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This is a longer multi-part story about mother/daughter trampling and dancing on a male friend.

written by footmat2
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

Part 1

I got very inspired when I discover some nice stories about trampling here. Those stories I could relate to some of my own experience, one especially is an older woman, around 62 years old at the time and was still good looking for her age. A very active woman, sporty and healthy. She lived alone and her name is Lena. She weighted about 140Ib (70 kg), tall body and not at all fat, with brown shoulder-length hair. Lena`s feet were broad foot soles, meaty and strong with well-shaped toes.

Why Lena inspired me is her difference in attitude. She was nice and friendly and had an odd sense about men, not that she hated men or thought of herself being superior in any way. We became friends because I once helped her when she came home from the hospital, after an accident with her left arm. We lived in the same neighborhood and I used to shop for her as to unload her tasks. Lena was very happy about that and often invited me for coffee.

I was amazed how strong she was and she talked often about her training and workouts. I discovered her feet which were very beautiful and she seemed to sweat a lot, accordingly when I from time to time either take off my shoes or put them on I always needed to bow down to get a good glimpse of inside her shoes. Her shoes were well-worn and at times I could almost feel the warm scent from some of her shoes. Lena had all kind of shoes at the door entrance. I began to dream about her feet and imagine her trampling me.

I also began to feel at home at Lena`s place. We sat relaxed, drinking coffee and discuss everything and I notice she hasn`t any bad feeling against men. She could have a good laugh about men and could be a bit childish at times.

I was comfortable in the chair when Lena`s daughter came for visit one day and I have heard a lot about her and she had heard about me. Lena`s daughter – Lisa was a bit more than her mother. Lisa was 41 years old and black long hair, tall as her mother but weighted about 145Ib (76 kg) and again feet that reminds me of her mother. The difference was her stronger attitude, her tomboyish style in a way. Lisa always teased and was scornful, but in the first meeting of her, I thought she would be more polite. Lisa was still a nice woman and speaking openly about everything. I found out later it all has to do with some injustice the women felt. Because that was the subject Lisa wanted to talk about and contains the world problem.

In one way or another, it comes how men can be changed and submitted to their mistake and how I could do it for women. Lisa continued to now and then to mock at me. Suddenly I just found my moment in life to be both teasing and jokingly say, “Well, I can just lay down on the floor and let you walk and stand on me as much as you like?” I said in a proud voice to make it clear. “I will do it if you want?” I laugh at my own statement.

Lisa looked at me with self-confidence, sneered and said, “I`m too heavy for you. I will crush you on the floor. You don`t dare to do it anyway, so skip it.

I said, “Oh, really! I guess I`m the one here who dare to lie down. And you who just trying to be tough.” Lisa had a very interesting way of walking in front of me in the living room. Like to show me her superiority. She was calm and laughed a lot. I glanced over to Lena and she looking amused, her childhood becomes waken. I felt hot inside.

Lisa continued to talk and said, “You sounded very stupid unmatured man and playing a game with me! You wait and see! Lie down and you will get hurt because I`m gonna squash you right here!

I said, “Okey!” Looking at a little nervous expression in the face. Not knowing what she was up to and looking at her mother Lena`s playful face. She looks like it was some sort of a game and nothing serious matter. Lisa standing in her red dress, her long black hair and tall frame. Her fresh face and healthy body say things about this woman too. Lisa is also very active. She wore tanned stockings with black pumps, standing there snobbish waiting for me to lie down. I could hear Lena giggling and saying, ” He won`t do it! He is just talking! Oh, come on now, mister? Lena said with mockery in her voice.

My body falls in this anxiety and I felt my body slipping to the floor. My home at the feet of women. Stretching out my body and correcting myself for Lisa…..

Part 2

As I laid there on the floor and waiting for Lisa to use me as her rug. She seemed to be a bit surprised and I could see that in her thoughtful eyes. She was standing about a meter from my supine body, correcting herself and her gaze slid down her black pumps. Her powerful toes flexing in her shoes, as she adjusts for the task she was into. In a determined movement she slowly removed her shoes and out of those pumps came some succulent, divine and the sweetest female feet ever. Those sweet princesses find their ground beside each other, ready to show their work.

I Lifted my head to get a better look at this amazing woman. She looks now serious when she met my eyes her face began to smile. I smiled back and I looked over to Lena who from time to time giggled and didn`t say much. I became to learn more about this about why Lena became so passive. One might react to behavior from Lena because of the long friendship we have. All I think of at the time was this is just a sort of game and nothing more because the women still laughing and seemed to have some fun at me.

I must admit that Lisa was very impressive when she took a step forward and came up close to me, which gave me some alarming revelation when she stood so close to me and nearly touched my beefcake. I usually put my arms above my shoulders when I`m about to be trampled and so she could get more control of her dancing feet when trampling upon somebody.

I looked up at Lisa who I now thought will be more nervous of what she is about to do. Once again I loved her freshness in her face, her cute smile, her red dress, her light brown stockings with reinforced heels and toes. She really looked like an innocent girl who doesn`t harm anyone.

I began to say to her, “Have you ever stepped on someone before?” It’s not a picknick, you know! It could be hard for…..I didn`t come longer than that when she interrupted me by saying:

“That`s it! Now you are up for it!

And with that she rapidly put a foot on my belly, she got up and put the other sister foot next to her other foot. Standing on my belly with all her divine weight. I let her sink down my tummy. It felt so good and I guess I had a smile on my face and forgot about Lena who burst out in laughter and Lisa giggled, trampled me like she was a cat.

I looked up at her and found out that she really has some good balance, but still she had to strive to keep balance. Her feet were strong and I could feel heels, soles, and toes working on my torso. I love this! This is home! My life beneath women’s feet. She lost balance, fall off but strictly eyes from her said that she is not given it up. Lisa stepped firmly on my belly and up she came again trying to find balance, she was really eager to trample on me. When she watches my expressions she smiled and I felt she became more confidence by this affair was expand.

Lisa facing me by standing stock still on my chest and I`m very strong at my chest, she bows her head to have a good view of me and her very warm humid nylon-clad feet digging into my chest. Her black long hair falls down and covers most of her face, but she found some hairclip in her dress. She stood upright and fix her hair in a flash with that clip so her hair wouldn`t disturb her from a focus on trampling over a male surface. I could observe the sweetness up underdress and see the holiness. Her strong legs felt like they were growing inside me to blossom above me.

As I said, I learned afterward that Lena was very surprised by her daughter and she has only been positive about me of the helpfulness I have shown to Lena. It wasn`t about me personally, it was about how men are in life and the experiences they have had with men. Something had been lurking inside both women and Lisa have found out she is a lesbian and felt men are some obstacle to her, and not be given the acceptance she deserves. Lisa felt by putting me in place and without forcing me to the floor gave Lisa some great enthusiasm, which she didn`t say anything about in the beginning. She just continues to tease and loved the way she could be superior over a male like me.

The moment was right this day. Lisa was just in good humor for teasing and I obviously was a good target of that because of my personality, I guess. And my smiling gives Lisa extra fuel to take this out on me. Trampling seems to be very right and emotionally suitable for her. It was nervously for her in the beginning, then fun and sporty somehow. She discovered her whole body working and at the same time was delighted at a living person as the platform.

Lisa begins to talk to her mother and said, “He`s good and strong, but I`m gonna break him soon. Isn`t it funny, mom? A man just allows a woman to step on him”? Lena smiled with comfort, “Well, he`s having some guilt in it, my darling!” Lisa stood on the spot and just letting her feet drill down my body. She was swaying about when she talked to her mother, the edge of her dress follows as a wind that was blowing. Lisa continued, “Not a word of protest, not a sign of given up. Just laying there and take it with a smile.” Lisa playfully stomped with her foot and looked down for some reaction. I smiled and said I`m strong and can handle this. There were laughter and Lisa put out a big smile and her eyes grow bigger. I could hear her almost but “Oh, big boy, though, eh? That came to my ears. Then Lena`s voice, “What are you going to do with him now?”

Lisa looked at me seriously and seemed so eager and determined. She took baby steps forward and closer to my neck and shifting weight from foot to foot, testing the ground. From my mouth I could hear me saying, “You don`t dare to step on my face, its…with that she placed her right foot on my face and caress my face with her strong cheesy smelly foot. I was hoping for that and in my first time in life, a Lady put her most warm and scented feet in my face and making sure I could smell her foot. She pressed her foot down hard my face like she wants to stomp on me. But she stood up instead with one foot and resting the toes of her other foot on chest for balance. Then she swinging with her weight from foot to foot, really trampling my face and hysterical laughter and taunted me with joy. I heard Lena saying something, “Lisa what are you doing to him?”

Part 3

As I laid there on the floor with Lisa stepped about on my flesh and bones, just like a passive bag on the floor. I felt it very nice, like a heavy rubbing. At the beginning of trampling it will take some 10-20 minutes for the body and lungs to be adjusted, then the whole figure will be relaxed. After Lisa`s face and chest squashing and I got a very good portion of smelling her very fragrant foot and she did it in slow motion. I thought usually women excuse themselves for being rude of putting their sweaty feet in a face but in one way it could be reinforcing the degrading act to do so, but Lisa didn`t show anything about her feet. She just focuses on her balance and tried not to fall off, which she did when she changed spots for her feet, but she was quickly stomping her way up on me again, mumbled and chuckled.

To my surprise, she seemed to be a bit in her own world. After a while when she still found out that I was really strong and could handle her weight pretty well, she became more home-free with me and that her mother sitting in sofa giggling and thought this was very funny. Lisa stepped harder for every minute that ticked by, she falls off a couple of more times, wich created more laughter and joyfulness and the whole deal began to be a life project. I could see Lisa having fun and she began to be warm and sweaty herself and she began also to watch her mothers reaction and they both now making fun of me that I began to be crushed beneath Lisa`s weight and dancing feet. Even if my body reacts on her stomping feet now and then, I now began my second strength – my relaxation and to meet the weight and force. To follow or to fend the divine trampling feet who will take over my life.

At one point Lisa trampled heavy and hard on my belly that forced my knees to pull up a bit and I groaned and Lisa stepped off and cherish her victory over me by standing beside me. I wasn`t hurt or tired, but at times when feet trample hard, I can have this kind of reaction. She looked down into me and I smiled back and felt really relaxed. Lisa starred into my eyes and then she got more of arrogance towards me.

She said, “You would want to rest a bit now, wouldn`t you?” She didn`t even wait for my answer. She rapidly walked up on my belly and stood with one foot on chest and belly, her hands on hips and scoffing at the thought of me getting some rest from the squashing method, as she called it disrespectful. Lisa continued, “Well, its never gonna happen to you! You find your place now, Mr. friend of my sweet mother! No, looking at you?” She laughed in a scornful way. I know, I look funny when I`m in rug duty. But Lisa now took a new turn and became secure with herself and with me beneath her like a pet and her mother enjoyed the cabaret too. They now began a conversation about other things than a living person underfoot. Things were said much about what’s for dinner and other stuff concerning the house. I felt neutralized and the sweetness of humiliation is my third strength began to grow inside.

The smell of Lisa`s nylon-clad feet still hang inside my nostrils, her humid, salty, fat sweat foot odor smeared in my face make me hard as a rock. She is standing on me, talking to her mother and mother who understands her daughter and why she is doing this to me, began to walk out of the room and into the kitchen. I lifted my head to watch her bare feet in slippers walk out and still in a giggling mood.

Lisa felt my movement beneath and reacted by placing her right foot on my face to force me back to the floor. She kept her foot for a moment in the face and I could now sniff her aromatic foot more concentrated.

After a while, Lisa said, “I`m now gonna stand in your face, she looked down on me with an abusive smile as she planted her foot steady in my face then with crushing force she came up on my face with all her weight. She balanced, fall off and up again without hesitate. Lisa`s feet moved about to find the right place to support her weight in my face.

Part 4

Lisa was her way on my face and had a hard time keeping balance. She fought for it and stepping about on the surface and turning so she has gone up on the balls of her feet. Her nylons burning in my face, her salty nylons bathing in my sored skin. Her heels on my forehead and toes cover over my chin and soles of her feet closed my mouth, arches bridge over my nose. Lisa standing still for a moment and apparently savor the sensation of standing on my face. Lisa also thought she would break me into pieces. But I can admit that face standing makes your face feels like hot porridge.

Lisa walked slowly to my chest and she let her bodyweight wrung down onto me for every step she made. She makes me know that I`m the bottom in her life and she clearly felt she succeeded with that as her feet bore down my torso. Her feet pressing me onto the floor now as she just strolls about humming on a song that I couldn`t analyze what it was. Lena was still in the kitchen, but when she heard Lisa`s joyful song which she remembered from somewhere, she began swinging and singing to the song back out to the living room. Lena stopped when she saw her daughter casual walking on me and stopped singing when she saw my relaxed body on the floor like it was a doll there on the bottom of the room wich Lena have some memories about when Lisa was a young girl.

Lisa stopped walking and stood stock still on my midsection with her face towards her mother, there was a moment of silence then Lena burst out in laughter and Lisa giggled at her mother.

Lisa said, “What?” And Lena asking seriously as she could, “Are you gonna kill him, you had been trampling him underfoot for at least one hour now?” “Killing who, mom?” Lisa said in a very scornfulness way. Lena couldn`t help her laughter and said, “My friend Peter on the floor, you are standing on him!” Lisa just go as she turned around to face me, “Oh! There you are! How are you down there? My mother looking for you, I almost forgot about you. Look at him, mom?”

Lena came around to face me too and was now standing at my right side, close to my elbow and looked down my face with a broad smile and big eyes. Lena simply said, “Yes, I can see, he`s still on the floor with a funny smile. You got yourself into this with my daughter. Does it hurt, a young boy? She continued her taunting laughter.

I said, “I`m still okay and I`m surprised about Lisa`s balance and I have the energy to be walked on in the way she had done already.”

Lisa said, “Oh, though are we? You still won`t admit you will lose this deal? Aha, Lisa looked over to her mother and naturally say that she was just fine up here and would gladly continue her squashy game of male chauvinistic boredom.”

As Lisa said that with her nylon-clad feet firmly planted on my upper chest and Lisa had to bow down her head to face me. She didn`t and just continue her chatting with her mother. I could feel something has changed in both women. The deal has to be winning by the women and her mother seems to sympathize with her daughter. I understand later why things became what they are in this case. But I felt still strong and happy to be there I was. I still have strengthened me to undergo some more prolonged trampling. I have been there before. I could see Lisa`s strong legs rising above me and her red shirt still floating above in a romantic way. Lena was standing beside me at my right and was barefooted in black/white slippers of leather, she wore bluejeans and began to move away from me. The anxiety of thinking that she might step on me too began to take form. But she went out to the kitchen again. What she was doing I didn`t know and I tried my best to listen of what’s happening around my human carpet form. That was the only way I can control the world. I began to feel the first signs of tiredness in my bones. Now the dreams become real again.

Lisa just stood and let her feet swinging on my chest. She began to take tiny steps to move around and she found a song in her head and began to sing Whitney Houston`s “Oh, I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat, yeah, I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me.” But Lisa swapping some of the lyrics in the song to “Oh, I wanna dance on somebody and continued taking tiny steps and playfully stomp her way around. Her heels and foot soles began to mark my body with burning feeling and Lisa giggled at her own fun ideas. And for each groaning I make, she laughed at me, sometimes starring with cold eyes and mocking smile. Up and down my body she maintained her sweet dancing feet, that hammering my torso.

Part 5

Lisa throttle about on me to Whitney Houston`s singing on the radio and I could feel her self-confident in her feet as she rocking with her body above. I began to feel little more battered for every minute that ticked by, but not tired I can still hold her weight some more. When the song stopped and Lisa stood stock still on my upper chest with her mocking smile and simply wait for the next song. Lisa holds her eyes deep down on me and studied me to see if I was on my way to give up. I smiled back and just let my body into some kind of trans like state and I felt completely relaxed, with still the scent of her sweaty feet in my face. Her body weight felt like it was a part of me. Lisa becomes very sexy and it was wonderful to endure her weight. I could hear her hum about when the song that blasted on the radio and she slowly bending her knees in time and trying to find the rhythm in the song. All the time staring into my eyes for a reaction. She chuckled when she put out her arms to get more into the swing of the music.

Lisa said, “Oh, this is a nice song! I like this one! Do you, Mr.dancefloor?” Lisa screamed of joy and began to stomp her way down my carpet body.

Lena came into the living room and was a little shocked to see her daughter still flattening my figure.

The next song was one I never heard about as Lisa spoke to her mom about the song. The song had some heavy rhythms some pounding beat, which means Lisa is more into with some stomping feet style. She tried to wave about to the music and this I know could be the difficult part at the beginning of using a slave carpet to dance on as it is now for Lisa and I`m in the rightful position for that. To give her the ability to dance of joy. At times I could get some glimpse of Lena’s face when she was standing and smiling at her daughter.

At some moments I was surprised that Lena’s reaction wasn`t more than just smiling. I had come to a point that I focus on Lisa`s heavy trampling, suddenly I felt a foot on my belly when Lisa danced her way up on my chest, stood there and stared down at me stomped her feet on the spot with her joyful singing of the song. Her mother was her way up on my belly and placed her other foot next to its sister and began to stomp dance too. When Lisa notice her mom stood with all her weight on my belly and danced, Lisa screamed in laughter! Lisa falls off, but was up in a second and gyrated so she could face her mom. With both women swinging in time and screaming with delight at the thought of them trampling and dancing on me simultaneously, which also would double the weight on me. That gives the women believes that I would be crush and defeated.

But no, the weight of both women just make it easier for me to be still on the floor because of weight on a bigger area. I noticed my knees began to drawn upwards, but still be able to lie still as the women danced on me and some warnings come, that’s happened to my mind that I begin to get tired. The song ended and both women stood still for the moment laughing and having a good time. Looking down on me and notice my red face I began to be strain a bit and it doesn`t feel much better when they stood still either, with Lisa on my chest and Lena on my belly. They taunted me like, “Oh, how are you down there? You look more like a crushed tomato. Are you striving for something? Oh, mother and I waiting for the next song, so don`t move down there! The next song is a very good song too and we want to dance!” With that, both ladies blowout in laughter as the speaker in the radio channel announced the song, that I once again never have heard of. It seems it was a channel of newer music, not that I`m familiar with and again another stomping song blast out from the radio.

It`s started to be hard now for me and I’m really struggling for energy. Lisa and Lena get into the rhythm and began to swing about, with thumping feet to the music. Lisa began to step with one foot in face, to move over with her entire weight to that foot and then back the chest. Shifting weight like that from chest to face was a new kind of dancing routine on a human being. Lisa lifted her foot above my face so I could watch her powerfull foot came down again mashing my face with femininity force. Her feet weren`t that hot and humid anymore but I could feel the aroma from her nylons. Lisa continued this dance routine for some minutes, then shifted position so she faced her mother. I could as I lifted my head a little see legs going up and down and the feet of both women pounding my body. Lena`s bare feet were very hot and as I laid down again I focus on the edge of Lisa`s dress flying about as her legs moving in time to the music. My knees began to pull together and I groan more loudly now, which created some reaction from the women. Lisa turned around to face me.

Lisa said, “What?” And stared into me. “What’s the matter with you?” As she stands still, which her mother did too.

Lena said, “Are we crushing you now, poor Peter?”

I smiled and said, “I wanna rest and getting back some energy.”

Lisa said, “You want us to step off so you could get back energy?

I looked up to Lisa and said, “Yes, I need a rest.” That might be understood as I wasn`t given it up yet. I still had my trampling smile on, which could in cases like this cause result and inflame to some anger.

As Lisa began to speak, her mother stepped off and Lisa felt that she stepped off which gives some changes in Lisa`s expression.

Lisa said, “Now, Mr floormat we were dancing and having fun here and you have the nerve to stop us from having fun? You don`t do that in this home. Here you have to learn to live the situation bounded for you.” With that, she lost balance and fell off gently. I could now raise my chest and get air inside. It was a great with relief now and I adjust myself on my back. Lisa stood beside me and beamed down to me. I saw now a woman, her eyes were excited and her skin humid, sweaty and warm, her voice a bit strong and fast.

There she was I thought. Lisa. A familiar woman I have met before in the early years. A sadist appears in those eyes as I focus on Lisa`s aura. Lena just shaking her head, smiled and said, “I think he has enough and he is crushed now, darling!

Lisa continued to say, “Look at him, mom! He`s still smiling, that stupid smile of yours aren’t going to be any help.” Lisa pointed down on me and said. “Oh, no! You not going away with this! I`m going to win this and break you down, you hear! You stopped us from dancing and now you pay us with at least two more dances! That’s your penalty, okay!”

Lisa put the right foot on my chest and pushing me a little just to make me clear of what she is about to do. Now I came into my third trans like a state of handling my trampling. My breathing recovered and I`m ready for the next dances as I believe can be though.

Lisa said to her mom to get into position and waiting for the songs that still flow out of the radio. Lena came to my other side and stood in front of her daughter and put her left foot on my chest to wait for the song. They smiled at each other at the end of the songs that played and when the speaker talked about some artist that was upcoming and the songs that will be played. I could see and feel the excitement in the women, they turned their faces downwards me with great contempt. When the song started, they cheering and both women came up at the same time to waving about on top of me and find some good place and now shift place with each other and now Lena took her place on my chest. She in her age with strong bones begin to rock about and looked into my eyes with some satisfaction of what she was doing with me.

She said, “You never thought I will be the one to trample you down on the floor like this, Peter boy? But I have to admit, that I wouldn`t do either. When I saw you slip down the floor in front of my daughter and she began to trample you, I saw who you are.”

Lisa interrupted her mom by saying, “Don`t care about him now, mom! Just let’s dance.

And dance they did. I bent my head back to the floor to get into position so the women could use me as a dancefloor for some time. Lena also tried the new dance routine by face stomp me and lifting weight from foot to foot, so I will taste the same again from Lena, chest, face, chest, face as it goes when Lena`s barefoot came crashing down my face and could also from time to time taste her very aromatic feet. Lena has a stronger scent, which I guess comes from being barefoot in leather shoes all day.

At intervals, they forgot about me. I got my energy and could be on the floor serving as a carpet for some time. The women fall off sometimes, giggles and up again without paying any attention of me on the floor. They found out other dancing routines on me and one was holding in one’s hands moving over to the other side of me like they twisting about. Stomping hard every time they did. They stomping their way up to meet in the middle of me and that means Lisa standing on my face and then pounding her feet down my body. Then they would take turns so Lena could stand on my face so I could occasionally inhale much of the aroma from Lena`s feet if she stood with her feet like resting toes over nose and mouth and heels on my forehead. I feeling good having this nutrition honored to me by women.

Lisa`s face was now and then concerned about breaking me. She had a more angry look when she looked at me down there. She began to jump up and down on me, trying to do that in time to the music. She sings with the songs, stomps in my face, stands there and jumping from face and to chest. The pressure on the face is huge. Lena started to scream and cheering her daughter. Lena who stood on belly and pelvis just rocking about and then also tried to jump up and down on my belly. Later they found the perfect timing for jumping up and down together, they screamed in laughter. The jumping came hard on me and I began to be worn out.

It at last ended and I felt so crushed and knees pulled together. I lost the game. The women stepped off my battered body, they stood beside me laughing with hands on their knees and I rolled over on my side.

I’m was still smiling when both women warm and sweaty sat down and Lisa put her nylon-clad feet in my face to comfort me. She just said, “You lost!” I simply said yes. Lisa smiled in triumph, caressing my cheek and nose with her toes. Lena put her feet up to my face too and wanted me to kiss her feet. Lena`s salty fat foot soles and I inhaled deeply and kisses those sweaty feet with all my heart. I give the same to Lisa aromatic nylon-clad feet.

The women just sat there relaxed with their feet up to my face and compensated and happy.

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