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The author has written an excellent text about him experiencing his girlfriend’s secret profession

written by Smokncatfoot
original source of the story was Unknown source

You think you know someone pretty well, and then – BAM! You find out something about them that totally blows your mind! Take Michelle, for instance. Michelle and I had been dating for a little over three months. We both attend State University, where we have several classes together. We both listen to classic rock, we both love Thai food, and we both think Dane Cook is friggin’ hilarious!

I thought I knew her pretty well, but now I come to find out that Michelle is an exotic dancer! Apparently, she’s been doing this to work her way through college since before I met her! She works at a strip club in a neighboring town, hoping no one from school finds out about it. I found out from a friend of mine who lives over there.

Anyway, you might think I’d be upset or jealous or something, but I wasn’t! I was excited about it! I had been dating a stripper all this time, and never even knew it! I decided not to confront Michelle about this. Instead, I wanted to go see her dance! My out-of-town friend told me where the place was, and the next time Michelle was ‘busy’ on a Friday night, I decided to drive out there and see her!

Finding the place was easy, but working up the nerve to go inside – not so much! Finally, I went in and paid for my cover. I was wearing an old jacket and ball cap that Michelle had never seen before, and so I entered the club in hopes of finding her. The place was smoky and dimly lit, except for several stages which were bathed in light; the poles gleaming like solid gold! There were girls dancing on the stages, as well as mingling with the guests.

I started to scan the room for Michelle, but the stripper on the nearest stage caught my attention as she swung around the pole several times. Her long dark hair had deep violet highlights that glowed under the spotlight. Her breasts were ample and perky, her nipples teasingly hidden behind a pair of purple tassels that matched the highlights in her hair. She wore a black garter belt and fishnets barely visible above her thigh-high black leather boots with five-inch stainless steel heels! Now I know I was there to see Michelle, and I know Michelle’s a sexy girlfriend, but I had to admit that this girl onstage was absolutely GORGEOUS! She hopped down from the pole and crept like a predator to the edge of the stage where a guy stood clutching a dollar bill. He pushed the dollar down into the top of her boot so that half of it remained hanging out, along with countless others which encircled her sexy leg. Then she sat back on her haunches, and looked through her tousled pearlescent hair, at ME! She had on dark eyeshadow and cherry red lipstick. She motioned for me to come to her! I didn’t know she’d seen me standing there. Reluctantly, I approached the stage. She turned away from me but remained on all fours like a prowling cat. She stuck her butt up into the air as if presenting it to me! She wiggled it, then backed up into me, bouncing her beautiful round bottom off my chest a couple of times! It was then that I saw it: a small Donald Duck tattoo, just above her left hip.

It’s funny. It didn’t even hit me at first. I actually thought to myself: ‘Wow! Michelle’s got one just like that!’

When the girl on the stage turned back towards me, I immediately recognized my girlfriend beneath the make-up and fancy wig! I adjusted my cap to keep my face in shadow, and I noticed Michelle squinting her eyes in the spotlight. I don’t think she recognized me!

Michelle leaned back on her elbows, raised up a leg, and rested her ankle on my shoulder. She rolled her foot back and forth as I reached up to push a dollar bill into the top of her boot.

“Thank you, Baby!” she cooed as she withdrew her leg.

I felt the cold metal of her heel as she pulled it past my neck.

After Michelle finished her routine, a voice came over the speakers:

“That was ‘April’ dancing on the main stage!” Announced the DJ. “She’s quite a gal, isn’t she?”

Michelle must have picked ‘April’ as her stage name because her birthday is in April!

“Okay, guys,” continued the DJ, “the bondage cage is now open for volunteers!”

The ‘bondage cage’ was made to look like an ancient torture device. It resembled a medieval iron maiden. The cage itself was about as big as a couple of phone booths and was suspended a few feet off the floor. A small ladder was used to get into it, then the door would be locked, and the ladder removed. Guys could volunteer to be locked inside the cage with one of the dancers. He, of course, would be tied up, and the girl would whip him, or spank him, etc, etc.

I practically sprinted to the DJ booth to sign up as Michelle’s, er…April’s slave in the bondage cage. My ‘torture’ of choice: trampling – beneath those sexy high heel boots.

I climbed into the cage and lay down on my back. My arms and legs were fastened securely to the floor. My hat was removed, and a fetish mask was pulled over my head. A few moments later, Michelle poked her head through the cage door.

“Hi, I’m April!” She said. “You wanna get trampled with heels, right?”

“Absolutely!” I said.

“I’ve never actually done that before,” she said. “Are you sure you want ME to do it? I’m afraid I might hurt you.”

“I wanna be your first!” I told her.

Michelle smiled and giggled. “All right then,” she said. “But if you want me to stop, just say my name, and I’ll get off you, okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

I didn’t plan on saying her name, but SHOULD the need arise to stop her, I have to remember to say ‘April’ and not ‘Michelle’.

After her big intro over the speakers, Michelle stepped up into the cage and closed the door. Then the door was locked from the outside, and the ladder was carried away. The DJ turned up the music, and Michelle began to shake her hips to the beat. She looked down at me but didn’t make eye contact. She was looking at where she intended to step. I could tell she was counting the beats so she could step up on me in time with the song! She carefully placed a booted foot on my chest, then, grabbing on to the front of the cage, swiftly pulled herself up onto me. Michelle continued shaking her hips as she stepped up and down. Her heels felt like stinging wasps as she pressed them into my ribs over, and over, and over again! I could hear her leather boots stretch and contract as she danced on me.

Michelle teasingly inserted the tip of her heel into my belly button and looked down at me to see if I was brave enough to let her step down. Several on-lookers were shouting ‘DO IT! DO IT!’ Michelle, still looking at me, raised her eyebrows in question. I nodded. She stepped. She balanced herself on one foot as she stood on my stomach, and my navel received the entirety of her stainless steel heel. Michelle stood there for a moment, expecting me to say the safe word ‘April’, but I never did. Finally, she smiled at me and said, “I’m impressed.”

When Michelle stepped off of me, I watched five inches of smooth shiny metal emerge from my navel as she lifted her boot from my stomach.

Next, while she stood on my hands, Michelle unbuckled her fancy footwear. I held onto her boots as she stepped out of them – onto my face! She stood on my face with both feet, and I could smell her sweet stinky peds, as her sweat soaked into the fetish mask.

The music died down as the DJ brought the session to a close, and I heard the sound of the cage being unlocked, and the ladder re-attached.

“C’mon, April!” Said one of the other girls. “It’s time to get off him now!”

“Aw, do I HAVE to?” Michelle protested. “His face feels so good under my feet!”

Michelle finally steps off and looks down at me.

“You okay?” She asked. “Is that what you wanted?”

“Awesome!” I said. I didn’t want to say too much. I didn’t want her to recognize my voice.

As I drove home, I could FEEL what she had done to me! I had already started to bruise, so I was turning black and blue, and I was covered in tiny red welts from Michelle’s heels. I couldn’t wait to get home and look in the mirror!

April, I mean Michelle, was supposed to come over after ‘work’ tonight, so I pretended to fall asleep on the couch watching TV. I heard her open the front door with her key. She came in and saw me on the couch.

“Hi, Babe!” She called to me.

I didn’t respond. She tossed her purse in the dining room, then kicked off her sneakers, and joined me on the couch.

“Hey!” She said as she began to snuggle. She stuck her hand under my t-shirt.

“What the…” she could feel the raised welts on my skin. She lifted up my shirt, and immediately recognized what she had done just hours earlier!

“That was YOU!?!” Michelle exclaimed as she jumped up off the couch.

Needless to say, I had some explaining to do! I told her how much I enjoyed being in that cage with her, and how beautiful she is to me. After Michelle calmed down, she started to flirt with me.

“I heard you’ve got the hots for a stripper named April!” She said. “Well lucky for you, I just happen to know her! I could even arrange a private dance with her if you want me to.”

“That would be awesome!” I said. “I heard she’s pretty good!”

“I taught her everything she knows!” Said Michelle.

The End

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