Country Music Trample 3 min read

The author asked a few girls on a festival to step on him for the camera

written by Steven
original source of the story was Unknown source

Every year at this time the inland Australian city of Tamworth hosts the annual Country music festival. I had a job that took me there for the weekend so thinking there would be lots of women around being trampled may be a possibility. I took my video camera to catch any action.

I arrived in the late afternoon. The weather was warm but nice and sunny. I was not required until midday on Sunday so that gave me all of late Saturday afternoon and night to look around. I’m into barefoot trampling so women wearing sandals, thongs, etc caught my eye. Most of the main streets were closed to cars so everybody could move around freely. There were buskers everywhere: singing, playing guitars…

Two very attractive girls came down a side road. Both wore jeans, one a bright cowboy type hat fairly common at the festival. I asked the girls if they could walk and stand on me for the camera. Okay, they said thinking a rather strange request. I lay down in front of the hotel. The first girl came over and slipped her sandals off and walked on me in her bare feet.

After that, I invited the second girl. She warned me about her heavier weight but I told her not to worry about it. She too took her clogs off and trampled me. After she stepped off a lady almost tripped over me coming out of the hotel.

Later on, I was passing a riverside concert. I made small talk with three girls wearing thongs. Two of the girls trampled on me on the grass.

After it got dark I was strolling down the main street when I spotted five girls wearing slip-on shoes. Great if they could walk on me I thought???? Anyway, I took my chances and spoke to one of the girls. I explained what I was after and they all laughed. But they agreed to walk on me. I set the camera up in front of a shop front so there was plenty of light. One girl stood behind the camera. The first three girls walked over me barefoot. A woman working inside the shop looked out to see what was happening on the footpath. She thought it was very funny and decided to have a go herself. She took her thongs off and came out barefoot and walked on me. Then the last of the 4 girls walked on me.

By this time there were thousands of people all over the place. I asked a few more girls but they were not keen.

On the way back to where I was staying I stopped at a hotel to have a quick beer. I then drank outside where a band was playing and a large crowd gathered. A few women were dancing and carrying on. I told one sexy looking blonde she had nice FEET.

She almost fell over backward at my comment and repeated what I had said to those around her. She said none had told her that before. I added I also liked being WALKED on and I invited her to try but she did not seem interested.

Another guy thought the whole thing very funny and demanded I lay on the ground to be trampled. I told him I thought the girl was not too keen on the idea until she appeared barefoot and asked if she could walk on me after all. I dropped to the ground straight away and the woman walked all over me.

After she stepped off a few other girls joined in. A crowd was starting to gather around to see what was happening. I thought I better get out while I was ahead and called it a night…..A good weekend.

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