True Trample Experiences in Tanning Saloon 6 min read

written by Juiced1000
original source of the story was Unknown source


Its been awhile since I’ve written anything so I thought I’d post some stories of real experiences I’ve had recently. A quick background, me and my girlfriend opened a clips site.

This has been a great excuse to recruit hot girls and have them trample and crush things. Anyways… I met this girl in my tanning salon, she’s 22 years old, a college girl who’s about 5’7″ and a good 140lbs. We started talking and I mentioned my website, she was instantly interested. She asked what the girls do and I told them that they trample me, front and back.

Well she agreed to do a shoot, I asked her “how about a trial run and see if you got what it takes?” with a quick little smile she said sure. We went back into my massage room and I laid on the table face down, she kicked off her flat, black sandals and without hesitation hopped up and stood on my back. “Does this hurt?” she asked, “Not at all, it feels great.” “Where can I go?” “Hey you’re on top, you’re in control, I’m just laying here,” with that she began to walk up and down my back. She placed her foot on my head and pressed down a little, “Does that feel good too?” “Yup.” Then she started to press down on my head harder. Before I knew it she was standing full weight on the side of my head. I could feel myself sinking into the firm massage table. I could smell the slight scent of sweat on her warm soles. She twisted her foot back and forth to test my pain tolerance.

Afterward, she walked back down my body and stood on my butt. “Am I squishing something important to you?” I said, “You gotta try harder than that if you think you can smash him.” With that, she started to bounce up and down on my butt trying to crush my cock into the mattress. Her weight felt great and the feeling of her feet crashing down into my body was awesome. I would let out little grunts here and there and she really got into making me groan. She stepped off and said, “Turn over!” I quickly flipped and she put one foot on my stomach while keeping tight eye contact with me. She pressed down with the ball of her foot on my sternum. “Your face is getting red, am I too heavy for you? she asked in a little girl kinda voice. All I could do was moan. That put a smile on her face and she proceeded to walk up my chest and then kinda turned around and arched her back to stick her butt out. (She was facing my feet so all I saw was her butt and back.)

Her body was mint. She asked, “Do you like my tight butt? I work out all the time.” With that, she did a couple of bounces on my chest and I barely got out, “Very impressive.” She flipped her hair and looked over her shoulder. She would place all her weight on one foot and then to the other. Then she turned facing me again and placed one foot lightly on my face, across my nose, mouth, and forehead, “I hope they don’t smell bad,” she said. Then before I could answer she said, “How ’bout a little taste?” With that, I stuck out my tongue and she slowly ran her sole over my tongue, then switched feet and I licked the bottom of her other foot clean as well.

She gave me a little giggle and then started to walk sideways down my body in little steps. She got to the bottom of my stomach. It was obvious that I was a little excited and she placed the center of her left foot right on my crotch, “So you still think I can’t crush this?” I was like, “Why don’t we find out?” “Why don’t we?” she said with her devilish little smile. Then without warning, she placed all her weight on my dick. I was in heaven. She brought her other foot next to that one and started to slowly grind back and forth and would watch my eyes and concentrate on my reaction. My eyes just rolled into the back of my head as I let out a low moan. “That’s what I like to hear,” she said. Then she started to bounce a little.

Every time she landed she landed straight legged. She was making sure she inflicted as much weight as possible on me. I couldn’t help but grunt everytime her soft thick soles would crash down on my crotch. Then she stopped and was lookin’ around the room. She got off me and said, “Let’s get on the floor.” I was like, “Why?” “Because the floor doesn’t give way when I bounce.

I was amazed. Here’s a girl that only an hour ago I met and here she is wanting me to get on the floor so she could trample me harder. Then she really surprised me when she said, “I wanna finish you off,” HUH????

She said, “You don’t wanna end up with wet jeans, do you?” She playfully tugged at my belt buckle with her toes. “Take’em off!” I was laying on the floor and now here I am with no pants on, just a t-shirt.

She grabbed a bottle of massage oil off the shelf in the room. She poured some on my “friend” and then put one foot on it and said, “Ready for some full weight cock trample? I’m gonna make you shoot all over my feet!” My jaw dropped. Here’s some hot college girl, a total stranger and she’s ready to smash my dick ’till she sees it explode. She placed her sole on my dick and stepped up. This felt so much better than before. Her soles were soft, warm and now covered in massage oil. I couldn’t help think about a “happy ending” she slowly and seductively started to grind, keeping her heels flat and crushed me slowly. She would stare down at me, biting her bottom lip while she would give off her devilish grin. I was in a whole another world. I could hear the lotion pop and squirt as she crushed me.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. She saw this in my eyes as well. “You gonna cum?” she asked. All I could do was give a half-assed nod and with that, she picked up the pace big time. She started to bounce lightly and I started to moan more and more. Then I was like, “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum!” She started to jump hard on it, holding the door frame for balance, this girl focused 140 pounds of sexy girl on my dick. I could feel a burning in my shaft. She was crushing me hard and she wanted to see me explode. I held my breath, my face was beat red, I was sweating hard. I felt my body go stiff as I knew I was right on the brink of spraying everything near me. Then I exploded “OOOOOOOO!!!!!” I let out and she slammed her feet on me over and over, oil and cum splashing everywhere. When I finished she softly stepped off and took a wash rag to clean off her feet. I just laid there on the floor, trying to catch my breath and just lost/amazed and beat.

“Thannnnkyou!” “That was really fun, do I get the job?” she said with a naughty girl smirk on her face. Hell yea I said.

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