A study friend 2 min read

The author remembers persuading a female friend to step onto his head

written by Vega
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Last year I studied with a good friend of mine and as the year progressed she became used to walking on my back to massage it. One of these times when she was walking slowly up and down my back she said: “I can’t believe that this relaxes you.” I asked her: “Why?”

She replied with the answer that she would hate being walked all over because it would hurt.

My response to this was: “Do you think you’re hurting me?” She replied with: “I don’t know.” I said: “Why don’t I prove just how light you are? I want you to step on my head.”

She just froze while standing on my back and yelled: “Are you crazy!?” I told her: “No. I’m not crazy. I just want to show you that you can step on my head.”

I asked her to get down off my back and stand at the side of my head, which she did. I placed my head on the side and told her to place her foot on it. She lifted her foot off the ground but put it down again. Once more she asked: “Are you for real?” I said: “Yes. Go on. Step on it.”

She lifted her foot off the ground again but this time lightly placed her sneakered foot on the side of my face. She just held her foot on the side of my face and put little bits of pressure on my head. After another round of are you for real or not, she stepped up on and over my head.

She turned around giggling and asked: “How did that feel?” I rolled onto my back and said: “It felt fine. Do you want to step on my forehead?” in a joking manner.

She grabbed her bag and said: “No.” I tried to push for a bit more and said: “C’Mon.”

She looked down laughing and said: “No. You’re my friend, not my doormat.”

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