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I was a small boy when that’s happened. I was ~ 10 years old. We stay in a flat with a strange connection between kitchen and living via a balcony. That night my parents organize a party and for me it was strictly forbidden to enter because I was too small. The interdiction was not valid for my sister who was 17 years old. She was in Secondary, about 1.68 m tall and 56 kg in weight.

Coming back, the party was OK, but I dying of curiosity to see at least a part of it. My father was very severe with me so I try to find a way to avoid that somebody sees me in the living. I went in the kitchen for a cake, then I went out in the balcony. The door of the living was near several tables arranged along the walls and covered with long sheets(?). Very quick I pass in the living then under the tables.

It was a small light, slow music and a lot of pairs of dancers in the middle. I was sure that nobody observed me. Then I try to find a place for better view. I find one where two tables were connected. Remember I was UNDER the table so a “dog position”. I was also stupid because my right hand was with 2-3 cm outside the sheet coverage area so, my fingers were out. After 10 minutes I saw my sister approaching. I recognized her after the new pair of sandals, black, strappy, with a 7-cm sharp heel, purchased especially for the party. She takes something from the table then turn with her back to me. She blocks my view so I was a little nervous. Few second after I heard my father voice. I freeze! After a second my sister step back placing her right heel on my little finger of the right hand. She stays few seconds then start to apply pressure on that heel. More and more… Usually I should scream but I was too scared by my farther presence so only my tears roll on the face.

After 20 seconds (hours for me) she start to alternate the weight from one feet to another. With her heel on my finger of course. Guys THAT HURT LIKE HELL. She stays another 20-30 second in that way then the heel slip cutting my flesh like a knife. A small piece of my skin rest under her heel. The sensation was like I was burned with a red-hot piece of metal. After a minute she left. Due tremendous pressure that piece of skin stuck to the bottom of her heel.  So when she walked away, she took it with her. I follow her the same way to the kitchen, protecting my finger with a towel.

Next day mom and my sister were cleaning the living. My mom was wondering who drop red wine on the carpet. I was in the living too. My sister join my mom wander but look at me in a way where from I understands that she knew!

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One thought on “Under the table 3 min read

  1. I love that the sister purposely stepped on her brothers little finger. She saw his hand, walked up to the table, turned around and meticulously positioned her stiletto heel directly over his little finger. Lightly pressing down at first, then continued until all her weight was on that one heel. I’m sure she felt, and heard, the bone crunch just before her heel slipped tearing the skin from the completely crushed bone. She knew the red on the carpet was from the blood on her heel from smashing her brothers little finger to bits. And, she had deliberately tracked it all over the room.

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