The Girlfriend 36 min read

The author writes how he introduced trampling to his previously unaware girlfriend.

written by Tramplemefull
original source of the story was Submitted by the author

This is a true story about my girlfriend and me.

About her

Her name is N. A little description of her; she has huge, strong legs, like 10cm shorter than me. She weighs 79kg. She is pretty with black hair, light brown eyes, and a beautiful body more like a BBW but she doesn’t have too much fat, she is more like chubby. Her feet are size 9 and they are very very soft with no wrinkles. Her skin is so soft and smooth everywhere and smells like light sweet milk. Her boobs are even softer.

How we met

I met her in the elevator of our condo a couple of times and soon we became friends and exchange numbers. She always wears long trousers, blouse and sneakers, not totally my type of girl so I did not really notice her beauty and even when she was texting me, I was like taking all the time in the world to answer.

Then, one day I was already in the lift and then she came in, wearing shorts and a normal T-shirt, not too tight and not too large, like just right. The elevator was full of people and when the door opened for her to come in, she immediately looked down, entered, and turned around. I was just behind her, but she did not notice when she turned around. This day she was wearing flip flops and when I looked down, I saw her strong legs and calves. Damn, they were huge. I saw her feet, so white and they appeared to be really soft. Her toes were without nail polish, but they appeared to be shiny and well pedicured. I was in total shock.

Soon the elevator reached my level and I had to get out. On my way out, I just touched her on her shoulders and said excuse me, she moved and then I said thank you. When I got out, I looked back, we locked eyes and then I smiled. She smiled back and the elevator door closed. I entered my apartment and I was like shit shit shit, that was so beautiful.

I immediately started to wonder how it will be like to be under her feet and her weight as she appeared to be a little chubby. At first, I thought it was going to be normal, she would just walk on me and that’s it blah, blah, blah…

I waited one day and then I texted her. She was so surprised to receive a text from me that she called me immediately. We started to talk and then I remembered that just a couple of weeks ago, she invited me to have dinner, but I canceled as I was busy with some stuff and I never thought about it again. Then, I said to her, “hey I own you dinner since last time, now I am a bit freer, so let hang out”. She agreed.

We started to plan something but we both had different schedules. The next day, she phoned me while I was at work, she proposed to go to dinner. I agreed and since it was in the middle of the week, I told her that I would like to get back home early as I had work the next day (the long day from 9 am to 6 pm). She agreed. So, dinner became a movie, shopping, hanging out, and soon after like 2 weeks, we were a sweet couple. We started to date and since we stay in the same condo, we slept together every day.

Then the trampling fun began

After about 7 days in the relationship, I told her about my trample and foot fetish. She was a little perplexed about it as she knows that she was heavier than me. I am kind of skinny. Even when we have sex, I noticed that she doesn’t like to lay on me too much. Even when she sits on me while watching Netflix at night, she would just move and sit next to me instead after just a few seconds. This day, we just had dinner and it was already like 10 pm. We were just chilling in front of the TV which was off. We were talking about how our day went and then the interesting conversation happened.

Me: “Honey, I have something to tell you”.
N: “what is this Honey?”
Me: “you may find it strange but please, hear me out before saying something”
N: “Ooookkkaayyy”
Me: “I don’t know how to tell you as very few people know this about me”
N: “I am listening”
Me: “I want to kiss your feet”
N: “my feet? … She stares at me with a glare in her eyes … Why Honey?”
Me: “because …, I have a foot fetish”
N: “what is that?”
Me: “I like female feet”
N: “Honey, you mean you want me to give you permission to kiss other women’s feet?”
Me: “No. No, I want to kiss yours, Honey”
N: “hmmm, … Like right now?”
Me: “wait, wait, I want you also to walk on me!”
N: “you mean like a back massage?”
Me: “I mean on my chest, stomach, and all my upper body”. (I Showed her with a hand gesture where)
N: “I am going to hurt you, you know”
Me: “you won’t hurt me, I trust you, honey”
N: “I am 79kg honey”
Me: “I am sure, I can hold you”
N: “I don’t know … but to kiss my feet no problem”
Me: “thank you, honey”

We switched on the TV and watched for like one hour and then around 11:15 pm we went to bed. We stood up and she went out, I just turned off the tv, checked the door and windows and then I went to the room. I entered the room while she was in the bathroom. I took off my shirt and shorts and then jumped in bed. A few minutes later, N came into the room. She slowly walked to the bed holding a towel. She sat at the edge of the bed while I was lying face-up in the middle of the bed. I laid my hand on her back while she was busy rubbing off her feet.

Me: “what happened, honey?”
N: “Nothing, I am just drying my feet”

This was unusual, her feet are always clean as she always wears flip flops. She never goes barefoot and it was the first time I saw her doing this just before bed.

Me: “your feet are dirty honey?”
N: “I just wanted to clean them before I let you kiss them”.

I was shocked. My heart started to race.

Me: “Really??”
N: “Ya aa, you said to want to, right?”
Me: “ya” (a little shy)
N: “so what now?”
Me: “Okay, I will show you”

I jumped out of the bed, walked around and came to sit in front of her. I lifted her right foot and moved my nose near to her soles. I smelled it softly. The smell was very nice, not a strong foot smell but a very light soul smell. I moved forward a bit more and then I started to kiss her soles. Her foot was so soft, I never realized it before. I took out my tongue and began to lick the soles, making circles and then I started to lick from her heels to her toes. She started to giggle a bit.

Me: “You like it, honey?”
N: “Ya aa, it’s different”
Me: “What you mean?”
N: “Nobody ever did this to me before… it’s a pleasant sensation”

I continued to lick her soles, I licked and licked like it was ice cream and I was 5 years old. She moaned a few times and then I grabbed her left foot, smelled it, and pressed it against my face, my forehead and cheeks, and started to lick it for like another 15 minutes.

N: “honey, let’s go to sleep. I am tried”
Me: “Ya honey”

I placed down her foot and then stood up, walked to the other side of the bed, and came in bed. we hugged and slept.

The next day (day 2), the same thing happened, her feet are so soft. After the foot sucking session, we had good sex.

The third day (day 3). Just after dinner, we chilled on the balcony.

Me: “Honey, did you had time to think about walking on me”
N: “I did yaa aaa but I am afraid I might break your bones”
Me: “I trust you honey and I really want it”
N: “why?”
Me: “Honey, when you would walk on me, it’s like I give you total control over me… For like few minutes, I would feel like I don’t need to control anything… I don’t need to be me, I just feel you and what you do to me. I can feel like being submissive to you”

At that moment, I gently moved behind her and hugged her from the back and pressed my dick against her ass and slowly moved and moved. It felt like my dick and her ass are a perfect match. It felt like her ass enclosed my boner from all sides. Soon she started to move her ass as well and it felt so good. She even moaned a little and placed her hand on mine while I have locked my hands across her stomach gently.

N: “but I know you are not submissive and strict in your own way”
Me: “Me strict??”
N: “I mean like you have good self-control… you know what you are doing and what you have to do at work, at home and when we hang out, I see you how you behave… and sometimes you know I feel very lucky to have you as my boyfriend”
Me: “Ya ya, that’s true… and this is only between you and me. Nobody should know what we do”
N: “hmm, I see… it’s like for a few minutes, you can stop thinking and just be in the moment”
Me: “Yes, exactly honey”
N: “ what about your breath? will you be able to breathe beneath my weight”
Me: “this is the challenge, honey. I want to feel this from you… Even if I can’t breathe, I still feel you and I know, I see only you”
N: “hm, I see”
Me (jokingly): “… What you see honey?”
N (blushing): “I mean, I understand a bit but not fully”
Me: “… it’s ok, if you don’t want to walk on me honey, I won’t force you…but honeeey you are my girlfriend and you are the only person that I can ask it from.”
N: “No. No, I want to walk on you, satisfy you as you do to me… I am just afraid that if I try and on the first time, you die beneath me”
Me: “Honey, you can start very slowly… you put one foot first, slowly apply pressure and then you place your other foot”
… (momently silent) …
Me: “What do you think?”
N: “What about only 1 foot?”
Me: “I want to feel both your feet honey!”
N: “Ok ok, understood… just give me a few minutes, I’ll clean the dishes and then I will try to walk on you”
Me: “ok, I go and bring up the water bottles”
N: “can you also throw the garbage, there are two plastic bags already”
Me: “ya ok ok”

I did the things and when I returned after like 10 minutes. N was already in the room putting on her pajama. Some of her night stuff was already at my house. She already washed her feet and was applying some cream on her hands. I entered the room and she looked at me. I took off my shirt and then sat on the bed just behind her. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me, she lost her balance and fell directly on my lap. Her ass pressed against my soldier and she smiled.

N: “wait, wait, honey” as she continued to rub her arms in cream.
Me: “No wait honey” I started to kiss her on her back, placed my hands under her clothes onto her stomach. As soon as she finished, she pivoted 90 degrees, placed her left hand behind my back started to french kiss me. She placed her right hand in the middle of my chest and slowly pushed me down on the mattress while laying on me. After a few minutes of passionate kissing she straightened herself up.
N: “ok honey, show me how to walk on you”
I stood up, walked to one side of the bed, and told her to follow me.
Me: “I am going to lay hear, you can use the window frame as support”
N: “hunnn, you don’t want to lay on the bed?”
Me: “No, down is much better for your balance”
N: “Ok”

I laid down just in front of her. She came by my side and placed on her left foot on my bare chest.

N: “here is ok honey?”
Me: “yes honey”
N: “you ready?”
Me: “yes honey”
N: “if I hurt you, you tell me”
Me (softly): “Yes honey”

Her feet were cold. After several trials of climbing onto me, she finally gave me her full weight. She slowly applied her weight and I felt the pressure increase. The pressure kept on increasing and increasing and her right foot did not lift from the ground yet. Finally, she lifted her right foot from the ground and placed it just next to her left foot. Oh my god, her weight was amazing. I felt my chest bend inwards when she was dragging herself onto me. The air in my lungs pumped out. I never realized that my girlfriend was so heavy. All her 79 kg was on me. As she placed her left foot, her weight was balanced and I was able to catch some air in. Her very soft soles against my bare chest felt so good. She stood in place for a while watching my facial reaction all the time. I could feel that she was nervous.

N: “Should I just stand here?”
Me (holding my breath and barely speaking): “Waalk arouuuund honeeyyy.”

She placed all her weight on her left foot and gently moved her right foot like 8cm away from her left one, all the time brushing her soles against my skin. This was so sensual. I could barely think and breathe. I felt in the moment like the world has stopped.

N: “can I stand here?”
Me: “Yes honey”

She slowly placed some weight on her right foot and balanced herself. She moved her left foot closer to her right one and balanced. I managed to catch some air again. I was in heaven. I never expected that her weight was so plentiful.

Me: “Walk around honey! you can walk everywhere”
N: “Even your stomach?”
Me (softly): “Yessss, please honeeeey”

I tensed up my abs as she moved to my stomach. She was moving so slowly that I felt so much pain and pleasure at the same time. My abs muscle was not able to support her weight as she took like forever to move from one place to another. Every time she moved, her support foot dug into me, crushing all my organs inside. I started to moan in pleasure. She continued to move around and made her way up to my chest again. After several more minutes, I tapped her legs and I managed to tell her that it’s ok. “honey, thank you” and she got down. As soon as she got down, I took several seconds to catch my breath as she sat on my bed. I finally sat down at her feet and then I softly thanked her. “Thank you, honey.”

N: “Are you fine?”
Me: “you were amazing honey… thank you, thank you… You have no idea, how I felt relaxed when you walked on me.”
N: “I even heard you moan. You liked it?”
Me: “yes honey, your weight is just right”
N: “Come in bed, let’s go to sleep.”

I went in bed, laid on my back, stretched my left arm as N, turned to me, and kiss me good night. She placed her left hand on my chest and her head on my left arm. I was so turned on that now even my soldier was hurting me. I just could not believe what just happen. She was the heaviest girl I ever had to walk on me and she took it so well. After some more minutes of acknowledging the trampling session, I started to kiss her and I made her sleep go away and that night, oh my god, it was one of our best sexes.

The following morning when I woke up, I felt my whole chest was in pain. Even when I stretched out, my abs were killing me. For the whole day at work, I felt pain in my chest as I laughed, walked, or did anything. I could not stop thinking about last night’s trample session and was so eager to be under my girlfriend’s feet again. Just thinking about it was giving me a boner.

That night when I returned to my apartment, my girlfriend was already there as I have given her a key. As soon as I entered the apartment, I saw her in the kitchen. I swear, I just grabbed her and took her on the counter. I could not wait to be in bed. She was so surprised that she did not even get time to think of what was happening or say something and she just gave in. After passionate sex and kissing we talked some more.

Me: “Hi honey”
N (blushing and softly): “Hiiii honey”

We talked a few words both catching our breaths.

Me: “What are we eating tonight honey?”
N: “I prepared noodles and Indian beef curry sauce”
Me: “hey, you know how to prepare Indian curry beef sauce?”
N: “Still learning… hahaha… go take a shower and we will eat”
Me: “yesssss yesss okkkk okk”

After dinner, we chilled in front of Netflix and we went to bed.
Again, I checked everywhere and everything and as I entered my room, N was already laying in bed. As I took off my shirt and shorts…

N: “you want me to walk on you honey?”

These are words that are so so so sweet to hear. A woman who wants to walk on you knowing that you have a foot and trampling fetish. This was incredible, as for me, it’s always me who asks my girlfriends to walk on me and not this way around.

Me: “if you are not tired, yes honey please”

I just said this just not to appear that I was waiting for this the whole day. Inside I was craving for her to walk on me and bring the life out of me.
I laid down in the same spot and she came to my side. Her skin was glowing pink almost shining. She was so beautiful to see.

She placed her left foot on my chest and quickly raise herself onto me. I was shocked. All the air in my lungs ran out instantly. She was no more nervous about hurting me. As she placed both her feet on me, she started to walk on me, I let out loud moans. The more she moved on me, the move she made me moan and she was enjoying it. Even if my chest was still in pain from last night, I was in heaven. She was walking on me as if she did this many times. I was in total pain beneath her. She kept on working my chest and stomach so badly that I could not even think about a single thing.

I heard her singing as she crushed every single centimeter of my body under her huge weight. She was enjoying herself while looking outside the window without even looking at me even when I let out loud moans. When she heard me moaning beneath her she would just continue to walk and walk on me.

She crushed my abs as if she was crushing grapes to make wine. As she walked on my chest, my chest sunk in and she pushed all air out of me. It was very difficult to catch air and hold air. I could barely breathe the way she was walking on me. She moved quickly as if she knows that whatever her weight was I was able to hold her. On the contrary, beneath her weight I was dying in pain. I was feeling pain in places that I never felt pain before. I did not want this to end but I could no longer hold her. I tapped her leg but she did not come down. She continued to walk on me as if she did not feel anything. She continued to walk from my stomach to my chest. The pain beneath her 79kg was now unbearable but I was enjoying it. I tapped her leg again and this time she came down. She looked at me and smiled. I was breathing heavily. She sat on the bed and as I sat down, I felt like my head was just coming out of a coma. I smiled at her.

N: “you liked it honey?”
Me: “yes honey, thank you… I loved it how you did this today, there is no word to describe the feeling.”
N: “I did some research and watched couples of videos and saw how to do it”
Me: “shiiiitttt, reallllly”
N: “yes… and I got to know that it’s normal for many people and that the whole point is to feel good and enjoy it, right?”

I was in total heaven hearing this.

Me: “yes yes honey”
N: “come in the bed”

As I laid in the bed…

N: “you know I feel light when I walk on you”
Me: “I heard you even singing honey”
N: “Ya, you enjoyed it”
Me: “hahaha, it’s like you feel so comfortable now”
N: “ya, when I walk on you, I realized that this benefited me and us also”

I kissed her good night and we fell asleep.
The following morning when I woke up, the pain in my chest was even more intense. It was as if I have been cut with a knife all across my chest and stomach and the knives were still there. I woke up before N with a boner. It was a Saturday morning and I was so happy because of no work. I slipped out of bed gently. I came to N’s feet and started to lick them. Her feet were smelling like sweet milk. As I licked them I heard her moan softly and she woke up.

N: “Hi honey”
Me: “Hi honey”
N: “please continue, it feels good”

I continued to lick her feet from top to bottom for several more minutes and then I can onto her. My boner was so strong that she could feel it through the blanket. She slipped her hand out of the blanket while I kissed her. Then she slipped her hand in my pants and grabbed my soldier. She pressed it hard and then smiled. I took the blanket away from her and stripped off her pajama for some sex in the morning. We stayed in bed for another hour and then we got up.

After having breakfast together at around 10 am, I was working on some personal programming projects and N went to her apartment to do some cleaning. Sometime after 12, N called me.

N: “are you free now?”
Me: “working on some stuff!!, what’s up?”
N: “my fraternity sister called me, a water pipe burst into her new house during the night, and water is leaking everywhere. She is asking if I can help her out as I am the only one who lives about an hour from her. Her boyfriend is out of town and will be back on Monday afternoon. So, I think I will go help her move some stuff and stay with her till tomorrow. Are you fine with it because then we will not be together tonight?”
Me: “is the water leakage this serious?”
N: “I guess so as she was like kind of crying and panicking on the phone, hahaha?”
Me: “oh I see, ok ok, am coming with you”
N: “you sure”
Me: “ya ya, give me 15 minutes to arrange some tools and we will go, we can meet directly in the parking”
N: “ok ok, in level 3 in 15 mins, got it”
Me: “no no no, meet you in level 4, we take my car”
N: “ok”

I quickly gathered some tools, changed clothes, and went to the parking. I was loading my truck when N arrived with a backpack, some carton boxes, and a lot of plastic bags.

Me: “you ready honey”
N: “ya, let’s go”
Me: “let’s roll baby”

After about an hour and a half, we arrived at N’s friend’s place. She just moved in into this town about a few months ago and barely knows anyone. As a parked into the driveway, I noticed R in a total panic moving stuff out the house to her garage. R was very sexy in jeans and a top shirt. She was tall, around 80kg, and almost the same figure as my girlfriend. I almost immediately started to think of how it would be like to be under R and N combined weight.

160kg crushing my chest and stomach at the same time would totally disable, flatten and make me helpless under them and if they started to bounce, that would cause even more pain. I stopped in the driveway and R came running to hug N. I stepped out and went to the bet of my truck to get the tools.

N: “meet A, my boyfriend, A, this is R, my crazy fraternity sister”
Me: “Hi”
R: “Hi, am so so sorry”
Me: “No need to be sorry, shit happens”
R: “hahaha, am so sorry to disrupt your plans guys”
Me: “No worries, we did not have much… Pls, show me the leak!”
R: “It’s upstairs, I tried to duct-tape it and then close the main water supply”
Me: “good move”

As I walked into the house, the water was everywhere. The couch was wet, the carpet was damp, water has been leaking the whole night. This was a total disaster but thank god there was still electricity. As I went upstairs, I almost slipped on the stairs. After a quick assessment of the situation, I found that the leak was coming from the bathroom. The water pipe connector which brings water to the bathtub burst due to corrosion. I opened my toolbox to see if I can find a replacement for the damaged connector but in vain. I took out some measurements and headed down.

Me: “R, where is the nearest hardware store, one water connector needs to be replaced!!”
R: “its in the city center, another 15mins from here”
Me: “Ok, I am going to get this thing.”
R: “thank you thank you”
Me: “Honey, honey where are you”
R: “N is in the garage”
Me: “Honey, am going to town to get this, see you later”

As I was pulling out of the driveway, R came running.

R: “Can I come with you, I need to get some food also for you guys later”
Me: “Ok Ok, jump in”

And we were on our way.

R: “So how did you guys meet?”
Me: “hahaha, in the elevator of the condo”
R: “hahaha, really”
Me: “ya”
R: “hmm, what do you do now!”
Me: “Am an engineer”
R: “wow, mechanical one?”
Me: “no, no, electrical and electronic engineer”
R: “So good, N me and some other friends, we used to hang out in the engineering labs at university and wore engineering lab coats.
Me: “hahaha, and then you guys disturbed the engineering students at work”
R: “hahaha, ya, and then we made new friends, the old good times”
Me: “what about your boyfriend, also study banking and finance?”
R: “No no, he was in e-business and marketing. That’s why he is out of town this weekend. Marketing some shit around”
Me: “hahaha, you told him what happen?”
R: “ya, he was the first person I called, he told me how to cut the main water supply”
Me: “I see”
R: “ok, you can stop here, I’ll go to this grocery store, the hardware store is just two shops down.”

We got all the stuff we needed and we headed back to her house. I went directly upstairs and to change the water connector. After around 30 mins of trying hard to get this connector out. I was sweating and wet and the trampling pain in my chest was not helping. I took off my T-shirt and threw it away. A few minutes later R came up to the bathroom.

R: “hey, lunch is ready, oh wow, you have an athletic body.”
Me: “haha, thanks…., eyyy would you like to give me a hand”
R: “ya sure”
Me: “just hold this in place while I tighten this nut and then we should be all good, no more water leaking”

As I tightened the nut, I was sweating and when I sweat, I smell like coconut rice due to my shower gel. I noticed that R was kind of smelling deep as if she loved my smell and had a moment. I continued to do my thing pretending not to notice anything.

Me: “ok, we are done, can you go down and open the main supply again, and if you hear me shout to close it you close it back.”
R: “ya sure……… Water coming”
Me: “………we are all good”

I packed my tools shirtless and headed downstairs.

N: “honey, what happened to your shirt”
Me: “Wet honey”

I placed my tools in my truck and then came back in.

Me: “R, I would need a shirt please.”
R: “ya sure, hold on”

She gave me a shirt and then all three of us ate lunch.
R: “so it’s ok, the leak is fixed?”
Me: “yes yes, it should hold for another 10 years, haha…. Where are you guys in moving the stuff?”
N: “we still need to move few things and then try to drain all this water….and ya you need to help us move the couch in the frontward in the sun for it to dry”
Me: “ya sure”

I helped the two ladies move the stuff and around 9 pm, I told N that I am going back home and that I will come back tomorrow morning. Personally, I just wanted to go back home and lay down as the trampling pain from my girlfriend was still there. Of course, I enjoyed the trampling pain but when it interferes too much in my daily activities, I just need some time for the pain to go away and a good night of sleep should be ok. I need to get used to this pain anyway as being into the trampling fetish. I just wish my girlfriend to trample and crush the life out of me every day.

R: “You can sleep here, I have an air mattress”
Me: “oh no, it’s ok, you guys can catch up, I just need to take a shower and feed my fish”
N: “ya, you need to see his aquarium, so cozy and beautiful”

I kissed my girlfriend and left. I came back home, fed my fishes and went straight to bed. I phoned N from the bed, informed her that I arrived, and will see her tomorrow morning.

The following morning, when I woke up, it was quite a strange feeling not having my girlfriend to my side to play. I jumped out of bed with pain still in my chest and abs. I took a quick breakfast and at around 9:30 am, I was already at R’s place. When I walked inside, everything seemed to be cleaned and neat again as if there was never a water leak. I noticed that both N and R were happy to see me and they were both smiling at each other very frequently. I helped them to move some stuff from the garage back to the house and during lunch, I could not wait anymore and I had to ask them what is going on.

Me: “you guys seem very happy, tell me what happen last night?”
N: “we did some catching up”
R: “we talked a lot and we have been discussing”
Me: “hmm, I see, you guys have had a good time, that’s good…… is there any more work that needs to be done before we leave R. if there are any heavy objects that need to be moved, just say it”
R: “no, no, we are all good, we completed everything”
Me: “hmmm”
R: “A, I just want to thank you and for your support”
Me: “you are welcome, this is what friends are for….we need to be able to have each other’s back… and I have no doubt that you would have done the same thing for N if it was me who was out of town”
R: “yes yes, of course, sister for life”
N: “Honeeeyy,…….you don’t want to know what we discussed last night”
Me: “what do you mean honey?”
R: “you don’t want to know?”
Me: “is there something that I need to be aware of heerreeee?”
N: “R has been thinking of how she can thank us and you for our time”
Me: “it’s ok, no worries, as long as my honey is happy, I am happy and happy to help her friends”
R: “hmmm, you were right N, he has good self-control”
Me: “Now, I really want to know what you guys discussed last night, it seems cheezy”
N: “Cheezy, yes for us but for you honey, I …….(smiling strangely).”
Me: “what, come on honeeeyyy”
N: “R and I have decided that R will walk on you in a way to thank you”
Me: “Really”
R: “yes, I want to show you my gratitude, and N told me that you love it when she does it. And for me, it going to be a first to walk one someone”
Me: “are you fine with this honey?”
N: “if this makes my honey happy, I am happy”
Me: “I really don’t know what to say, just thank you, honey”
R: “thanks to you, you can lay down there in front of the window”

My mind was rushing. I seriously had no idea that this will ever happen. My chest and bones were still in pain from the previous trampling session with my girlfriend and now one woman wants eagerly to walk on me while my girlfriend watches me moan at the expense of another woman. Of course, I thought about it but did not give it a second thought as my girlfriend was successfully fulfilling my trampling fantasies. Now, to imagine having two big women on me, both young and happy to trample and crush my chest, bones, and abs, was incredible. R and N stood up and asked me to join them. I stood up and laid in front of the window.

N: “R watch me, I will show you how to do it.”

N just placed her left foot on my chest and pressed all the weight without warning. I let a loud moan while she placed her other foot right next to her left one.

N: “you do not need to mind when he moans R, he enjoys this”
R: “Okkaaayyyy”

N started to move from my chest to my stomach. Each step she took was like she was stomping me into the ground. She was even standing on her tiptoes just to make me moan and suffer as if she was happy to show her friend how strong I am. She moved more and more quickly and all the time. I was having a really hard time breathing as R watched N dominate me.

N: “you can walk anywhere”

Oh my god, my body was aching from all directions and my moans became louder and louder.

R: “N, you too enjoy this”
N: “I like when my honey moans in pleasure”

Pleasure and pain ya, it’s me who is taking all this weight on. My girlfriend never thinks that she can hurt me while trampling me instead she feels light but on the contrary, I die under her weight. She has no idea and I am afraid to tell her that the pain is a lot. That could make her stop walking on me or walk on me less often. So I’ll better not tell her anything and continue to enjoy the pain under her. After about only 2 mins of trampling, N got down.

N: “Come on R, it’s your turn.”

R placed her left foot on my chest, the same place N placed her feet before.

R: “there should not be a huge weight change as I am only 80kg, just 1kg heavier than N… you are ready?”
Me: “yes, go on”

R slowly applied pressure on her left foot, and placed her right foot just next to her left one. She pushed all the air out of my lungs and was just standing still. My vision became blurred quickly and I felt the pressure building in my head. I had a feeling as if my head was going to explode. R finally decided to move. She moved her right foot to my stomach and dragged her left foot next to her right one and stood still.

R: “are you ok?”
Me: “yeess” (catching and holding a breath)
N: “Now you can start to march in place or walk anywhere you want”

R started to march in place while N was watching the whole scene. I was letting out loud moans and R was giggling as she knew that she was doing a good job on my abs. R moved in baby steps to my chest, crushing every inch of my body. It was an amazing feeling and as she walked back to my abs, I grabbed the calves of my girlfriend who was standing just next to my head. I grabbed one of her feet and placed it onto my mouth and started to kiss it. Luckily I grabbed the right foot of my girlfriend.

R: “ohhhh, so sweet, he wants you to enjoy also”

I kissed and licked the soles of my girlfriend while R was marching on my abs and watching us. The only breath I could catch was coming directly from the soles of the girlfriend. This was amazing. All of a sudden, R stood on both tiptoes on my abs. I let most of the hot air get out and blew it on the girlfriend’s soles. She giggled as she felt the hot air rush from my body and I think she liked it as she told:

N: “R, can you do this again”
R: “do what”
N: “just bounce one time”

Oh my god, N was telling R to bounce on me on tiptoes. This was going to kill me. As R pressed down in my abs to launch herself, the pressure intensely increased on my abs which were already in pain. When she launched herself, air rushed into me and as she landed almost instantly, the air went out of my body again and I blew on the soles of the girlfriend. She giggled again as she liked the feeling. My abs had already collapsed and fortunately R placed her feet squarely on my stomach again. I was able to breathe better but was still in pain. I grabbed the right foot of my girlfriend’s and placed it across my chest.

N: “ennn, you want me to stand on you also”

I could not reply to her, I just nobbed my head to say yes. N slowly applied pressure on my chest and placed her left foot next to her right one. At this instance, R stopped marching on my abs and stood still to watch as N climbed onto me.

The pressure of the combined weight of my girlfriend and R was intense, like nothing I have ever supported on me. I could barely breathe. Only a small amount of air was able to enter my body. N started to march in place on my chest, this allowed me to catch some air as she lifted one foot up and pressed it down again. R also started to march in place on the abs. The pressure of their weight was incredible, nothing I can describe. They marched and marched in place as if they were used to do this. Beneath their feet, my body was aching. I was moaning in both pain and pleasure. As I watched them, my vision was getting more and more blurred and I just kept feeling their feet stomping me to the ground. They have really decided not to stop walking on me till I tell them too. I was not able to hold their weight any longer.

I just wanted to pass out under their feet but then I thought that it would not be proper to pass out in R’s house as I never passed out with my girlfriend before and they may freak out. I tapped my girlfriend’s leg and she stepped down, R also stepped down. I caught a long breath and after a few seconds came to my senses and looked up. I saw both of them looking me in the eyes.

R: “Are you fine?”
Me: “Ya, ya, you guys don’t want to put on some music and dance on me”

Oh my goodness, I really don’t know why I said this. Maybe because I knew that it would be a very long time until I get the chance again to be under these women’s feet and I did not want that feeling of pain and pressure under their weight and feet to come to an end.

R: “ya sure, good idea”

R rushed to put on some music

N: “You alright honey, its almost 160kg on you and I am impressed.”
Me: “Thank you honey, just crush me, hard honey, I Love you…. This time I may shout, don’t be scared ya”

3 thoughts on “The Girlfriend 36 min read

  1. Awesome story…but I hope he just stays with N and make the trample with R a one time thing.
    Maybe see N progress to sneakers, flat sandals, some low heels and eventually high heels. How about some barefoot face trample?

    Just making a few suggestions here should you decide to continue.

    thanks so much for this great story.

  2. Wonderful story! It is so sensitive and sweet. The author very skillfully brought me, the reader, into the experience between himself and his girlfriend. I could imagine myself experiencing the entire scenario. The story ending was a surprise, but a good one. Most women would not share their intimacy, even with afriend. For the author, it was a dream come true. I also have a little advice to the author. The walking sessions get easier with experience, much like exercising. I have been been under women’s feet for more than 50 years, with some weighing up to 130 Kg. Best time of my life, once I got used to it. If I can do it, you can too. Good Luck with N.

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