The Morning Ritual 15 min read

A fantasy about a public place tramping by a knowing trampler

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

Mike Soyer was a thirty-five-year-old single factory worker who loaded trucks for a living. His normal shift Sunday through Thursday night started at 8 pm and ended at 4 am. Every morning after work he would hang around for an extra half hour until Lee’s 5&10 shop opened so he could pick up his paper and lottery tickets, which he bought every Tuesday and Friday morning religiously. Once in a while, Mike would take a buttered roll, which was pre-wrapped and placed in a stack by the counter. Mike started going into Lee’s 5&10 about fifteen years ago. He became a friend with Jon Lee and his daughter, Hun over the years. Mike was devastated when Jon Lee passed away five years ago from a heart attack. His daughter Hun took over the business soon after. Although many thought she couldn’t handle it since she was only twenty-four at the time and such a petite young thing, standing only 5’2 and 105 pounds at best however Hun Lee surprised everyone and kept that store running in top shape. Mike was usually her first customer of the day.

Mike couldn’t help thinking how he never thought he would have a morning ritual let alone the life he was living. He dreamt of being independently wealthy and owning several businesses. He wanted to live in a huge house instead of a small apartment and when it came to women he had another set of dreams. For as long as he could remember, Mike fantasized about being trampled by women. He loved the idea of having beautiful young women walk on his stomach, chest, and face in heels, boots and tennis shoes. Mike imagined what it would be like to polish the shoes on women’s feet with his tongue and afterward be walked on by the same women in socks or barefoot. Like many trample fans, these were only Mike’s dreams before he went to sleep every night. In reality, Mike could count on one hand the number of times he actually got a woman to walk on him. Mostly it was the old sore back ploy and lasted only a few minutes.

One Friday morning Mike’s Morning ritual changed. His supervisor asked if he could hang out and work a few more hours of OT for a first shift guy who couldn’t make it in. Mike clocked out around 10:30 am and went into Lee’s for his paper and lottery tickets. Hun Lee was restocking the soda cooler when Mike walked in. She looked back and smiled when he came into the store. Hun was dressed in a white tank top, bright blue long jogging pants and a pair of dirty white tennis shoes. “The usual Mike” she called out as she picked up one of the few remaining papers and headed back behind the counter. She had to step up because the counter was set higher than the customer floor so she had a complete view of the small store. “Why you so late,” she asked Mike in her broken English. Mike explained about the OT. “You lucky, you not in here earlier,“ she told Mike. She explained how this was the first quiet moment of the day and how the store has been overrun by people buying Lottery tickets because the pot was almost 100 mil. Hun hated when the lottery got high because she was trapped behind the counter just punching out lottery tickets to impatient and rude customers more often than not.

As she waited for the machine to print out Mike’s tickets, she asked him “What you do if you win a big pot of money?” Mike laughed, maybe it was because he was so tired or because he felt so comfortable with Hun but he told her “ I would quit my job, buy a house and pay a few dozen women to come over and walk all over me for eight hours a day”. Hun just burst out laughing and replied, “ You would be a woman’s dream man, a rich guy that lets women walk all over him”. Mike chuckled at her reply but told her that was his dream. Hun asked him if he meant ASHIATSU, the massage. Mike already having gone this far in revealing himself said “No, I mean I would lay on the floor on my back and have women step, stand and walk all over my face, chest, and stomach all day long”. Hun handed him his lottery tickets and asked in a curious tone. “Wouldn’t that hurt?” Mike quickly made up a story about how during his college days he would be walked on by women all the time. He told Hun that the college girls he knew would let him shine their shoes with his tongue and stand on his face for hours at a time. Hun was shocked at the depiction of any women doing this to a man but seemed fascinated by Mike’s story. Mike told Hun his nickname in college was “the human carpet”. “The only difference between then and now is I’m a little plusher,” he said as he patted his stomach. Hun laughed at his response as Mike grabbed his paper from the counter and turned toward the door to head home. He couldn’t believe what he just said and was looking to leave quickly but before Mike had his hand on the door handle Hun called out “ I could use a plush carpet here today”. Mike froze in his tracks and turned back to see Hun still standing behind the counter looking down at the floor.

Without any thought, Mike walked back toward her and peered around the other side of the counter. Hun never taking her eyes off the hard wooden floor stomped on it with her right sneaker a few times and said “ This floor way too hard on days like this”. Mike put his paper by the side of the counter and got down on his hands and knees to crawl behind the counter. Hun took a step back as she watched Mike roll over on his back in front of her and position himself face up behind the counter. “Try it now,” he said to her. “Are you sure about this?” she asked Mike, “If it gets busy I wouldn’t have time to worry if I’m hurting you?” Hun told Mike. Mike assured her that it wouldn’t be a problem and was getting ready to tell a few more made up stories when the front door sprang open. A lady clutching a fist full of money headed toward the counter for lottery tickets. Hun didn’t say another word to Mike, she stepped right up on his chest stomach and asked the lady how she could help her. Mike was in heaven as Hun stood on him. She was so light and well built. Hun reached over the counter and collected the money from the women for her office lottery pool. As she went to open the cash register, Hun took a step to her right aligning herself with the register, which left her standing on Mike’s cock. He did everything he could to control the hard-on he was getting. A moment later after Hun closed the register, she walked up Mike’s stomach, on his chest and came to a halt by Mike’s neck as she was bending forward to work the lotto machine.

Mike could see she was in an awkward and uncomfortable stance as she began to punch the numbers into the machine, which the customer read off of a paper in her hand. Mike knew Hun was having trouble working like this and was only doing so because she felt unsure about stepping on Mike’s face. He took hold of her right foot from just below his neck causing her to spasm in surprise and moved her foot on top of his forehead. The customer asked if everything was ok and Hun responded she was OK and ready to take her order. Within a few moments, Hun had got used to her new position and applied more of her weight to her right foot on Mike’s forehead. A short while had passed, just has Hun finished punching in the tenth ticket of the hundred-ticket order she repositioned herself again this time moving her left foot from Mike’s chest on to his mouth. Hun stood comfortably on Mike’s face as she worked the machine. She couldn’t help feeling a strange excitement and perverse pleasure knowing she was standing on a man’s face while some stupid customer less than three feet from her had no idea. Mike felt the rubbery soles of her shoes grip his forehead and mouth. He could smell the musky scent of old leather and vinyl from Hun’s dirty sneakers as they pushed up against his nostrils. Mikes tongue was pressed up against the seams of his lips instinctively. He could faintly taste the dirt off the soles of Hun’s sneakers. From 11 am to 2 pm Hun just seemed to be running Lottery tickets for an endless stream of customers. Mike fought through the pain of Hun standing on his face sometimes for as long as 20 minutes at a time. His only relief came when Hun would have to walk down his chest and stomach and stand on his crotch to put the money in the register after taking new order.

Just after 2 pm was the first time that no one was in the store. Surprisingly Hun forgot all about Mike being under her feet. The moment the store was empty she reached over the front of the counter and grabbed a buttered roll for her lunch. She stood on Mike’s sore chest unwrapped the roll and began eating it. She let the wrapper fall to the ground, which landed just below Mike’s chin. Hun finally remembered Mike was lying there as she took her last bite of the roll. “You hungry,” she asked. Mike could barely move but managed to nod yes. Hun reached for another roll and unwrapped it quickly, this time dropping both the wrapper and the roll on Mike. The buttered roll bounced off Mike’s forehead and landed near his hand. He quickly grabbed it and began jamming it into his mouth. His jaw was swollen and it was difficult to open his mouth let alone chew. “ Hurry Carpet Man, customers coming back soon and no time to eat then,” Hun said in a whisper as she stood on his chest watching him trying to stuff the roll in his mouth. Mike liked Hun’s new nickname for him.

Within moments the front door swung open again and another customer came toward the counter in pursuit of lottery tickets. Hun reached forward and took the man’s money then stepped toward the register. She actually bounced on Mike’s crotch a few times as she put away the money. Hun figured the sole of her sneaker crushing Mike’s nuts would get him to open his mouth wider and chew faster. Mike had only managed to consume half the roll before Hun started toward the Lottery machine. With her right foot planted back on Mike’s forehead, he only had a second to move his hand away from his mouth before Hun stepped back into position with her left foot. The other half of Mike’s buttered roll was now being pressed into his mouth under Hun’s left sneaker. Hun crunched in the numbers from the customer at the same time she began pivoting her left foot over Mike’s mouth causing the remainder of the roll to break apart. Mike began gulping down the pieces of the roll in his mouth mixed with whatever dirt was on the bottom of Hun’s sneaker. His mouth was wide open pinned under Hun’s foot and she wasn’t moving for a while by the sounds of it. Mike’s tongue once again pressed up but this time against the sole of Hun’s sneaker. The taste of dirty rubber from the bottom of her shoes filled his mouth. Hun was having trouble staying balanced on Mike’s forehead because some of the butter had gotten onto the sole of her right sneaker.

After a few minutes, the customer left the store and Hun stepped off Mike’s open mouth back onto his chest with her left foot. She was standing in such a way that the heel of her foot was pointing back toward Mike’s stomach. She removed her right foot from Mike’s forehead but held it just over his face. Hun looked down and said “ I got butter from your roll on the bottom of the sneaker. Please stick out the tongue for me carpet man” Hun was gleefully amazed at the way Mike just accepted her request. She ran the sole of her right sneaker in slow downward motion from heel to toe over Mike’s extended tongue. After she did that five or six times she switched to her left sneaker even though there wasn’t any butter on it. Hun watched as each time she removed her sneaker from Mikes face he would reel in his pitch black tongue and a second later extends it all clean and ready for the next swipe of her sneaker. After a while, she noticed there was no real difference between the before and after view of Mike’s tongue so she stopped swiping her foot over it and came to a stance on Mike’s chest.

“Carpet man in the past few hours I walk all over you, stand on your face and clean bottom of my sneakers using your tongue. Your face starting to look like raw hamburger and rush hour starts soon. No time to take another break until we close which is eight and a half hours from now. I think you know what I am saying” Hun said to Mike as she looked down at him lying under her feet. Mike had lost the ability to speak. His eyes where swollen and his breathing was labored with Hun still standing on his chest. Mike thought he may have fractured a rib and his nuts where sore from Hun standing on them as well as the dozens of times he came. Mike knew all good things have to come to an end so he nodded his head in agreement and waited for Hun to step off his chest. To Mike’s surprise that didn’t happen.

Hun extended her right foot and placed her sneaker squarely in the center of Mike’s face. “I knew you would agree, so take off my sneaker,” Hun said to Mike. He blindly reached up and felt his way to the knot in her shoe and pulled the laces open. He then held her sneaker steadily over his face as Hun removed her foot from it. Mike let her empty sneaker roll off his face only to be replaced by the left one and Mike began the process all over again. Hun must have doubled knotted her left sneaker because he couldn’t get the knot untied. “Hurry Carpetman not much time,” she said as she began twisting her left sneaker in Mike’s face at the same time stepping down harder. Hun knew this wasn’t helping but she enjoyed watching Mike struggle beneath her foot. After a Minute or two, she stopped then stood full weight on the sneaker in Mike’s face while bringing up her other foot behind the heel of her left sneaker. She held down her shoe and lifted her left foot out of her sneaker stepping back on Mike’s chest.

“There that’s better. Now I won’t mark up your face so much with the soles of my feet” Hun said as she stepped back in place on Mike’s face by the lottery machine. Mike felt the damp sweat of Hun’s feet through her thin white socks. He pressed his tongue up against her left foot and licked the bottom of her socks. Her feet were warm and damp and felt good on Mike’s sore face. For the next eight hours until the store closed Hun walked back and forth on Mike. She loved the feeling of Mike’s balls and dick swelling up as she stood on Mike’s crotch. Hun could actually feel Mike’s cock pulsating at times while she stood on it ringing up a customer’s transactions but her favorite thing was standing on Mike’s face. She loved the feeling of mike’s moist tongue under her feet.

By the time the store was ready to close Hun had to help Mike to his feet and out the door so she could lock up. Before she closed the door behind Mike she made him promise to return on Monday to help her with the business. Mike barely made it home, it took him two days to heal and get the swelling down in his face. Monday morning after Mike’s shift he found himself back at the store. Hun opened the door and smiled at Mike. She reached out and lead Mike into the store. Hun was dressed in a red sweater, black pants, and black penny loafers. As she led Mike behind the counter, he noticed she laid out a comforter on the floor and a pillow. Mike laid down on the comforter and his head fell on the pillow. Hun didn’t wait another moment, she quickly stepped up on Mike’s chest. “Time for breakfast, Carpetman,” she told Mike. Hun unwrapped a twinkie and bent down placing it halfway in Mike’s mouth. Hun stood up and with her right foot stepped down on Mike’s face crushing the rest of the twinkie between the sole of her shoe and Mike’s mouth. Mike swallowed what he had in his mouth then used his tongue to lap up the rest of the cream-filled cake off the leather sole of Hun’s shoe. ‘It will be a long day Carpetman, so eat up” Hun said as she ran her foot back and forth over Mike’s tongue.

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  1. Wow, that’s a prefect story. I love very much how Mike is used by Hun for her comfort. She doesn’t say anything mean… that’s a sort of normal or natural way of her life. I love her art of trampling him under her and at the same time, she doesn’t care about him!!! I dream to live such a relationship.
    Thank you for writing it.

  2. Everyone thinks they need to be rich to get a lady walk on them all day but they just need to available. So fantasies do come true

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