Stephanie 12 min read

written by wormee
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums


It was one rainy day during my university years and I was out in the drizzle waiting for the bus. I was lost in thought, worried about my upcoming exams and was brought out of it by a splash. I looked down to see that a book had fallen into the puddle beside me. As I bent down to pick it up I noticed out of the corner of my eye the person who had dropped it. Slouched to the ground, the first thing I noticed were white high-heeled boots. My gaze rose over shapely legs in a white mini skirt, a white jacket ensemble and finally a gorgeous face framed by jet-black hair. She smiled sweetly at me and said thank you as I wiped her book off on my jacket and handed it to her. Her name was Stephanie and as I gazed into her eyes I felt she was very gentle and caring- sweet. We chatted a bit about the miserable weather and she invited me up to her nearby apartment to escape the rain. Ah, she was so beautiful that I couldn’t say no. Besides what could it hurt? It wasn’t like she was a threat, right?

Her apartment looked like any other student’s apartment. A few pieces of furniture tucked into the tiny area. She made us some coffee and we talked some general chitchat, what we were studying, were we came from. After a while, I was feeling a little light headed, but was enjoying Stephanie’s company. So I ignored it. Then she asked me in the bedroom. I couldn’t believe it, it was a dream come true.

As we crossed the threshold to her bedroom she put her arms around my shoulders and nibbled on my ear. Her hot breath blowing in my ear was ecstatic, and I pretty well lost it all. I would’ve done anything for her then and there. Her arms tightened their grip and guided me to the floor at the foot of her bed. We began to kiss frantically, up and down her neck, deep in my throat. Her hands were all over my chest, stroking and grabbing. They slid across my shoulder and down my arm. I was so lost in her caress that I was oblivious to everything but the lust. Until I felt something cold and hard on my wrist and heard a loud click. I stopped to see that she handcuffed me to the bedpost.

I looked at her curiously, not really afraid, but confused. She just smiled and got up, walked to the other end of the room and sat down in a chair. She crossed her legs and a stared at me, a new expression on her face. Now I was getting concerned for while she still smiled, it was now a look of cruelty.

“Strip!” she said- no, she ordered. What kind of game was this sweet, innocent girl playing? Still glaring at me she repeated her order, and you could tell that she was serious. “Strip!” she repeated raising her voice and accenting it with a crack of her cat-o-nine tails. Cat-o-nine tails? Where did that come from? There it was a small leather whip in her delicate hand. She meant business now.

OK, nothing to worry about. She was just being a little kinky. I’ve heard of role-playing during sex. That’s what this was, right? So I decided to play along and started taking my clothes off. It wasn’t easy seeing as my hand was still chained to the bed. Stephanie just sat there, watching with cruel delight.

I had stripped bare and Stephanie gave me a smile of approval. She got up from her chair and walked towards me, her high heels echoing off the hardwood floors. She now stood above me and looked down on me. I could see it in her eyes that she was up to something. She wanted to have fun. She lifted my chin up with the handle of her whip as if examining me.

“You’re going to be a good little plaything now, aren’t you?” she asked me. I just smiled at her, playing along with her little fantasy. Then whack! She smashed the whip handle across my face. Ok, now it was getting serious. That hurt. She grabbed me by the jaw and smashed my head into the brass bed rail. And she kept on pushing. I told her she was hurting me and her lips curled up in a cruel smile.

“That’s right,” she chimed. She let go of my head and I shook it to get the feeling back into it. Then the pointed toe of her boot smashed into my groin and I doubled over in pain. Next thing I know my head is being driven into the floor beneath Stephanie’s boot. My arm still being chained to the bed, my body was now twisted in an uncomfortable position, and I could not move. Stephanie began pressing harder as if she were trying to crush my head beneath her boot. And from the pain I felt, I figured she was succeeding.

The pressure let up a bit as she cut loose with the whip, lashing me across the lower back. That made me scream and she followed with another couple strikes to my rear end. Twice for good measure, I guess. She finished off with a strike to my back then asked me if I wanted her to stop. Wanted her to stop? Of course, I did! She then took her foot off my head and put the toe in my face.

“Then you be a good little slave and lick my boots clean,” she smiled. I couldn’t believe she was asking me to do such a degrading thing. The whip bit into my back again, disciplining my resistance. “All the rain today has dirtied my beautiful white boots,” she said with mock sadness. “And I want them licked clean.” She emphasized the last word with another lash from her whip. “Now lick!” she ordered kicking me in the face. I hesitated and received another flurry of blows. “Lick – my – boots!” she shouted, punctuating each word with a lash from her whip.

“OK, OK,” I stammered, just wanting her to stop. I looked down at the boot in front of my face and begrudgingly lapped at the white leather.

“Put more effort into it,” she snapped, whipping me again. I began licking her boot a bit faster, a bit harder. Anything to escape another lash from her whip. I had soon cleaned every inch of her right boot when she shoved the left one at me. I swallowed, still reluctant to continue. Then I heard the whip being drawn back and started licking as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe it. Funny how much of a motivator a cat of nine tails can be. “Do a good job,” she sneered as she twisted her foot around so I could get at her heel and instep.

Finally, I had finished and she examined her boots. Thankfully she approved of my work. She then sat down against a wall barely two feet in front of me. She pushed her right boot in my face and told me to lick her soles. I was immediately repulsed and refused. She countered by digging her spiked heel into my chest, pressing against the wall for extra leverage. God, that hurt.

“Lick my soles,” she ordered and dug her heel in harder, even twisting it a bit. Again, I agreed just to stop the pain. Her boot soles were treated with lots of ridges running across it. They kind of tickled my tongue as I rubbed it over them, cleaning the salt and silt offs her boot. She ordered me to get in between the ridges and make them nice and clean. When her right boot was done she rested her left heel in my chest and got me started on licking that one clean. I didn’t even bother to resist this time, I was learning my lesson.

With her soles now cleaned she placed them both on my face and began pushing me back onto the bed rail. My face was being squashed into the tread of her boots and she just kept on pushing and laughing. She then took her feet down and laughed harder when she saw my face. I glanced over at the mirror and saw what had amused her so much. My face was now decorated with her tread marks.

She got to her feet and walked over to me. A backhanded slap to the face and I was ordered to the floor. Her blow must’ve caught me off balance as I fell to the floor, landing on my side. She started kicking me, rolling me over so that I lay on my side at an angle she liked. Then I discovered why she wanted me like that, much to my horror. My cock now rested on the floor and with a cruel smile as she placed her boot on top of it. She pressed lightly at first, but then slowly, agonizingly, added more pressure. She pressed as hard as she could, taking great delight in the expressions of pain etching across my face as my cock was being squashed flat beneath her boot. Every now and then she would ease up, only to return to full force. It was so painful I thought I would pass out. She lifted her right boot off the floor and stood there with her full weight crushing my cock into the hardwood floor. Then she rested her right boot on my side and dug her heel in.

So this was her game. This is what excited her. Watching a man suffer in agony at her feet, powerless to do anything against her. Helpless, at her mercy. Finally, she stepped off my cock and admired the tread marks she left on it. She even giggled at it in her own sadistic little way.

Placing a boot on my side she pushed me down so that I now lay on my chest. My shoulder hurt from being twisted around so much and I thought it would separate from my body. But I had other “pressing” concerns as Stephanie decided to walk up on my back. Oh, the pain from her heels digging into my flesh. She even took a step right on my spine and started grinding her heel into it.

She was a sick, sadistic girl with a sick sense of humour. “These boots were made for walking you know,” she joked as she trampled me beneath her heels. “Made for walking all over people.” Oh, she knew how to walk on people all right, as I was finding out. And it didn’t tickle. She stepped right on the back of my neck, where it meets the body, and pressed hard. What was she trying to do, break my neck? I’m sure she didn’t care. She only cared about how much she could hurt me. Sweet? Innocent? The girl digging her spikes into my spine was neither. She was cruel, sadistic. And I was what, a rug? That’s what I felt like as she continued to walk all over my back. It hurt like hell. She got off me by taking a last step- on my head! Talk about pain.

As I lay there recovering she admired the footprints she’d left all over my back. It was her mark on me, she said. I was her property now. To show it she made me kiss her boot. Then she ordered me to lie on my back. Still aching, I was slow to obey. I paid for it with another lash from the whip. But I managed to twist myself over and lay on my back.

“This is where you belong,” she said as she stepped up on my chest. “Beneath my boots.” She began walking all over my chest, my stomach, stepping on the head of my cock with her heel, anything to put more of her tread marks and heel prints in my flesh. She stepped across my balls and just stood there. I tried to double up in pain, but her other boot rested on my rib cage and kept me pinned to the floor. When I had stopped struggling she lifted the boot from my ribs and placed it on my cock. This, of course, meant that for a moment my balls were being squashed under her full weight. Now both boots covered my manhood. She began walking in place, lifting up with one foot while pressing down with the other. She continued marching, trampling my penis beneath her boots. But here’s the kicker. I was getting off on it! Each step caused my erection to grow just a little more and I began cumin. Stephanie saw this and stopped walking. She just stood there on my cock, preventing any of the cum from getting out. When she saw that I was done she undid the handcuffs, stepped off my aching cock and walked out of the room, telling me to get dressed and leave.

When I had dressed I left the bedroom and found Stephanie waiting by the door to show me out. She told me she’d give me a call next time she was bored. I started yelling at her, calling her crazy and told her I was going to the cops. She just laughed and punched me in the jaw. It sent me reeling, but I didn’t fall to the floor. That I saved for her second shot. On the floor, I was prone to her repeated kicks. As I rolled around on the floor in pain she began to stomp on my head. The assault wore me out and I just lay there. Stephanie stopped and just stood there with her boot resting on my head.

“You actually want to go to the police and tell them you were beaten up by a weak, helpless girl like me? You think they’re going to believe you?” She was right. No one would believe me, and I didn’t want to admit being beaten up by her. I walked out the door a broken defeated man. And as I walked down the stairs and out the building I could hear her evil laugh ringing throughout my ears. I could still feel the imprints in my flesh she made with her heels, still stinging. Yes, I would be scarred for quite a while.

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One thought on “Stephanie 12 min read

  1. This is well written, a very good story. I’d love to see more installments of Stephanie damaging guys with her white high-heeled boots. Maybe even crippling them for life and not caring one bit that she did.

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