Stepped under the window sill 4 min read

The author recalls an event from his youth which involved his sister and her frends

written by sneakfreak
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

This was once again set up by my younger sister. I was lying on the couch watching TV when she looked in at the window above the couch.

“Why is the door locked?” she wanted to know.

“To keep annoying girls outside” I informed her.

“Then you should have shut the window too” she replied, and with that, she jumped up so that she was kneeling on the window ledge, and then swung around so her feet were thrust inside. She was wearing blue jeans with black socks and white sandshoes, the soles of the sandshoes were white but were grubby, probably from the dirt in the garden outside the window. She reached down with one foot and put it right on my chest, then she stepped on me full weight, and swung her other foot over me and onto the couch next to me.

“Come through guys,” she called out the window. “My smartass brother locked the door so we’ll just have to use him as a step.”

With that, another girl looked in through the window and saw my sister still standing on me with one foot. My sister stepped off me and onto the floor just as another foot clad in high top black sneakers came in through the window. This foot landed right on my stomach, as the girl it belonged to levered herself through the window. She stepped briefly on me with her other foot to get her balance before jumping off onto the floor. She was followed by another girl who wore leather shoes with rubber soles. They were harder than the sneakers but she wasn’t heavy so it felt good.

The last girl through the window was wearing blue sneakers with soft white soles. She tried to miss me by stepping right over me onto the edge of the couch, but she kind of lost her balance and sort of fell back which caused her to put her other foot down quickly, right on my throat. She quickly lifted it off, but she was still off balance and the soft rubber sole of her sneaker came back down on my cheek. This time she forced her foot down on my face and pushed herself off me. I figured she hadn’t realized what she had done, but as she walked off I heard her whisper to one of the others, “I stepped right on his face!”

About 30 mins later they came back. I have shifted slightly and was lying on my side now.

“We’ll go back out the window since you want the door locked,” my sister told me and she jumped up on the couch and then onto my rib cage with both feet. She lifted her feet up and down slightly, sort of kneading my body underneath her sneaker soles before swinging one foot up and out of the window. Sitting on the window ledge she moved her left foot up my body and slid it right over my face, she wasn’t pushing down with much weight but there was some pressure there. After a second or two she pushed my head down with a quick shove and went out of the window.

The girl with the soft-soled sneakers stepped up on the couch and managed to climb out the window without stepping on me, a pity since she had the nicest feeling soles. The girl with leather shoes stepped up onto the couch, and then onto my hip with one foot and used it as a step to climb out of the window.

The last girl, who was wearing the high top black sneakers, which were canvas with soft black rubber soles, very common footwear with girls years ago especially netball players, climbed up on the couch and then stepped on me about midway between my arm and leg. I actually winced as she stepped in a tender part, and rolled over face down on the couch which caused her to jump backwards off me again.

Lying face down I could see her feet very well. She had stepped back in such a way that one foot was flat on the floor, and the other was resting on the toe, but behind that foot was a plate with a sandwich that I was going to eat.

I waited to see if she was going to walk forward and move her foot or step back onto my sandwich. She rocked forward then moved back, she raised foot came down slowly on my sandwich, crushing the bread and squeezing the ham out from between.

Apparently, she didn’t realize she was stepping on my lunch, or she didn’t care, she stepped forward again, leaving a neat zig-zag pattern footprint on my lunch. Then she simply stepped right onto my back from the floor and stood on my back with both feet for a second or two until she climbed through the window.

After they had gone I got up and looked down to see they had all left footprints on my T-shirt on the way in. I picked up the plate and inspected my sandwich, trampled food, great. Somehow it tasted better.

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