Valerie Stomps a Nerd 13 min read

The author wrote a fantasy about special abs training program developed by a female gym teacher

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

At Foothills College, there was a guy named Bryce who was truly a nerd. He was very smart but had neglected both his physical fitness and his social life.

One day, cheerleader Valerie entered the gym and almost tripped over Bryce, who was lying on a mat on the floor, trying to do a sit up. As his large glasses kept slipping down his nose, he asked Valerie if she would hold them in place for him while he tried to sit.

“Even better, I’m going to take them off and put them on the table! You don’t need to wear them when you’re exercising,” she said. “Besides, you look better without them.”

Bryce finally succeeded in doing one sit up, but his shirt had become rumpled and looked terrible. Valerie bent over and just pulled it off and inspected his body. Bryce trusted her, so he lay back while Valerie poked and prodded him all over. He was quite frail but could be strengthened with a little help from a certain exercise program …

“Well, Bryce, there’s only one thing that can help you. It’s called the Ab-Mistress Program. I’m a certified Ab-Mistress Personal Trainer, but you’ll have to do whatever I say without question. Do you agree to be my obedient slave?”

“OK, I guess,” he said in a murmur.

Valerie was still in her cheerleader uniform, so she sat down and took off her boots and peeled off her knee-high socks, then wiggled her bare toes in the cool air. “I hope my perfume has held up,” she said, pushing her bare feet in Bryce’s face as he continued to lie on the mat.

Valerie rose from her seat and gently placed her right foot on Bryce’s stomach. He jumped in surprise. “What are you doing?” he whined.

“Just stay put, that’s an order!” Valerie commanded the nerdy virgin. “It’s for your own good!” she said as she started to lean her weight into her foot. Bryce couldn’t take much — he started to gasp at about 50 pounds of pressure. Bryce tried to pull away, but Valerie just started to laugh and pressed even harder. “I’m not going to let you up until I’ve completed the first part of the workout,” she warned, “so you might as well try to enjoy it.”

Valerie was certainly enjoying it! She thought Bryce’s struggles were hilarious, and she couldn’t stop giggling as she held him down with her foot. His skin felt so nice and warm under her bare sole, especially after a day of jumping up and down in cheerleading practice. She wiggled her toes, which tickled him so that he briefly threw her off. Valerie was irritated by this, and she stomped her foot hard on his stomach and told him, “Now I’m really going to give you a treatment.”

With that the tiny Oriental beauty stepped up on Bryce with all her weight, standing with one size 6 foot crushing his tummy and the other squashing his shallow chest. She bounced up and down on him, hard, wishing for a hula hoop right now.

Bryce was unable to resist Valerie’s discipline and just lay there helplessly under the cheerleader’s bare feet while she stomped and trampled him thoroughly, walking up and down his chest, stomach, and face with her whole hundred pounds crushing his weak body, grinding him into the mat. He felt totally humiliated as Valerie kept giggling and laughing at him the whole time as she used him for a rug. Even though he could barely take the girl’s weight walking on him, for some reason he didn’t understand, he wanted her to keep on doing it. It hurt a little, yes, but it felt strangely wonderful at the same time …

And then, all of a sudden, Valerie felt a hand on her shoulder. She whirled around to see that it was the gym teacher, Miss Leilani! What was going to happen next?

Valerie was standing on her nerdy classmate Bryce in the school gym when Miss Leilani, the gym teacher, had come up behind her. The tall, slender Hawaiian girl was wearing a tight tan sweater and very short skirt, with sheer nylon hose which accentuated her muscular thighs. She wore brown leather boots up to the knee, with side zipper and 4″ high heels, not spikes but about 3/4″ at the base. Her long, wavy black hair was combed down over her shoulder, framing her lovely face.

Valerie jumped off the frail boy’s stomach, but Miss Leilani just smiled and said, “I’m glad to see that you’re helping Bryce with his exercises. Let’s see how those abs are coming along.” With that, Miss Leilani gently placed one booted foot across Bryce’s bare belly, which was reddened from having Valerie standing on him so long. The lovely teacher pressed her foot lightly into his stomach several times to test his resistance, and then she stepped on him hard with about half her weight and rocked his tummy back and forth.

“You still need some work,” she said, writing on her note pad with her booted foot still resting on Bryce’s belly. “Since you seem to get along with Valerie, I’m assigning you to be her workout partner. Anything she tells you to do, you do it. At the end of the semester I expect to be able to stand on those abs with my full weight for ten minutes — if you want a passing grade, that is.” Miss Leilani finally removed her foot from Bryce and looked down at him. Bryce was so embarrassed that his face was as red as his belly — he was so attracted to Miss Leilani, but she had just humiliated him in front of Valerie by stepping on him … and yet, this made him want her even more. He was having feelings that he couldn’t understand … why did he want to be treated like dirt under Miss Leilani’s boots?

The boy began to sit up but suddenly stopped as he felt a twinge in his back. “Oh my gosh, that was a good workout!” he piped. “But now my back is sore.”

Miss Leilani said, “That’s because you’re seriously out of shape. That will get better as you go along. If you want to turn over, I’ll rub your back for a while.”

Bryce was thrilled at the idea! The beautiful teacher knelt down and sat astride Bryce’s bottom so that her crotch was pressing against him through her panties. She leaned over so that her hair teased his bare back, and she began to rub him with gentle hands — the first time a woman had ever done this to him! Bryce was in heaven, glad that no one could see what was going on in the front of his pants.

Valerie had been watching all of this silently but now decided to speak. “I think you should walk on his back,” she told Miss Leilani. wanting to see how Bryce would react.

“A splendid idea!” replied the gym teacher. She slowly rose, extending her long, luscious legs. “You don’t mind if I leave my boots on, do you, Bryce?” she asked, almost teasingly. Bryce, of course, said nothing, but he knew he was in for a most unusual experience …

Miss Leilani stood astride the shirtless boy and ran her slender fingers through her luxuriant waves of hair. Smiling, she reached out and took Valerie’s hand for balance, and then she gently placed one booted foot across the small of Bryce’s back with the high heel on one side of his spine and the sole of the boot on the other. She laughed softly with obvious pleasure as she tested her footing, rocking the boy’s lean body up and back. Then she slowly put all of her weight on her boot; Bryce let out a short cry as her high heel dug into his skin painfully. Miss Leilani just giggled and carefully placed her other foot next to the first so that she was crushing the 110-pound student under her entire 150-or-so pound body.

Valerie couldn’t help but giggle too as she watched Bryce try to squirm around on the mat, but he couldn’t move an inch as he was pinned under Miss Leilani’s boots. Every time he moved, her high heels dug into him deeper, but somehow, he was glad that it hurt. He wanted to take it for her, to show how much he cared for her. Yes, he wanted this beautiful girl to grind him under her feet, squashing him unmercifully, laughing at him and teasing him while the sexy cheerleader Valerie watched … maybe she would even join in?

Bryce held his breath as Miss Leilani started to walk very carefully on his bare back, letting her boot sink firmly into his flesh with each step. It hurt as the lovely girl walked on him, but he knew that she was being very gentle and could hurt him much more if she wanted to. This thought excited him even more.

“This is good for you,” said Miss Leilani softly. “The hard soles of my boots help me to work out that tightness in your lower back, and I can use my heels to work on those places where your muscles are knotted.”

Bryce felt a soft hand on his shoulder — it was Valerie, who said, “Relax, just give in to her weight; don’t try to fight it.” Then he felt a bare foot being placed on his cheek as Valerie stepped on his face, holding him down with her perfumed bare sole. “Just keep your head turned like this,” she commanded gently as she pressed his face under her foot.

Bryce was in Nirvana — there were no words to describe the ecstasy of his absolute and total submission under the feet of both his beautiful gym teacher and the school’s most popular cheerleader! This was even better than a Star Trek convention!

It was time for the Foothills College Spring Festival, and Bryce was ready to participate. He had been practicing the Ab-Mistress Program for several weeks and had greatly improved his self-confidence as he studied “under” Valerie and Miss Leilani.

At the Spring Fest, students would perform magic tricks, skits, or stunts that they had devised themselves. The college sold tickets to the event as a fund-raiser, and at the end, the visitors would vote for their favorite act, which would win a prize. Miss Leilani and Valerie wanted to showcase Bryce’s amazingly strong abs at the event, and they came up with a plan …

At the Festival, Bryce, clad in swim trunks, was lying face up on two chairs with his head on one chair and his legs on the other so that his midsection was unsupported. Valerie started the proceedings, dressed in a clingy black sequined mini-dress with a silver chain belt and sheer nylon stockings. The petite Oriental girl stepped up onto a chair and then she stepped up onto Bryce’s stomach. She placed one stockinged foot gently across Bryce’s belly, rocked him back and forth to test her footing, and then lightly stepped up with the other foot, nestling it comfortably next to the first. Bryce found her weight easy to hold and enjoyed the pressure as the beautiful Valerie stood on his taut abs.

As the spectators gathered, Miss Leilani handed Valerie a hula hoop, which she put around her slender waist and began to rotate, slowly at first and then faster as she found her rhythm. Bryce closed his eyes tightly as he fought to support the small girl as she rocked smoothly on his stomach, her feet squishing into him with each rhythmic rotation of her hips as she whirled that hula hoop in time to the music.

Bryce’s whole world became concentrated in his abs and Valerie’s soft nyloned feet as he tried to keep his muscles tight so she wouldn’t fall off. He didn’t even realize that the audience was now clapping to the beat of the Donna Summer music; when he opened his eyes, he saw that Miss Leilani was tossing a baton to Valerie, and then a second baton. Valerie started to twirl the twin batons while keeping the hula hoop spinning round and round her sexy waist, keeping up with the disco beat, throwing the batons up into the air and catching them with aplomb while she crushed Bryce’s tummy underfoot.

Bryce heard applause and re-opened his eyes to see Valerie standing in place on his naked stomach, taking bows and smiling graciously. Valerie stepped off of him, and now Miss Leilani approached the chairs. She was wearing a tight, low-cut midnight-blue dress with a skinny black leather belt and matching shiny black leather high-heeled boots. She patted Bryce’s belly and told him, “Get ready.”

Bryce tried to brace himself, holding his abs as taut as possible as he felt Miss Leilani step onto his bare stomach with her spike-heeled boot. He enjoyed the slight pain as she put all of her weight on him and her heel dug deeply into his uncovered skin. He felt the hard sole of her boot sink into his belly and actually relaxed his muscles because he wanted to feel her press in more deeply.

He was smiling as the beautiful gym teacher stepped up on him all the way, crushing his vulnerable belly under her unyielding boots. The disco music came back on, and now Miss Leilani was being handed a hula hoop … and the willowy Hawaiian girl began to whirl it gently, her sharp heels poking his tummy painfully with each bounce, her dirty boot soles pressing ferociously into him with each wiggle of her slender hips.

Bryce loved the sensations, loved being on display as the gorgeous girl squashed and humiliated him in the name of “sport” in front of the whole college … and then he heard the crowd gasp and opened his eyes to see that Valerie was climbing aboard a chair behind Miss Leilani, and then wrapped her arms and legs around the beautiful teacher and carefully climbed up on to her shoulders, adding a hundred pounds to the 150 that were already bearing down on his naked lower abdomen through Miss Leilani’s boots.

He could barely breathe under their weight, yet Miss Leilani kept on spinning her hula hoop, squashing Bryce mercilessly with every bounce. Someone tossed Valerie the batons again, and she began to spin them in time to the beat while Miss Leilani kept up her sadistic hula hooping, crushing poor Bryce into a flat pancake!

The boy could only try to hold the two lovely girls, pinned helplessly under Miss Leilani’s boots between the two chairs. It seemed like forever, and yet he didn’t want it to end … but finally, when he felt like he was about to break in half, he felt the weight lighten as Valerie climbed off, making sure to step heavily on his face as she dismounted.

Miss Leilani kept her place standing on him for a while while she took her bows to the cheers of the crowd. She even walked up onto his chest and stood on his nipples so she could acknowledge the people on that side. She rested her booted foot on his face as she bent down to sign an autograph, and then she walked back down and stood with one high heel digging into his belly button and her other boot on flattening his crotch as she signed another program for an admirer.

Eventually, she climbed down and then helped him to sit up as the crowd cheered his amazing effort. He was dizzy from all that had happened but he managed a smile and a wave as Miss Leilani hugged him from one side and Valerie hugged him from the other.

Bryce had come a long way from that shy, nerdy boy in the plastic Spock ears … and all thanks to the Ab-Mistress Program!

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  1. Evety nerd should have a mandatory “Mistress AB” class until he passes it with honors, and no other grade is accepted.

  2. It is good to hear of beautiful woman interacting to improve a lad who was giving himself no chance.

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