Border’s book store 2 min read

written by Wasabi
original source of the story was Daddo's Trample Heaven

My local Borders bookstore closed in 2011. I used to go there every week. Sometimes I’d get a book, sometimes I’d get my finger crushed unknowingly by a beautiful girl. There were a lot more near-misses than actual finger crushes, but I still managed to get my finger stepped on about 200 different times. Some crushes were better than others, but I thought I’d share some of my favourite experiences.

One night after work, I was in Borders looking at magazines. Two women went to the bridal magazine section in the corner. I moved to the tattoo magazine section, just behind the two women. One of them was blond, very pretty, wearing a short black leather jacket, with blue jeans and red leather boots that had a wide heel but quite thin from the side. I heard them talking about the blond girl’s upcoming wedding. I had my hand near her red boots, hoping she’d step back a little and stand on one or more of my fingers for a while. But… what happened next was she stepped back more than I’d expected. When the back of her boot came into contact with something (my forearm), she put her boot straight down onto the floor… except that my hand was there. Her heel scraped hard into my wrist and the top of my hand, at which point she realised she had stepped on something and quickly moved her foot forward to a safe spot to stand. But she only moved her foot forward by half an inch, and now her heel was planted solidly on the back of my hand. She put all her weight on that foot for a second or two as she moved her other foot, then realising she was still standing on me, she quickly stepped off, saying sorry and asking if I was OK. I said I was OK and they went back to looking at wedding magazines. I didn’t put my hand back down for a second helping, as I thought that would be too obvious. I stayed looking at magazines for a few more minutes and looked at her boots. I noticed the heels were well worn and the edges were a bit rough. The best bit was her conversation with her friend, saying that she’d once accidentally stepped on her fiance’s foot with the heel of these boots and he’d almost cried it was so painful… and he was wearing shoes. “That poor guy’s hand…that must’ve really hurt.”

And she was right. It didn’t hurt at the time – it only lasted a few seconds, but was sore for almost a week. My wrist had two scrape marks that were bleeding ever so slightly, and the back of my hand was sporting a little cut from her heel which was bleeding a little bit.

I really miss Borders.

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