Unwitting finger trampling in a bookstore 2 min read

The writer remembers exploring unknowing finger trample idea at a bookstore

written by Highheellover
original source of the story was Unknown source

This story happened more than 10 years ago. When I was about 16 years, I was often in town. I loved to watch the woman walking in high heels.

One day when I was in a big bookstore (you know, the kind of stores where you can buy all books, and the books are showed at the wall, from the floor to nearly at the ceiling, with corridors). I found it the ideal place to try to let a woman stand on my hand and fingers.

I noticed women were sometimes looking and reading in books for several minutes at the same position, just moving their feet a little. So, I went next to the high heeled women, kneeled down, took a book in one hand, and put the other next to the heels. I preferred when a woman would stand on the back of my fingers. When they stood on my hand, they often noticed it with the difference of height.

I studied the situation, and I saw sometimes woman looking at books near to the floor. So they were nearly kneeling, onto the ball of the foot. That was the ideal situation. If they found a book and they were going to look in it, they’d move backwards, and put their heel onto the floor, or onto your finger, and I can tell you, this works, and they NEVER notice they are not standing on the floor.

I remember once, I put my fingertips under a spiked heel, waiting to see if the woman would put it down on my fingers. And yes, she did. She put the heel of her black pump in the middle of the nail of my middle finger. She leaned backwards and began reading the book.

After a while, that began to hurt, and the woman was just turning over the leaves of the book, crushing the tip of my finger. I couldn’t pull out my finger without her noticing. I had to leave my finger under her sharp heel. After 10 minutes, ( seemed an eternity), she leaned forward again, so I could liberate and have a look at my finger. You could see the finger was flattened (you’d see there was a little pit in the nail), and under the nail, my finger was becoming blue.

The woman was still there, so I put my hand under her heel again. She stood twice on my little finger after that. It was great!!! It had to be great because I still remember it after more than 10 years.

2 thoughts on “Unwitting finger trampling in a bookstore 2 min read

  1. Great story I remember doing this at a Waterstones women would be almost knelt down with a book in there hands I had my fingers crushed loads of times.

    Best one was a lady knelt down in some gorgeous wooden gladiator heeled sandals which had a.thin 4” heel I had placed my finger directly below her heel ready for her to stand on which she did cos she started to stand up putting more an more pressure on my little finger which I loved she ended up putting all her weight on my little finger for around 5 minutes before she left an i could see the deep spiked heel imprinted on my little finger when she had lifted her heel off she didn’t even notice what she had done

    1. I am glad you like it.
      At a young age, I used the row with magazines in supermarkets, then later bookstores, but my favorite setting is and keeps being an open-air concert in a public park. This year’s season has just begun.

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