Conned to trample 3 min read

written by Oomni31
original source of the story was Unknown source

When I was 15 I had a great plan to get my trample fantasy by taller girls come true. I’ll skip the details for now. In short, I convinced this tall blonde (in the choir group) to trample me. My playing card was that when I get old (like over 18) I would be taller and would never realize this fantasy as other girls would be not so tall. I was 5″2 back then. I explained that when she would start trampling me I would beg her to stop, but she should ignore me. Anyway, she agreed upon one condition. That was that we use a safeword to stop whenever I can’t handle it.

My plan was really cunning. Let me explain (you’ll love this). She said: “Choose a safeword.” (She was not so smart, so…) I said: “No, you choose a safeword and don’t tell me. Write it on a paper and put it on the chair, and I’ll look at it.” This is the cunning bit. She wrote a safeword (which I do not know till this day) on the paper and put it on the chair and stood back. I went over to the chair and picked up the paper so that my hand hid whatever she wrote. I pretended to read the safeword but didn’t. I said: “Okay.” She was ready.

I explained that she should step on my hands. She heavily stood on both my hands. I told her that I would resist her and she should try to keep me down. She was to start walking up my hands, my forearms, to my back and trample all over me and turn me around and do the same. If I got up she could beat me up in any way (kick or slap) and put me down and trample me. (Since there was the concept of a safeword, she agreed). I was feeling so nervous and excited because what was going to happen was that she would trample me and no matter how much I beg she won’t stop (because I don’t know the safeword) hehe… well the condition was safeword or 30 mins whichever came first because she had only 30 mins.

Well, I got the trampling of my life. It hurt so much and there was no way I could stop her. She was like 19 and 6″1. Tall blonde with long legs. Her feet were awesome but I was so squashed. I still remember as she started to walk up against my forearm I cried please stop and meant it. After about 7 or 8 mins she started to like it and got rougher… stomping on my face and grinding. All the time she was so merciless. I kept saying stop I don’t know the safeword, but she thought I was kidding. She even jumped on me once or twice (I got winded). After 20 mins she stopped and said she had to go.

She left me there on the floor, not realising what she had done to me. It took me like 5 mins to regain strength to stand.

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