A Long Road to Recovery 13 min read

A fantasy about multiple nurses trampling a patient in a psychiatric hospital

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

“I just don’t understand this case,” the doctor stated while rubbing his chin. “The police arrest this guy for assaulting his girlfriend, and place him in minimum security just down the hall. His first offense. After a month, he ends up here with severe psychological problems. I just don’t understand.”

John is sitting huddled in the corner, his straight jacket tightly binding his arms to his chest. Sweat beads from his pale face as his eyes stare in fear at some unknown spot on the padded floor.

“And look here,” the doctor says to the group of nurses waiting behind him. He moves closer and points a finger at John’s head. “He has these very unusual small round rashes on his forehead. I can’t figure out what’s causing this skin irritation. The skin looks like it was crushed, but there’s never anything in this room that he can use to do this to himself. I just don’t know.”

The doctor stands up and faces the nurse directly behind him. She’s about 5’8” with a nice slim body, long red curly hair that’s tied up in a bun, and deep green eyes. She’s wearing a thin white cardigan sweater over her white work blouse, a white skirt cut just above her knees, white nylons, and a white pair of isotonic slippers. Most of the nurses wear slippers in this wing of the building, so they don’t damage the padded floors.

“Sarah, go ahead and give him his medication. I’ll go visit the rest of the patients. I shouldn’t be any longer than an hour. Then we’ll call it a day, and let the other shift take over.”

“Take your time doctor Michaels. We’re going to make sure John’s well taken care of.” Sarah says to the doctor as he leaves the room.

Sarah immediately puts her stainless steel tray down in the far corner and looks at Michelle and Jillian. Both women have the same build as Sarah and wear the same uniform. Michelle is about 2 inches shorter than Sarah. She has straight black hair that’s braided-up into some tight intricate pattern, and she has light blue eyes. Jillian has thick slightly wavy brown hair that sits just on her shoulders and big light brown eyes. She also seems a couple of inches taller than Sarah because of the white soft-sole platform-heel work shoes she wears for walking up and down the hallway.

Sarah winks, and Michelle quickly closes the door as Sarah and Jillian slowing walk towards John. “Time for your medicine John,” Sarah says in a soft voice that’s slightly louder than a whisper.

“No!” John yells as he kicks his feet trying unsuccessfully to get further into the corner.

“Let’s get him,” Jillian says. Then the two women each grab a shoulder, and drag John to a spot along the side of the wall about a foot away from it, and roll him onto his stomach. Sarah immediately steps on top of John’s back, just at the base of his neck. Michelle gets back from the door. She leans over John’s head, and with her hands, positions his head so John’s face is directly facing the floor. Then she stands up and places one foot on the back of his head. John’s muffled cries are a lot quieter now. Jillian leaves his shoulder, “I’ll go get the bandages,” she says.

Michelle replies, “OK, but could you give me a hand first?”

“Sure.” Jillian then takes Michelle’s hands to hold her steady. Slowly, Michelle starts to put weight on the back of John’s head. John can feel his face press right down into that soft padding to the point where the padding stops, but the pressure still builds. Michelle finally has her whole weight resting on the one foot. She puts her other foot down on the back of his neck and shuffles around till she can get both her feet comfortably on John’s head.

Michelle lets go of Jillian, puts her hand on the wall and says, “OK, I’m good. Go do your thing.” Jillian walks over to the metal tray and grabs a tensor bandage. She walks toward John’s kicking legs. He’s in so much pain that he’s not kicking too hard.

“What’s your schedule like next week?” Sarah asks Michelle.

“I’m off Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, why?” Michelle responds back.

“I want to go to the movies with Greg on Thursday because that’s his only night off. I’ll trade you a Thursday for a Sunday?” the two women carry on their conversation not even giving a second thought to the man under their feet. While the ladies are talking Jillian finishes wrapping the bandages around John’s legs, and then stands, with her soft soled pumps, on his calves.

“I’m done,” Jillian says.

“My turn,” replies Sarah. She Bounces a couple of times and then steps off. While straddling John, she bends over and says, “Remember what happened last time you tried something funny? Try anything like that again, and we’ll do the same thing. Got it?” Michelle bounces on his head to emphasize the point. Sarah unbuckles John’s arms and pulls them out from under his body so they rest at his sides. She then buckles his arms back together, so that the restraint runs just over his butt.

“Time to flip him over,” Sarah says. The other women get off him, and all roll him on his back against the wall with their feet. John takes a couple of kicks to the ribs from Sarah as he rolls over. John’s face is completely red. His eyes look swollen from all that pressure under Michelle’s feet. Jillian is the first to move towards John. She quickly stands on John’s cock and balls and marches in place for about ten seconds. Her soft sole heels don’t seem to feel too soft as they crush John’s testicles with every step. John lets out a loud yelp. Jillian then walks up on his body and places her foot on John’s throat, so that her inside arch is against his chin. She slowly transfers her weight from his chest to his neck.

“You yell like that, and I’ll go to my locker and get my golf shoes again,” Jillian says. “You don’t want me to do that do you? Do you?” She continues using her baby talk tone of voice. John makes every effort to move his head from side to side, but by the time Jillian finishes talking, she’s completely on his throat. Jillian then places her free foot on the side of John’s face and stands; bringing her other foot beside the first.

Sarah and Michelle then climb onto John’s chest and stomach. They march in place a little and then continue their discussion where they left off.

“So you’ve seen 40 days and 40 nights? I don’t want to take Greg to a movie where all they show are skanky whores.” Sarah says. As Michelle replies, Jillian starts walking on John’s face to turn around and join the conversation. After about five minutes of listening to the women talk, John is almost out-of-breath. He has no strength to lift the two women on his chest and stomach. He could only feel his chest slowly collapse. When the ladies first started this torture about a month ago, they paid him a lot of attention. Now they act as if he’s not even there. John jolted out of his semi-comatose state by a foot to the balls.

“Are you still alive down there?” Sarah asks. She steps off his stomach directly on his cock and balls. John still can’t get any air into his lungs, and now he’s experiencing ten times more pain, but the pain is slowly getting more and more distant as he moves towards unconsciousness.

“I think its time for his meds,” Michelle says, and she steps off John’s chest. John feels immediate relief as he takes his first lungs full of air; powerfully sucked through the gaps between Jillian’s shoes. Sharp stabbing pains soon follow as the oxygen brings all his pain receptors back to life. Every muscle in his chest hurts. He’d rather not breathe because of the pain, but he can’t help himself.

Michelle returns from the metal tray with a plastic cup and three multicolored pills. Jillian steps off his face, and Michelle takes her place. Her heels are covering his mouth, and the balls of her feet are firmly planted in each eye socket. John feels a bit better about having soft slippers on his face, but he knows what’s coming. Michelle slowly raises her heels off his mouth, so most of the pressure is on his eyes. Jillian pours some water in John’s mouth and then forces the pills in through his lips. Before he can spit the pills out, Michelle slams her heels back down.

Michelle’s feet are completely blocking John’s mouth and nose. After a few seconds, he can’t help but swallow. Michelle continues to stand in place for 30 seconds, a minute or more… John’s lungs begin to burn. All this time Sarah has been walking on his legs and nuts. His body starts to buck, as he fights for air.

“Men with Brooms, tell him to go see that with his friends. I wouldn’t even pay money to rent that?” John hears the women continue to talk while his body shakes violently from lack of air. Approaching unconsciousness for the second time, and not the last, Michelle raised her heels off John’s mouth. He took three hard gasps before Michelle’s heels came back down. He felt Sarah walk from his balls onto his stomach, and then to his chest. He also felt Jillian stand on his stomach.

They spent the next couple minutes talking when the door opened, and another lady walked in.

“Hey Mary,” say two of the women in chorus.

“Hi Mary, you are here early. You have fifteen minutes before your shift starts.” Says Sarah.

“I know,” says Mary, “I wanted to come in before I changed.” Mary walked into the room. She was 5’10″, definitely the tallest of the four. She has straight blond hair cut above her shoulders. She also had very deep blue eyes. She was wearing a black and white horizontally striped tank top, a black skirt; skin colored nylons, and black 3″ stilettos.

Michelle and Sarah step off John, and he began to take great big gulps of air. Michelle says to Mary, “You know, Dr. Michaels noticed those marks on his forehead today. I think, if you’re going to stand on his face with those heels like last time, we should wrap him with a tensor. At least we can say he’s getting rug burn from rubbing his face on the walls.”

“Good Idea,” Mary says and grabs the last tensor bandage on the tray. Jillian continues to stand on his stomach, but at least John can breathe. The other women each have a foot resting either on his face or chest. Mary gets back with the bandage, kneels by John’s head, and completely wraps his face. Mary stands again.

“You girls want to get-up, and then help me balance?” Mary asks.

“OK.” Michelle and Sarah both mount John’s chest. John’s chest collapses right away from the weight of the three women. Mary takes Sarah’s hands and a place one foot on the side of John’s face; heel on his forehead, and sole on his mouth. She then brings her other foot beside the first. Mary bounces a little, pushing more weight on her heels.

“Mary,” Sarah asks, “what are you doing this coming Thursday?”

“I’m going out the bars with Anita, this asshole’s ex,” Mary said giving her heel a little stomp. “I’m introducing her to a friend of mine, and hopefully I’ll get her hooked up with someone decent.” These words stung John as he heard them. That night with Anita, he wanted to spend the weekend with her, since she was complaining that they didn’t see each other enough. She told him she was going to spend the weekend with some friends, four hours away. He got pissed-off and kicked an ironing board that just happened to be leaning against the wall. The board swung back, and hit her in the face giving her a nasty black eye, and bruised cheek. She told the police that he had hit her, and that’s how he ended up here.

John is beginning to lose consciousness again. Mary steps down and walks towards the door. Sarah steps on John’s covered face and stands there.

“I’m going to get changed; I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” Says Mary as she walks out.

Not more than a minute later, two other nurses walk into the room. They’re both wearing their nurse outfits, and both are wearing slippers.

“Shift change, you all can finally go home for the night,” Tanya says. She’s 5’ nothing, firm, beautiful body, tan skin, blond curly hair, and hazel eyes that seem to always be alert. The other nurse, Nadine, is 5’8, slim, light brown skin color, and has stunning blue eyes.

The women all step off John by walking down his body and dismounting from his face. Nadine looks at Michelle, and asks, “How’s he doing?”

“I don’t know,” Michelle replies. “He’s been awfully quiet for the past ten minutes. I guess we should check him out.”

Jillian takes the tensor off his face. John is just starring off into space. Drool is streaking down the side of his face, and every thirty seconds or so, you can see him blink.

“Looks like the meds are taking effect.” Says Sarah. “Well, we might as well put the tensor back on so we don’t get slobber all over the floor.”

Jillian wraps John’s head back up, and, one by one, the women begin to mount John. They start by standing on his face facing his feet, and then they slowly walk the length of his body. Once all five are on top, they all begin to march, stomp and bounce. Tanya almost breaks into a standing run, as she marches on John’s face sideways.

After a few minutes, Sarah, Jillian, and Michelle dismount, and wish the other ladies a good night. Mary walks into the room as the three women are making their way out.

“Just in time,” Mary says, “Dr. Michaels is walking down the hallway.” Mary pointed to a direction outside the room. She was now in her nursing outfit, with slippers on her feet, and her stilettos in her hand. The ladies say bye and walk out to meet the doctor.

“Everything fine?” Michelle asks the doctor.

“All my patients are well on the way to a full recovery except for John,” the doctor says staring into space. “I just don’t understand why.” The women all look at each other with little smirks on their faces.

“Anyway, its time to go home, and to get some sleep. You ladies have a good night.” As they all go their separate ways, John can be seen through the window in the door. All three ladies are on top of him, leaning against the wall with both hands; Nadine on his stomach, Mary, wearing her stilettos, punishing his chest, and Tanya is marching in place on his face. Yes, it will be a long road to recovery indeed.

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  1. Minus the giving a girlfriend a black eye…i think that would make a great place for me to live out the rest of my days. Just like John.

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