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The author writes about his trampling opportunities with female coworkers and how it all started.

written by Tramplemefull
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

This is a true story currently happening to me. I am an engineer working in an engineering company where there are 3 women doing; IT support, technical drawing, and the last one is an admin. This company has also three male bosses who are usually not in the office. They rather spend time outside meeting with clients and often return to the office in the evenings. So, the whole day I am alone with these three women. This company also accepts a lot of intern students mostly girls around 19 to 22 years old to help them in their tasks and also to promote education and universities.

A quick description of these women is:

The IT support lady is called Ifa, she is very fair, quite skinny, about 1m60cm in height, and weight around 48kg. She has long creamy feet and toes and does not wear any nail polish. She is very nice and always smiling and likes to drink coffee.

The technical lady is called Aya, she is quite noisy. She is also fair but likes to wear socks. And in our office, we have to leave our shoes outside and walk either barefoot or in socks. Usually, the ladies are barefoot and the men are with socks. So, regarding Aya’s feet, I did not see them too often. I saw her feet only one time when she removed her socks to wash her feet. Her feet are quite thin and nice at the same time. She is around 55kg.

The other lady is called CT, she is Chinese. She is always silent, likes to joke at times, and likes to have a good time in office. She is quite heavy around 80kg. Her feet are soft, meaty and puffy which I like a lot. All the ladies get along very well and they also use to bring food for everyone in the office.

I am quite silent also while working, #thetypicalengineer. I am usually a hard worker with two pc screens, designing systems, simulation, etc. Being the only engineer in the company, the bosses also counted a lot on me, and in certain important decisions, my opinion counts, and I am pretty accurate with my opinions and suggestion which appears to be sexy and manly to the ladies in the office. Next to my PC, there is another PC, we called it the MAIN PC. This PC never sleeps and everyone in the office uses it, it also acts as a server and storage. Every time someone needs to use this pc they would usually ask me for help or rather just have a little chit-chat with me.

So, it all started as follows; one day I was a bit free and scrolling Facebook on my phone when CT came to use the main PC to retrieve some files while having a little chat with me. I was listening and answering her while looking at my phone. On my Facebook, I have liked some trampling and foot fetish pages and while scrolling through, some pictures of ladies standing on a man showed up and as soon as I saw them, I quickly scrolled down. CT noticed these pictures.

CT: “Ey, what are these pictures, they seem a bit awkward and cheesy at the same time”.

I was quite surprised and kinda embarrassed that she noticed and I was like “ya ya, it’s something am into”

At this time, I had the evil smile on my face and as the ladies knew me pretty well, she added

CT: “Pls, can I have a look, it will remain between us, hahaha”. She said in a very soft voice.

Me: “Hmmm, u sure about this, this will shock your life and if I show this to you, I will request you to try it and you might see me differently after this.

CT: “Oh!, now I am quite scared”.

Me: “There is no need to be, it’s not something sexual, it’s just something which I enjoy a lot, with which you can take out your stress and be creative at the same time.”

CT: “Ok, ok, show me, show me!”

Me: “It’s related to women’s feet. I like women’s feet and I like when women walk on me”.

She was quite surprised with a smile on her face. I showed her the pictures and some videos.

CT: “Do you like feet and women do this to you?”

Me: “Ya, it’s like challenging and it feels like I give u full control over me”.

CT: “Does your GF accept this?”

Me: “Currently, I have no GF and ya, she usually loves it after a few times she steps on me”

CT: “Do you have your own videos?”

Me: “Ya, I have a couple on my phone with my ex. They are pretty hot but it’s fun. You want to see?”

CT: “Ya, show me!”

Me: “Wear these earphones!”

I showed her my videos on YouTube and she was surprised to see how my ex was crushing the hell out of me while jumping on me barefoot and a little of heels at the end. She also heard me moaning while my ex was dancing on me with some Latin song in the background.

CT: “That was hot, sensual, and quite exciting at the same time. I heard you moaning a bit. Do you like it?”

Me: “This moaning sound is stress and pain leaving the body. After this, I am very relaxed, calm, and with a feeling of being thankful and grateful”.

Then to my great surprise, CT just shouted to the other two ladies.

(Let’s call me Azz.)

CT: “Ey ladies, ladies, Azz likes to have ladies to step, walk, and jump on him. He would like to give us feet massages!”

Even I did not tell her anything about feet massages, I was completely petrified and my heart started to beat fast.

Aya shouted: “What the hell?”

Then CT moves to her own table. Aya and CT sit at the same table. It’s like two tables side by side. From my desk, I saw Aya asking CT some questions about what just happen. Just after a few minutes, I saw my YouTube trampling videos playing on CT’s screen, showing to Aya. At this time, Ifa who sits in front of Aya was coming back to her table and she saw Aya and CT quite amazed staring at CT’s screen and she quickly joined them.

Ifa: “What are you watching?”

Aya: “Come, come, you will be surprised”

After watching the videos, all three ladies looked at me with amazement and they all had the don’t know what to say look on their faces.

They all went to sit at their places, smiling and giggling then came lunchtime I went out to have lunch.

At around 2 pm I was quietly working at my desk when CT went to the kitchenette to refill her mug with hot water. I looked at her, we locked eyes and we smiled. I looked back at my screen.

CT: “Ey Azz, the floor is a bit cold, do you want to be my floor”.

I immediately looked at her.

Me: “Are you serious?”. I asked in a soft voice.

CT: “Yes, come, come”.

This particular moment, my heart just started to beat faster than usual and without thinking about the rest of the ladies, I just stood up, went to the kitchenette, and laid down. My heart was beating so fast and I was quite a bit shy as well.

CT: “Do you want to unbutton your beige shirt, my feet are not so clean”.

Me: “Ya, sure, sure”.

CT: “I am about 80kg, do you think that you can handle me. I am a bit afraid to hurt you tho”.

Me: “Ya sure, just start slowly till u feel comfortable, there should not be a problem”.

CT: “If I hurt you, just say it to me, and I’ll get down”.

Me: “Ya ya sure, go ahead and don’t be afraid”.

CT: “Where should I step, here, here is ok”.

She placed her left foot in the middle of my chest. Her foot was cold and I could feel tiny dirt particles under her soles.

Me: “Ya, here is perfect”.

That moment was perfect, I was nervous at the same time, my heart beating fast. She slowly applied weight on her left foot and I felt the air in my lungs running out. She applied more and more weight and the pressure kept on increasing. In my mind, I thought I was going to burst, and at just this moment, she placed her right foot next to her left one. Wow, she was towering on me and looking me in the eyes. Her weight was amazing. Her feet were soft and chubby. The feeling of having her chubby feet on my chest was just like a cold pillow on my bare chest.

CT: “Are you ok? My weight is not too much for you?”.

At this time, I did not get the chance to catch another breath but I still managed to answer her.

Me: “No no, it’s ok, you have a good weight. I’ll need some time to adjust myself to it”.

CT: “What should I do?”

Me: “Just walk around and everywhere just like in the video”.


The pressure was great, she started to March in place very slowly and get each of her feet on each side of my chest. She lifted one foot up in the air, placed it down, and then lift up the other one. She did this for like 5mins. I felt the pressure building in my head, every time she lift her feet I tried to catch some air.

CT: “Am I doing it right?”

Me: “Ya that’s good, you are a natural with it”

CT: “I would like to try on your stomach!”

Me: “Yes yes please”

She stopped for a second, balanced herself and lift up her right foot and placed it on my stomach, and slowly applied pressure. I felt her feet sink into my stomach almost touching my spine. She then placed her left foot next to her right one and started to march again. The feeling was awesome, at this stage, I started to moan a bit and she kinda liked it. She kept on walking and crushing my food in my stomach. I felt gas in my stomach rushing down. She became quite comfortable with it and she started to march quickly. I felt like blood rushed to my head and stuck in there.

She kept on marching in place on my stomach for like 10mins and then she started to walk forward and backward, coming to my chest and back to my stomach again while facing me. CT kept walking slowly and in baby steps. The pain was growing at each of her steps but it was awesome. She did this for like 10mins. I was in great agony, even my breathing was irregular. I was moaning in pleasure and pain at the same time. Suddenly she stopped walking, looked in the eyes, and just hopped. I felt the whole thing. She sank her feet into my belly and forced herself up in the air. As soon as she landed, oh my god, I just shouted in pleasure.

CT: “Are you good?”

Me: “Ya ya, it’s normal after a jump… …you can actually jump higher”.

CT: “Hmm, ya ya I saw in the videos”.

I swear to god, what have I said to her. She started to make tiny jumps at the start on my stomach and then she moved up to my chest in tiny jumps. I could feel her weight crushing me to the ground all the time. I saw her boobs jumping around. She then started to make higher jumps, and just continued jumping. I tried to hold my breath and after like five jumps I let another loud moan and tried to grasp some air to tighten my body again. She heard me moan and when I looked at her face, she was smiling. In her mind, she knows she is doing it well.

Even after hearing me gasping for air and moaning, she continued jumping all over me. At that time even my chest started to feel some pain. I was having pain even in my shoulders as if my shoulders were being stretched. I was not able to think properly as if I was drunk. I just stopped tightening up my body and let her jumps force air in and out according to her jumps. I was making a lot of noise and suddenly she stopped. It took like three seconds for me to regain my mind and to my great surprise, Ifa was standing next to my face.

Ifa: “… guys having fun. Can I join you guys for a few seconds, I need to refill my water bottle?”.

CT: “I think you can, Azz is pretty strong. Can she join on top Azz?”.

Me: “Yes yes, of course, the more people, the better. Feel comfortable”.

CT just step back on my stomach to make room for Ifa. CT was crushing my boner head with her heavy soles and the best thing in that I think that she did not even notice. Her heel was pushing my boner head so much that I felt like my soldier was on fire. Ifa placed her right milky foot along with my right nipple and stepped up. She quickly placed her left foot on the other side of my chest. She was pretty light and I felt so good as if an angel was standing on me. From my view, I was getting a proper view of her sexy and tight ass in jeans. It looked so sexy.

Ifa leaned towards the kitchen furniture and placed almost all her weight on her right foot while she was filling her bottle. At the same time, CT started to march on me also in small steps and I started to moan again. The two ladies towering on top of me were chuckling.

Ifa: “Are you fine Azz, it’s not too much?”.

Me: “It’s all good down here”.

She talked to me without even looking at me. She also started to march the same as CT and this was the best feeling. These two ladies had completely no idea of the pain I am facing under them. CT moved a bit closer to Ifa’s feet, like as if their toes are touching each other. Now CT was completely on my stomach marching in place. Ifa stopped for a second while CT continued.

Ifa: “Aya… .! Aya… !”.

Aya: “Yes, what is it?”.

Ifa: “You should join us, darling!”

Aya: “What happen?”.

CT: “Just join us!”

Aya: “Give me like 3 mins guys!”

I swear these 3 mins was like 10 mins. CT and Ifa continued to walk in a place and Ifa turned sideways. Now she was facing the kitchen counter while her feet were across my chest. This was awesome, I lifted my head up to get a closer look at Ifa’s creamy feet. Her feet were so perfect and soft at the same time. She was walking in place and seeing her feet going up and down on me was very sensual. Aya finally arrived and smiled.

Aya: “Where should I step guys”.

CT: “Right here, just place one foot here”.

Oh my god, Ifa just moved closer to my neck and CT back and this time she stepped directly on my shaft with her heels. This was just a very good feeling. Aya just placed her right foot between my chest and my stomach and stood up. She quickly placed her other for next to her right one and stood there. Now I was having three ladies towering on me and they were just standing there without moving.

CT: “Are you OK Azz?”.

Me: “Yes… .am fine. You are natural at it”.

Ifa: “We planned for it…. Now you’re going to get the treatment of your life. Just enjoy it…. We know that your job is very stressful and truly speaking, to a certain extent we all kinda depend on you.”

The pressure under these six feet was sensational. I was already tired and my head was in pain as if oxygen was not flowing to my brain but the sensation of having all these feet on me was largely satisfactory.

CT: “Just relax Azz, give us the control over you. Just relax, let us ladies make it up to you”.

Me: “OK OK, thank you thank you so much”.

All three ladies started to walk in place. The only thing I regret is that Aya did not take off her socks. The feeling of having these three ladies on me was incredible.  There are seriously no words to describe this. They walked and walked and walked while I moaned in pleasure under their feet. I heard them talking and laughing and chuckling. They were having a good time all at my expense. They continued to walk for like 20 mins and finally, they stopped. Aya got down first and then CT.

Ifa: “I really don’t want to get off guys, I do like it. It’s like am walking on clouds. His body is also so warm”.

CT: “Ya, I know right?”.

Then finally Ifa got off and they all were looking at me. I continued to lay there with a big smile on my face and I was like thank you guys thank you so much. I really needed a fix. It has been a long time since someone walked on me.

CT: “Don’t worry honey, we all like you so much and we understand your needs. We just want to tell you that you can be comfortable with us and open-minded about this thing. Just tell us when you want to be walked on. Also, we can do this every day if you like”.

Aya: “Ya, just keep doing the good work and we will make sure you feel relaxed”.

Ifa: “Catch with you guys later”.

Ifa just left to her table and I also stood back up again. Aya also left and CT finally refilled her bottle of water.

CT: “Wow, you are so strong, we bet you couldn’t take us all at once”.

I smiled and chuckled a bit.

CT: “Maybe tomorrow we could go a bit harder. Up to you”.

Me: “Hmm, ya that would be perfect. Thank u CT, thank you so much for today. I really appreciate that you care so much for everyone especially for me. Thank you”.

CT: “You’re welcome dear. Now let’s get back to work. I might need your help later with the inventory list”.

Me: “Ya ya sure, anytime”.

After that, my life in the office has never been boring again. When we all four were in office, we would crack jokes about this whole foot fetish/trample thing, and they continued to trample me even harder and harder every day.

The end

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