Drunk trampled by a drunken model 4.2 (12)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

The post by the man who wanted to be trampled by six women at the same time all wearing high heels and all drinking very heavily brought to mind a trampling experience I had that got way out of hand because we were both drinking. I’ll warn him again because this was only one woman and he’s talking about six. Continue reading “Drunk trampled by a drunken model 4.2 (12)

Underwater trampling at the lake 3.8 (10)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

We have a large public lake close to home that has a swimming area that is open to the public for most of the summer. The owner of the lake allows me to dive around the swimming area and pier when the area is not open to the public. With my metal detector, I find coins, rings, keys, and other personal items lost by the swimmers, especially around the diving board. I have been out there diving many times when the swimming area is open and sometimes manage to stealth over to the dock where I can enjoy My Hobby which is inspecting the lower extremities of a woman’s body without being noticed. There is a horizontal board along the side of the pier that allows a swimmer to stand and rest while holding on to the side. This board is 4 1/2 feet down which puts me totally out of sight from the surface. Alongside this board, on a hot summer day, there might be a dozen or more nice looking feet that I can inspect close range at my leisure.

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A Bet 4 (13)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I always wished to be extremely trampled with spiked high heels. One day I met a lady in a bar who was in a pair of spiked high heel boots. I invited her to drink together. She might have thought that I wanna fuck her because when I asked her how much, she said 300. I then took her out to a hotel.

Arriving at the hotel I asked her if she is cruel and if she likes blood. She said yes and her eyes lit up. I then asked her if she liked to trample me with her spiked high heels. She looked surprised and stared me for some time as if I’m from an alien star. After a while, she laughed crazily and said yes if you would like it. I said: “I think you may not dare to go on with trampling if I was bloody.” She said: “No, I don’t care how much are you suffering under my high heels since you demanded from me to trample you.” I said: “But to make sure you will not get off from my body, we should make a bet.” She asked, surprised: “What bet?” I answered: “If you keep your full weight on my body during a one full hour you will get your 300, or else you should pay me my medical fee. It means u should never put one foot on the floor, and no matter how much I cry for help and beg u to stop and how much I am hurt u can’t get off.” She laughed loudly: “You stupid. I would like to trample you very much, don’t worry I will not show any mercy to you. You should pray to God that you won’t die under my high heels. I will not care if you are living or not or if you are hurt badly.”

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Stephanie 4.4 (13)

written by wormee
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

It was one rainy day during my university years and I was out in the drizzle waiting for the bus. I was lost in thought, worried about my upcoming exams and was brought out of it by a splash. I looked down to see that a book had fallen into the puddle beside me. As I bent down to pick it up I noticed out of the corner of my eye the person who had dropped it. Slouched to the ground, the first thing I noticed were white high-heeled boots. My gaze rose over shapely legs in a white mini skirt, a white jacket ensemble and finally a gorgeous face framed by jet-black hair. She smiled sweetly at me and said thank you as I wiped her book off on my jacket and handed it to her. Her name was Stephanie and as I gazed into her eyes I felt she was very gentle and caring- sweet. We chatted a bit about the miserable weather and she invited me up to her nearby apartment to escape the rain. Ah, she was so beautiful that I couldn’t say no. Besides what could it hurt? It wasn’t like she was a threat, right?

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