Sophomore Trample 2 min read

The author remembers an occasional trampler from his school years

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

This is all completely true. When I was a Sophomore in high school my English teacher was one of those who really didn’t care about the students and so really didn’t pay attention to what they did( thank God).

Anyway, I was taking Mythology which was a class where students of all different high school levels were in. I made it a point to lay in between two aisles of desks and make like I was tired. Well, there was a girl I knew (a senior) who was so beautiful that all the guys get caught drooling while staring at her (Let us call her Nicole). Nicole saw me in “her” aisle and as her seat was the last one she would have to get past me. That particular day she was wearing 3″ high heels.

“You’re going to get stepped on if you stay down there,” she said and I knew I had her.
“So…It wouldn’t hurt at all,” I said.
“What if I did this?” and she put about half her weight on me.

Seeing that I didn’t even flinch she stood on my stomach full weight. I could tell she wasn’t liking that it wasn’t hurting me when she stood on me so she walked up onto my chest, looked down at me and stepped onto my throat.

I knew I was succeeding and even though it hurt I tried my best to look normal. This really pissed her off and with that, she used the toe of her shoe and turned my head to the side and stepped full weight onto my head. Then she got off blew a kiss at me and walked to her seat.

I looked around and was flabbergasted. No one had seen us! I was thanking my lucky stars that this was so. I found myself “being tired” a lot in that class and ended up laying on the floor many days. After that, she would casually walk by each day and stomp on my fingers. I never saw Nicole again after that year but I’ll never forget her.

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  1. this was an awesome story, one of my favorites. To me, the best are when the girl doesn’t know that the guy is enjoying it, and steps on him with just the intention of hurting him. Thanks for this one.

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