Underwater trampling at the lake 3 min read

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

We have a large public lake close to home that has a swimming area that is open to the public for most of the summer. The owner of the lake allows me to dive around the swimming area and pier when the area is not open to the public. With my metal detector, I find coins, rings, keys, and other personal items lost by the swimmers, especially around the diving board. I have been out there diving many times when the swimming area is open and sometimes manage to stealth over to the dock where I can enjoy My Hobby which is inspecting the lower extremities of a woman’s body without being noticed. There is a horizontal board along the side of the pier that allows a swimmer to stand and rest while holding on to the side. This board is 4 1/2 feet down which puts me totally out of sight from the surface. Alongside this board, on a hot summer day, there might be a dozen or more nice looking feet that I can inspect close range at my leisure.

One particular day this summer I noticed a rather rotund lady with a size 10EE foot with a knock out set of dark red painted nails. The nails were beautifully done, long, large and well shaped. I inspected each one on each foot and even managed to put the end of my tongue under the nail of her big toe. She would move her toes up and down as she animated the body in conversation with her friends on the pier and next to her. I could feel the sharp end of the nail rub across the end of my tongue. The ladder to the pier was at the deep end with the steps wrapped with a rope which presented a rather rough irregular surface to the foot as a swimmer would exit the water. The rather rotund lady with the dark red, long, large nails started diving from the board and as she would exit the water I would place my finger where she would crush it on the step. She would step up on the ladder with her right foot first and stand there while she adjusted her bathing suit. I could feel her weight shift from foot to foot as she would crush my finger. As usual, the blood that normally occupied my brain went to my hard and that part of my body begun to make my decisions for me. By leaning back and spreading my legs I could place the head of my hard on the step. I was all set and she missed me on the first pass but on the second pass, she got me dead centre. As she pulled herself up on the step my hard took the shape of the rope as it was mashed by the weight of her rotund body. As she stood there she bent her toes down to maintain her grip on my soft surface so that I felt the beautiful, long, large, dark red nails dig into the flesh of my hard. I had mixed emotions about the uncontrollable pain and pleasure at the same time. She shifted her body back and forth as she adjusted her bathing suit which mashed my hard even flatter. She stood there for a moment talking to her friends and just as I was about to give it up she lifted all her weight to the foot on my hard and did a toe stand. Those beautiful red nails almost went through my hard as her 170+ pound body was lifted from the water…

My pleasure was immense but I decided to call it a day as my air was running low. She never knew how much pain and pleasure she had inflicted on me at one time but I now have a memory to put into my book. I went back to the lake many times this summer but nothing could exceed that experience.

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