Backyard BBQ

The author writes about unknowing hand trample he had at a party his wife threw

written by Tumblweedz
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

“One of the girls in the office is moving to Washington state. Remember Barbara? We met her and her husband at the Christmas party. They are a really nice couple.”

“Yeah, I remember”, I replied. I remembered Barbara all right. She was a knockout at the party. She had worn a long dress and a pair of tall slender heels with wide straps and her toes peeking out. Her husband? Well, I remembered that he was there…

“I like working with her. Anyway, we were talking about having some kind of farewell thing and I thought maybe we could have a cook-out here. Just for a few of the girls in the office, you know?”

“Sounds ok to me. I can get out of here for a while. When were you going to have it?” I had some plans of my own in mind! We have a good sized deck on the back of the house and had cookouts before with some of our friends. When I would go under the back of the deck where our grill and outdoor stuff is stored I realized how easy it would be to reach out under the edge of the deck from where I was. And since Deanna always set out some snacks and chips there, everyone was always hanging out right where I could reach out to touch their feet! Except that it was during the day and half the crowd were men, and I was one of the hosts.

“Saturday after next is what I was thinking if that’s ok. Later in the afternoon or early evening so we don’t take up the whole day.”

“Sure. You should have an evening party and then if people want they can go out afterward. I’ll set up the party lights around the yard for you.”

“I guess that would be good, let me check with everyone else.” Continue reading “Backyard BBQ”

Unknowing diecast car crush

The author remembers one of his object crush experiences involving woman in a cafe

written by Crushcars
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

Just thought I would share a story with you about an unknowing crush. Last Sunday at Barns and Noble bookstore at our mall I had a great opportunity for an unknown object crush. It was around 6:40 pm that evening and most Barns and Noble bookstores have the Starbucks coffee cafe in them. As I entered the store and walked by the coffee shop I noticed this wholesome looking blonde.

I’d say she was 5’10” about 170lbs and a size 10-10 1/2 shoe. I also noticed she had a lot of foot activity going on. She was wearing blue jeans and a worn looking brown leather jacket. The shoes she was wearing weren’t my favorite, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up for an unknowing crush. Continue reading “Unknowing diecast car crush”

Finger crush in a gift card shop

The author describes his unknown finger crush experiences in a local gift shop

written by CEF1964
original source of the story was Unknown source

I love the approach of Valentine’s day!

Women go to such great lengths to pick the perfect card that they get so wrapped up in looking at Valentine’s cards that some are oblivious to what they are doing with their feet.

I almost lost a finger today at the local card shop. Continue reading “Finger crush in a gift card shop”

Local college library finger crush experience

The author remembers his finger being crushed at a public library

written by CEF1964
original source of the story was Unknown source

My favorite place to go for finger crushing is the local college library. The area with the most intense readers and the least traffic (while fingers are trapped) seems to be the science/medical level where the book stacks are about 3 feet apart with 3 shelves each and flat top for reading/research.

I’ve worked for years to try to perfect the test for how sensitive the woman is for objects under her feet. One of my favorites is to place a ballpoint pen under her shoes and watch for her reaction (if you’ve got one you can work with, remove the pen and slip a finger or two underneath her shoe).

If she is uncomfortable and looks down, she will generally kick it away. If not, you’ve struck gold… she will not look down and: 1) try to adjust her stance and step off whatever she feels 2) simply stand firmly on it 3) be a dream girl who will not look down and will “play” with what she feels underfoot. Continue reading “Local college library finger crush experience”