Christmas Night Unknowing Finger Crush 11 min read

The author’s recollection of an intense finger crush on a dance floor

written by MagiK_11
original source of the story was Unknown source

This event took place on December 25th, 2004 at a small local bar/club, which one of my friend’s parents owns. When I was in High School with him around grade 11 and 12 we use to go there quite often since his parents owned the place and liked me and gave us free drinks on many occasions. That night I did not go with my friend who’s parents own the bar since he’s currently in Paris, instead, I went there alone to go see his older female cousin who works there and his mother.

The entrance to the place is at ground/street level, but as you walk down a short luminous corridor there are flights of stairs that descend approximately one floor below street level. The bar is right in front of you as you reach the bottom and it’s shaped like an L and there are mirrors all over the place and bottles and cups hanging from the ceiling above the staff. As you walk further into the bar there is a large aquarium built into the wall with about ten fish in it. Once you pass the aquarium and go through a poorly lit door you enter the dance area with large speakers in all the corners and a crappy DJ booth on the upper right-hand side on a platform.

Anyways, as I arrived there, there weren’t many people yet so decided to have a few drinks with my friend’s older cousin named Melody and his mother Pascal. They’re both French and so is my friend’s father and his cousin’s parents are French too. They all moved to Haiti years ago and started a few businesses over the years. Both women are about 5’3 and always sport nice heels since they are short and have extremely nice bodies and are always trying to maintain a classy and sexy look at the bar. After a few drinks and a few laughs, I noticed there still weren’t that many people yet so I decided to go up on the roof of the place with Melody my friend’s cousin who is two years older than me. (I’m 25)

She was wearing an evening gown with no sleeves and her lower and upper back was exposed except for a thin lace string running across her back keeping her dress from falling off. She also had very long brown hair that reached her butt but that day it was very elegantly tied in swirls and knots. Overall, she looked great and was wearing roughly three-inch spiked wooden mule sandals. The heel was about half an inch square with a thin black rubber on the tip. We basically just went up to smoke a fairly large joint since it was Christmas after all and I had not smoked in a while and neither had she. As we were smoking we were overlooking the parking lot from the roof and staring out into the night sky as the occasional firecracker could be seen in the distance. As we were finishing up and I was pulling out some Visine to clear my bloodshot eyes, in the corner of my eye I saw her drop what was left of the joint, which was about an inch long and grind it out under her mule sandal several times really fast and hard with her right foot exposing her high arches as her heel was in the air. That turned me on because I always saw women crushing out cigarettes but never saw a girl crush out a J.

At this point I was a bit turned on, a little tipsy from the alcohol I had drunk earlier and a little stoned. We walked back down and to my surprise, the bar had a lot more people in it and as I walked towards the dance area, past the aquarium I was shocked that the dance area of the club was packed with people. Melody tapped me on the shoulder and told me she had to get some work done at the bar and that she would meet up with me later, so I went on into the poorly lit dance area passing the aquarium and found a dark little corner under one of the elevated floors.

The dance area was basically the main dance floor in the center of the room, with two platforms on both sides and stairs leading up to the platforms at the end of the room. The platform on the right had the crappy DJ booth as I mentioned earlier with space for people to dance on either side of the booth and the platform on the left just had a few chairs and room for people to dance near a railing.

I found one of those tall bar stools in a corner under the left platform and brought it next to one of the railings near the stairs that led up to the platforms in the back of the room in the darkest corner. The stool was high enough for me to sit and lean my arm on the platform. I placed myself near a woman who was about twenty-eight or thirty years old, wearing a tight-fitting one-piece black dress that reached a little higher than her knees with flowing black shoulder-length hair. She had a very tanned complexion and was not wearing any stockings, plus she had these black pumps. Her pumps were about two and a half inches high and the heel was not a spike. It was roughly two inches square and she seemed to be drinking a lot but she was not drunk. She was getting there though because she was fairly loud and was energetic. I noticed her heels were almost at eye level and just looking at them was turning on the hell out of me. I was thinking of sliding my fingers under her heels in hopes that she could step on them and not notice anything. I did not do anything yet because I did not want to mess up such a perfect set up and have to look around the club where I probably would not find another girl with those heels dancing away at my eye level.

At one point I decided to pull out a half-empty pack of cigarettes and place them under her and see if she would step on the pack and if she would notice anything. (I do not smoke anymore since I quit at least 4 years ago, but when I go out to clubs I normally bring a pack with me just to hand out cigarettes to women in sexy shoes and see if they will crush them out.) The woman in the tight black fitting dress and nice black pumps just kept dancing away and she kicked the pack towards me twice, and each time I moved it back into place. Then she finally stepped on the pack with her heel as her back was turned to me and I saw the pack instantly compress under her weight. Noticing the floor was not even she looked down and to my surprise, she stomped on the pack right in from of my eyes with the sole of her shoe twice and the third stomp was with her heel on the bottom right corner of the pack. Continuing to dance she gently flip kicked the pack towards the railing near me and went on about her business. The pack did not fall off the elevated platform because there was a one-inch high and about one-inch wide wooden divider at the edge of the platform, so the pack just hit that divider and stayed there.

I was so hard at this point, all I wanted to do was jump through that railing and let her stomp on every part of my body. I tried to get her to step on my hand or fingers but she was always a little too far from me, and it would have looked really bad if I fully stretched my arm out in an attempt to get stomped on. I was losing a little hope and started thinking of moving when she finally stopped dancing and moved towards the railing and turned her back to me. The woman bent her left leg and placed her left heel on the railing while her right heel was standing near the compressed pack I had placed there earlier. I started to build some nerves and placed my hand near her right heel. I placed my index finger of my right hand near the left side of her right heel and my middle finger on the right side. After a minute or two, she brought her left heel off the railing and shifted her right heel to the right, and in doing so she stepped on my middle finger. It hurt like hell but only lasted a second because her heel twisted my finger a bit and slipped off. I quickly pulled my hand back and noticed her looking down and beginning to step on the pack of cigarettes once more. I assumed she figured that was what her heel slipped on.

Once I noticed that I gained a little more confidence and placed my finger back in the same position near her heels. Then before I could even form a thought she stepped forward with her left foot kissing a guy she knew on the cheeks and raising her right heel in the process. I immediately placed my index finger up to the last knuckle and in a flash, she stepped back with her left shoe and planted her right heel down in place. I observed her for a few seconds and saw she was frantically talking with this guy and didn’t pay attention to what she was stepping on at this point. It started hurting pretty badly and I could see my skin getting a little red and could feel the tip of my finger getting sore from the poor blood circulation. She fidgeted a bit and that intensified the pain. She must have been on my finger for about two minutes nonstop and then she moved her right heel a bit as she changed positions and her heel landed on my middle finger again and it slipped off once more. I was about to move my hand back again from fear of being caught but she instantly raised her heel and planted it back down on the middle knuckle of my middle finger and part of my index finger too without looking down and continued chatting away. She must have thought it was the pack of cigarettes again and with the amount of pressure she put on them I’m assuming she wanted to flatten them once and for all.

My hand started shacking at this point and I was contemplating the idea of just yanking my hand the hell out of there and bolting because it was seriously starting to hurt. She must have kept that awful pressure on my finger for about twenty or thirty seconds and the toe of her right shoe was still firmly on the ground but she was slowly rotating her right heel while she was pressing my finger into the ground. Then without looking down she stood off my finger and it was honestly stuck to her heel for a bit, and she pushed her right foot back to the corner of the platform’s edge. Once again, I’m assuming she thought my finger was the pack of cigarettes and was trying to push it closer to the edge of the platform away from her feet.

At that point, I pulled my hand and really sore finger out of there and just stared at it for what seemed like five minutes in disbelief, with a throbbing hard on and about to blow my load all over my pants as I watched her commence to dance in place once more. Then I noticed my friend’s cousin Melody show up looking great as usual and she pulled up a seat next to me and asked me why I was sitting in this dark corner alone. I made up some BS excuse. She then told me to go back to the bar with her but I told her I was just dancing and wanted to rest for two minutes before I went because I could not walk around with the erection I was sporting. She bought it and chatted with me until I cooled off and we went back towards the bar together and had a few more drinks, but before I left I quickly took the flattened pack of cigarettes and put them in my pocket as a souvenir of that amazing crush.

It was basically one of the best Christmas presents I ever received.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Night Unknowing Finger Crush 11 min read

  1. Is a sneaked crush any better than an organised. It was a fantasy come true so it was a good ending.

    1. In my opinion, it is maybe not but entirely different. There is no limit to the force, and there is always a chance of something going wrong. You do not get those feelings and anxiety if it was organized.

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