A Bet 5 min read

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I always wished to be extremely trampled with spiked high heels. One day I met a lady in a bar who was in a pair of spiked high heel boots. I invited her to drink together. She might have thought that I wanna fuck her because when I asked her how much, she said 300. I then took her out to a hotel.

Arriving at the hotel I asked her if she is cruel and if she likes blood. She said yes and her eyes lit up. I then asked her if she liked to trample me with her spiked high heels. She looked surprised and stared me for some time as if I’m from an alien star. After a while, she laughed crazily and said yes if you would like it. I said: “I think you may not dare to go on with trampling if I was bloody.” She said: “No, I don’t care how much are you suffering under my high heels since you demanded from me to trample you.” I said: “But to make sure you will not get off from my body, we should make a bet.” She asked, surprised: “What bet?” I answered: “If you keep your full weight on my body during a one full hour you will get your 300, or else you should pay me my medical fee. It means u should never put one foot on the floor, and no matter how much I cry for help and beg u to stop and how much I am hurt u can’t get off.” She laughed loudly: “You stupid. I would like to trample you very much, don’t worry I will not show any mercy to you. You should pray to God that you won’t die under my high heels. I will not care if you are living or not or if you are hurt badly.”

I got scared a little, but alcohol made me crazy and I said: “I think you will be afraid of blood, so I think I should offend you first.” Before she could answer, I slapped her face heavily. She fell down onto the bed, she stood up soon angrily, but I slapped her face again to the other side of her face and she fell down again. Then I stepped to the centre of the room and laid down on my back. There is nothing for her to help keep her balance.

She was in great anger, and she stepped on my face with her right foot harshly and then brought the other foot on my face too. The heels both landed on my forehead. She twisted and stomped her high heels. Soon blood blew out from my forehead and my nose and the blood blew to my cheek and her high heels were red with my blood too. She gave my face a number of stomps and twists, then she jumps high from my head and landed her both high heels on my chest digging deep in my chest. One of my ribs may be broken becauce I heard the crack and it’s in unbearable pain.

Only a minute has passed and I am in unbearable pain and I was already badly hurt. All the alcohol had gone because of the great pain. I realised I had made a big mistake. I’m afraid now. I shouted loudly because of pain and I cried and begged for mercy, but she stomped me crazily as if she didn’t notice my crying. it’s just the first minute! I knew there were another 59 minutes waiting for me!

How long! Only 3 minutes and my body had been covered with heel marks as she kept stomping me, jumping crazily on me and twisting on me all the time. Then maybe she was a little tired and she stopped standing on my stomaches with her sharp high heels digging deeply into my body. Her heels buried fully in my flesh and almost can’t be seen. She stood there to have a rest and she was not as excited as before. Unfortunately, a disco music travelled here from my neighbour room. Damn it, maybe there is a party in the neighbour room. she then danced with the rhythm and every her step pushed me to the edge of death, but she gave me even no glance as if I was just a part of the floor. I can’t endure the pain anymore, I stretched my hands to push her off, but she stepped down on my hands and crushed my fingers with her high heels, she stood on my finger with her full weight on that heel. I’m yelling but my voice became more and more slight. I lost my consciousness. It seemed that I have slept for thousand years before I woke up with an extreme headache, she was standing on my face with both her high heels digging deeply into my either side of the cheek. I was afraid that my head might explode with her pressure. She twisted her heels on my cheeks while she turned around. She placed her right foot on my chest with the spike high heel digging into my throat and then stood on me with one foot to take her left foot onto my chest. All her weight was on the heel that is just on my throat. My breath was cut off and I felt my soft throat was cut off too before I lost consciousness the second time she left my neck and began to dance on my stomach. I was in great pain when I tried to catch a breath. I looked at the clock!oh my god! It had just passed 20minutes! I couldn’t imagine I can survive before her trampling.

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