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The author writes about unknowing hand trample he had at a party his wife threw

written by Tumblweedz
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

“One of the girls in the office is moving to Washington state. Remember Barbara? We met her and her husband at the Christmas party. They are a really nice couple.”

“Yeah, I remember”, I replied. I remembered Barbara all right. She was a knockout at the party. She had worn a long dress and a pair of tall slender heels with wide straps and her toes peeking out. Her husband? Well, I remembered that he was there…

“I like working with her. Anyway, we were talking about having some kind of farewell thing and I thought maybe we could have a cook-out here. Just for a few of the girls in the office, you know?”

“Sounds ok to me. I can get out of here for a while. When were you going to have it?” I had some plans of my own in mind! We have a good sized deck on the back of the house and had cookouts before with some of our friends. When I would go under the back of the deck where our grill and outdoor stuff is stored I realized how easy it would be to reach out under the edge of the deck from where I was. And since Deanna always set out some snacks and chips there, everyone was always hanging out right where I could reach out to touch their feet! Except that it was during the day and half the crowd were men, and I was one of the hosts.

“Saturday after next is what I was thinking if that’s ok. Later in the afternoon or early evening so we don’t take up the whole day.”

“Sure. You should have an evening party and then if people want they can go out afterward. I’ll set up the party lights around the yard for you.”

“I guess that would be good, let me check with everyone else.”

Two Saturdays later, I was helping set up for Barbara’s party. I brought out the grill and put up lights (not too many near the deck!) and was about ready to disappear when Deanna’s friends Cheryl and Anne drove in. They were coming early to help her get the food ready. My heart skipped a beat as Cheryl walked in wearing a pair of mahogany color western boots with slender 3” heels and tight jeans. Anne had on a mid-length denim skirt and low heeled black sandals.

As they began to set up for the party, Cheryl asked if she could pull her Explorer around to the side of the house to make it easier to unload. I said she could and that I would move it for her. I parked it right at the edge of the deck with the passenger side door almost against the deck so there was enough room for the driver’s side door to open without hitting the shrubs on the opposite side. I flipped up the tailgate for her and said that I had to get going before the guests arrived.

“ Have fun! And be careful!” Deanna said and then gave me a little chuckle.

“I will. See ya’!” I headed down to the corner bar and ordered a beer and made some plans in my mind. After a while, I walked back home and went in the front door without anyone noticing me. There were thirteen cars in front and in the driveway and the stereo was cranking out back. I slipped into my position under the back deck to take a peek. Deanna and her friends were almost all standing around the table, on the deck just above my head. Since it was dark and shady under there, I didn’t think that I would have much chance of being seen. In a couple of places, I could get a finger through the gap in the deck, so I waited there and after a few, a petite young girl wearing flat brown sandals who I didn’t know stepped in the right place.

I wormed my finger up to the bottom of her sole but she only gave me a little pinch as she turned to walk away. Another girl sat at the table and ground the heel of her tennis shoe onto the tip of my finger while she ate. There were barefoot soles, sandals, platforms and tennis shoes. Even a couple of pairs of boots! The only ones that I recognized were Deanna and Anne’s sandals and Cheryl’s boots. I’d guess there were about twenty women up there, forty soles, moving around on and off my deck. I was only an inch away from all of them and they had no idea that I was there.
As the shade darkened into evening, the party started to spread onto the lawn around the edge of the deck. And I knew that I was almost invisible to them now. It was time to be more daring!

As someone with black wedge sandals sat down on the edge of the deck, she called to a friend, and they had a conversation right in front of my nose. I put my fingers out on the stones she was standing on, and she proceeded to gently grind my two fingers into the hard surface as she talked and laughed with her friend. Someone else spoke, and the finger crusher suddenly stood up and twisted on my fingers. I stifled a grunt from the pain, but the music was loud enough that no one could hear me.

The other girl came up to the deck and stood there, so I offered my left hand’s fingers to her soft-soled wedge platforms. As she shifted her weight, she came down on my left pinky. They didn’t seem to notice my fingers as the stone walkway was bumpy and uneven. They both stood there and chatted and pinned both my hands. My fingers started to get numb, but I couldn’t pull out for fear of giving myself away. Something funny was said, and they both started laughing and dancing around, stomping all over my already flattened fingers!

All of a sudden, those feet were hitting at my hands from all directions, hard and scraping, and they didn’t care what was underfoot. As the laughter died, both sets of feet walked away. But before I pulled my sore hands back under the safety of the deck, my left hand was crushed by a wood bottom clog stepping down from the deck. I knew who that was! Deanna had been talking to them the whole time. She stepped off the tips of my fingers with a twist and walked away.

I wasn’t sure that she knew what I was doing tonight until now. She had never asked where I was going. Would she be mad? Would she tell her friends? We had “played around” with her stepping on me and me playing with her feet before, but I wasn’t sure how this would go over. Oh well, too late now. I knew I would just have to wait and see what happened. And that was a good decision!

When things started to slow down, I realized there was a group of three or four girls hanging around Cheryl’s truck. They were talking and smoking with the driver’s door open. Cheryl was sitting in the truck with her legs hanging out. Of course, I had to slip over and see what was going on. I easily could touch the passenger side of her truck from where I was, but I had to slide underneath the Explorer to get close enough to reach the driver’s side. I reached out and touched the heel of Cheryl’s boot and my heart must have been beating loud enough to be heard above the music and talking. She dropped a cigarette and stood up to crush it out, so I offered what was left of my flattened fingers. In a couple of minutes, she was standing full weight on top of my first finger. We were on the lawn, so I figured she couldn’t feel me through her hard heels. Then her left boot came up right in front of my face as she hung the heel on the rocker panel and stood on my fingers with the right boot heel.

I was almost dizzy with pain throbbing up my extended arm when she turned and spun around, scuffed her sole on the side of my hand and climbed into the Explorer. They wanted to tune in the truck’s radio to the same station that was on the stereo in the house. This brought her two companions in close to where I had left my hands laying on the dark ground, but they missed them.

Lucky, I thought, since one set of feet were barefoot! “Tennis shoes” trampled over me a few times, but not very good, and I was thinking about getting out from under there when Cheryl hopped down from the driver’s seat. That boot heel smashed down on my hand so hard that I banged my head on the underside of her truck! My four right fingers were ground into shredded flesh as she turned and said she would be right back, then walked away.

I couldn’t leave now, although I knew that I should. My fingers had more scrapes and digs on them than ever, but Cheryl had just told her friends that she was coming right back!

A minute later, Cheryl was back, and she had brought Deanna with her. They stood in the open door of her truck talking, but I really couldn’t hear and didn’t care about what. When I inched my sore fingers out to the area around Cheryl’s boot, she stepped back onto my third finger and pinky with her heel almost immediately. As she talked with Deanna, she bounced and shifted around, but showed no signs of moving right away. It didn’t matter anymore, my hands were numb all over from the amount of trampling I had received in the last hour. After what seemed like three or four minutes of Cheryl’s boot burying my fingers into the lawn, Deanna stepped up close to her and pushed her back on her heels as they laughed and teased each other. That was the limit to what I could take from those boots, even with a light girl like Cheryl in them( I would guess about 120). She turned and walked away from the truck and I drew my bruised hand back in under the truck.

Sometime later, things started to break up and the guests were leaving. Deanna, Cheryl, and Annie sat down and were talking things over at the edge of the deck. I could hear them deciding who had a good time and who said what and so forth, but I wasn’t really paying attention anymore. I was only an arm’s length from six feet and couldn’t leave my hiding spot under the deck, even though I already had more flat, bruised and stiff fingers than I could explain.

“Sit down, I’ll get us some beers,” I heard Deanna say.

“We’ll clean everything up in the morning,” she said as she returned with the clanking of bottles and the clicking of her wood soles across the sidewalk.

“Who’s that one for?” asked Anne.

“Oh, I don’t know, whoever wants it. I’ll just set it right here.” A bottle of ice frosted Michelob clinked down right in front of me on the edge of the lawn! Now that I thought about it, I was really thirsty. I had been so busy, I hadn’t been aware of much except the task at hand.

I knew that Deanna was leaving that beer for me, so I reached out to her bare heel and gave it a caress with my left hand. But as soon as I reached my hand out, she lifted her foot and stomped down hard as she stood up. The wood sole pinned my three fingers down as she stood full weight on them, then lifted her other foot as she talked with the others. After a long minute, she did a heel grinding twist and walked away from the deck.

“Hey, you want me to put this beer back in the cooler, Dee?” Anne called out.

“No, somebody will drink it,” Deanna answered. I reached out and pulled the Michelob under the deck. As they finished picking up, I got my flat fingers flattened a little more from the three of them walking back and forth but I took no chances as I wasn’t ready to be found out by them after spending the last two hours underfoot at the barbeque.

After Cheryl drove out and the yard was quiet, I slipped out from my hiding spot and went around to the front door. I wasn’t sure how Deanna was going to greet me, but her reaction was more than I had expected. What happened that night is another story I’ll have to tell you about some day…

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