the rugs. She walked on EVERY part of me, including my neck (stork-stands), and full-weight on my face several times. It was pretty intense! Other climbed on here and there, but she stayed on and on.

“Oh, I know you like the boots, want that? I could use more practice.” Yes, and she did. Another face-stand, trample, until her returned, and I was actually finding even bare feet hard at that point. 5 AM and the part was over, and it was clearing out. She stayed on me until that last possible second. I told her, “it seems like you learned something about yourself up there.” She said, “I sure did, this is a whole new part of me that I never know I had – thanks you!” We traded info and talked with other S&Mers. I got kudos from several for a job well done, and they admired my marks. We talked until we were kicked out, and stuck around at the door for another half an hour even then… and I’ll end it here.

Overall, it was an AMAZING experience, one I will NEVER forget, and it is all 100% TRUE. I have been to many Mistresses over twenty years, but this was a completely different experience. I wouldn’t change a thing, except that I would probably get a thin rubber mat for those super-sharp heels. I would have enjoyed more much longer with that.

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