A somewhat different way of surfing 7 min read

written by Trampling Queen
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My wife spends a lot of time on the computer, mostly surfing the web and reading e-mails. She particularly enjoys discussing several topics in web forums and online chats.

One evening, she was sitting in front of her computer and surfing the web. I watched TV, but there was nothing that interested me. So, a little bored, I watched her surfing and how she moved her bare feet.

Just wondering if I should make myself useful and give her a good place to put her feet on. But I didn’t dare because she didn’t want to get disturbed when working on her computer.

But since I was bored and hadn’t submitted to her for a few days, I wanted to seize the opportunity to get below her soles.

I got up quietly, stood behind my wife, and kissed her neck tenderly. After she didn’t react dismissively, I decided to go all in and try my luck.

I laid down on my back on the floor behind her chair and began to push my head forward under her chair.

My wife noticed this, apparently not denying it, and lifted both legs up. So I could slide underneath the chair and beneath her.

Finally, I wanted to lie with my stomach below her and feel her beautiful feet on my bare chest.

But my wife probably had different ideas about how I could service her as she has some rules when I am below her feet:

Once I go down to the ground in front of or below her, I have no rights. My wife sees me as an inanimate object that lies in the way and has no meaning for her.

I slid my chest below the chair and ended up below her butt. My neck and head were in front of the chair. So, I could see the soles of her beautiful feet hovering about half a meter above me.

Pausing a second to enjoy this perfect view, I was about to slide down again when my wife slowly began to lower her feet. She probably thought I was ready since I wasn’t moving under her for now.

And so, her soles began to seek their place on my face. I was surprised as my wife didn’t wait for me to slide further because she had to realize immediately that my face was below her soles.

But apparently, she didn’t care or thought I wanted it that way. That’s why she started moving around both feet on my face until she found a comfortable position.

I suspected she hadn’t thought about it since I could hear her typing on the keyboard, but I was surprised at what she had done:

Both soles of her feet were to the left and right of my nose, pressed between them. She pressed both heels firmly onto my mouth, and the lips were pressed against my teeth. The balls of both feet were directly above each eye, and her toes were on my forehead.

For a few moments, her feet rested quietly on my face. I began to breathe shallowly and slowly through my nose, not to attract attention and not distract my wife from surfing. But I didn’t need to worry as my wife accepted me as a personal footpad. She soon forgot about me and wiggled her feet ever so slightly.

Although there were only small movements and changes in pressure on my face, I was able to experience each of them very intensively. The heels pushed my lips back and forth over my teeth. The balls of the feet worked their way deeper into my eye sockets due to their movements. I tried to lie very still, and my face began to fit the shape of her feet better and better.

After a while, she had worked her feet into my face so completely that it felt like I was an old shoe that fit her perfectly.

It must have been very comfortable, as she made no move to change position.

So, I just lay there and enjoyed being my wife’s personal footrest.

But this peaceful situation was soon to be changed. Somehow, the feet in my face started moving again. Maybe my wife had just found some exciting websites and suddenly started bouncing both feet up and down. This was a pleasurable experience as she quickly lifted both heels so that her toes pressed to my forehead and the balls of her feet pressed firmly into my eyes. With each move of her soles she dropped both heels directly onto my lips, although this was quite uncomfortable for me.

My lips were already numb from the many quick kicks they had to take. My eyes started to water because the balls of my wife’s feet pressed deeper into my eye sockets due to her rapid movements. I felt I had to bear the weight of her beautiful legs with my eyeballs.

Clearly, eyes weren’t meant to be used as a footstool, so I found it increasingly difficult to endure their rapid pendulous motions. But as I’ve submitted and offered my body as a footrest, the rules set by my wife are strict when I willingly was below her and applies immediately to my submission.

These rules were simple:

As I lay down at her feet, I was no longer a human being but just an inanimate object that she could use as she pleased. For as long as she decided, there was no way I could move from this submissive position, no matter what happened.

I also had to endure everything she did to me, even if my wife didn’t care how I felt under her. Whether it was ok for me or if it was causing me excruciating pain, she ignored it and was only interested in pleasing her.

Under no circumstances should I try to wriggle myself out of an awkward situation just because I couldn’t bear the pain or because I might suddenly get tired of it. She alone decided how long and in which way to use me.

Over time, she lost all human emotion when I was under her, and sometimes, she didn’t even think about what she was doing to me with her feet. She didn’t look where her feet were, even if she carelessly put her foot on my face so I couldn’t breathe. She didn’t care.

But back to my job as a foot cushion. My eyes started to water more and more, and I started squeezing them very hard, so I could probably take the pressure on them.

My wife didn’t think about my agony. She didn’t take care and started to twist her feet back and forth. Unfortunately, the fulcrum was again the balls of my eyes getting unbearable as she intentionally or unintentionally pushed my eyes hard into their sockets.

I was afraid that my eyes would be squeezed when the phone rang. My wife pushed back the chair with a last strong push of her feet in my face, jumped up and stood for a second on my head, and went to the phone. I immediately opened my eyes, but on the one hand, they were full of tears as they burned terribly, and I couldn’t see anything.

Only a few moments later, I could perceive my surroundings blurred again, and I heard my wife talking to a friend. This can go on for a long time, so I decided to get up to relax a bit.

However, I couldn’t do it and could only kneel because I got dizzy, and everything turned slightly.

Looking down, I noticed something I couldn’t believe. On the way to the phone, my wife’s wet footprints were visible on the parquet floor. Especially the area of the toes and the ball of the foot was damp as if my wife had wet feet. It took me a few moments to realize what it was: My eyes must have been watering profusely from the heavyweight, and these were the tears that were crushed on the soles of my wife’s feet as she walked to the phone.

It was an incredible experience of humiliation for me, for which I will forever be very grateful. Hopefully, my wife will soon accept my services as a personal footstool again…

Antonia (also know as Trampling Queen)


link to Antonia (Trampling Queen) homepage on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/stores/Trampling-Queen/author/B0C414M5KW

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    1. Author name changed to Tramping Queen.

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        1. There was some confusion with your last comment. I have put both Antonia & Trample Queen on the story and have linked it to your Amazon page.

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