The Mars Trample 6 min read

A story about a group of five girlfriends who periodically trampled the ex of one of them

written by footman2
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

He laid there and was stood, stepped and danced on for a long time. The women were so used to him and didn`t pay attention to him anymore. The women were barefooted or in socks, which they usually used when he was a dancefloor. It was easier for them to dance on him that way.

There were five women in this room. Friends, close friends to Nicole a brunette and 145Ib. 30 years old Lady, was standing at the window sipping on a drink and looked at her x-boyfriend who was now a part of the floor. She smiled when she watched her friends stomp their feet deep down into him, more concerned to dance and listening to the music than to the living person beneath them. She saw Lisa, a young blond girl at 23 years old which stood on his upper chest and from time to time smashed his face with her right barefoot, not brutally, but firmly. Her foot came down on his face in a perfect beat to the music.

Nicole giggled at this and at his head that seemed to wobble around each time. His eyes were closed. His body succumbed and looked like he was dead on the floor. But he wasn`t, he was very concentrated and he was very used to this disco nights.

Jimmy and Nicole have been together for 10 years. Every Friday evening it was a ritual for him to be at his x-girlfriends house and become hers and her friends’ private dancefloor for the night. This started six months ago.

It began as a punishment for him, because of his bad behavior. He did a lot of stupid things that Nicole didn`t like. Instead of hanging out with his stupid friends as she called it, it was better for him to be at her place. Wich she also saw as a brilliant idea.

She didn`t want to lose him, he was a good friend, nice to have around and she loved to trample him, loved his way worship her and her feet – even when their relationship broke up. That`s why she decided to have him for her at Fridays as a dancefloor all night long.

A sadistic tickle hit her each time she saw Jimmy`s face was in pain when three of her friends treaded determined on his flesh and bones. It warmed her inside to watch her friends so naturally danced on her x-poor Jimmy boy. He only wore a t-shirt, from time to time he could have a hard-on, but now his thing laid limb on his belly and was ground underfoot. He was so sweet at this moment, perfectly still at women’s will.

This Friday, they had bought a music video with dance hits of the year, which was now playing. The women, Lisa, Marie, and Victoria moved around to the music in the video, their feet mangled Jimmy powerfully into the floor.

His body wobbled about, sometimes they fell off but were up onto him in no time.

Lisa on his upper chest barefoot, Marie a short and dark-haired, a bit chubby woman at 28 years old in her black stockings on his t-shirt clad chest and then Victoria a brunette with her 32 years old and 150Ib. in her white soiled cotton socks taking care of his belly and groin.

It has amazed them all about his ability to stay silenced and still, except some sweet noises now and then – which amused them a lot. After a disco night like this he had swollen lips, bruises, and was sweating, but he as a gentleman he is, tried to get up with a smile and thanked the Ladies for a wonderful night and lovingly licked their feet.

Nicole sipped her drink and thought of the time that has gone and how used she and her friends have become to Jimmy, even her mother. She enjoyed standing on Jimmy when she was the kitchen doing her work. She loved to just sit and watch her mother trample about on Jimmy`s body as it were just a carpet for others to walk on. Her nylon-clad feet bore deep down his rug body. His face was red and no one care for him, except from laughter from time to time. Her mother was heavy, she weighted about 190Ib and she could work for hours in the kitchen. She can be off a few seconds, then on him for a half hour – like that it looked for Jimmy.

Jimmy looked up at his girlfriend for mercy, but she only sadistically smiled and giggled back to him. She didn`t care much for him that way and thought this is good training for him and her mother Louise loved to have him beneath her. It took her aggressions out of her, she felt very calm and relaxed of trampling heavily on her daughters boyfriend. She even didn`t talk to him, never have. When they paid a visit, Louise only said to Nicole that it would be fine with her if she let her Jimmy lie on the floor in the kitchen or in the livingroom.

Karen came out from the kitchen had refilled her glas of wine. A 35 years old Lady, blond short hair about the same size as Nicole, smiled and enjoyed the music. She walked to Nicole and cheered her.

“I love to see your x-boyfriend tortured like this, in time to so good music. He deserved it, darling!” She said.

“I know he does, I am just waiting for our turn, honey!” Nicole said.

Both smiled at eath other, put their drinks down and Karen softly kissed Nicole’s sweet lips.

“You and me, darlig?” Said Karen

“Yes, you and me on my poor Jimmyfloor!” Nicole said and put her arms around Karen and felt her warm tits against hers.

Nicole’s eagerness was hot inside her, mixed with some strange feeling of freedom she never felt before. They both looked at the other girls and their fun. They each took others hand and were ready for a dance.

“Come on! It`s our turn now!” Shouted Nicole.

“Already?” Said Lisa who now stood with both feet on Jimmy`s face. She giggled and fell off. “anyway, I need a drink now I`m so warm.” “Yeah, me too,” said Marie. “It`s so fun,” said Victoria.

The three went into the kitchen. Nicole and Karen hand in hand slowy walked up to still breathing Jimmyfloor. Nicole felt the warmth and juice feeling inside her as she approached him.

Karen lifted her right foot and stomped down hard on his belly and said: “I could kill him!”

Nicole just giggled at this and placed her nylonclad foot on his chest, turned to Karen and at the same time stepped up onto Jimmy boy and reached for a kiss. Both stepped around a bit to find a place to be comfy on, then they put their arms around each other. Nicole thought of this as she felt her Jimmy’s chest beneath her as Karens barefeet stomped on his belly. Karen loved to dance barefoot.

Nicole laughed her heart out and also thought of her sweet lies about how she has got her friends into this. It was so easy to do and Jimmy didn`t say anything about it. He just took it as a gentleman he is.

He got his fetish and I get mine, she usually says.

This is a punishment for life, he could have stopped it. But he didn`t. That’s a thing she loves about him. He can take someone else crime and live with it.

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  1. Well, yes!

    Nice to see my old story here. I thought I did a good job with this one. Hopefully many of you like it. I wrote it for 15 or more years ago.

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