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The author writes about his experience as a dummy on a film set

written by Doorstep
original source of the story was Unknown source

Some years back, after reading the scenario of a new film, I arranged a deal with a very good friend of mine, who is a movie director. He was to shoot a film in which during one of the scenes a group of about 80 women flies from a fire in their office building via a small corridor. At the end of that corridor, they could leave the building via an emergency rope ladder. ( In fact, it were only 20 women, but when they were down the ladder, they had to walk back via a bypass to the “end of the line” to do it over and over).

In the “panic” two women fell and were trampled and there was also the same fate for one of the guards, who was pushed over when he tried to help one of the fallen women. Of course, the women around them, unable to help, panicked and warned everyone to be careful, because their colleague was on the floor. While the women were pushed forward, they all did their utmost to prevent stepping on them, but from the fourth row, because of all the noise, the women had not heard the warnings and were unaware of the victims on the floor. Even if they had known, they couldn’t do anything about it and often they were not even able not to step on them.

As the rope ladder could handle only three women at the same time, the women in the queue in front of the ladder, were very close to each other, because of the pushing from behind.

The lighting during the beginning of the scene was flashing from darkness to pretty intense to create the effect of flames in the back. The effect of this is that the women didn’t see well.

The two women and the guard who fell and were trampled were, in fact, three dummies who looked and felt very real. During the various rehearsals, the real victims walked along and fell. At that instant, everyone stopped at the “CUT” command and the real persons were exchanged by the dummies. Everyone stepped back a few paces, the light went out and at the command “ACTION”, everyone started to move again. In the film, it looked like the victims fell at the moment of a power failure.

Because of those various rehearsals of the scene, the women got used to stepping on the “victims”, although they said that it felt different every time and although they knew it wasn’t real, it kept giving them the creeps and a very unpleasant feeling. The director said: “keep that feeling, cause in a real situation, you would have that feeling too when you are trampling someone (probably) to death.”

The guard was on the floor close to the rope ladder (only two and a half meters) and therefore at one of the most crowded and trampled places.

Of course, you guess my deal: I was to be in the place of the guard dummy! This was the chance of a lifetime, no matter what risk I took. I just had to do this.

I took my precautions, as I absolutely do like unknowing trampling, but I do not want to die, nor do I want to be severely injured and I knew I was taking a hell of a risk.

Around my neck, I had a sort of a high and very stiff collar, to prevent my throat being crushed. Also, I had stiff and strong protection around my waist, to protect my organs and my lower ribs. My dick was placed on top of that protection, so he would be really trampled when a woman would step on him. My balls were also protected. The last protection was on parts of my face. A special, very flat, set of glasses covered my eyes, to prevent a high heel to crush my eyes, a nose cap to protect my nose and a teeth protector (like boxers wear) completed the job.

The rest of my face, my chest, arms, hands, and legs were unprotected.

In the morning were the various rehearsals and at 14.00, my ultimate fantasy was going to become real. Looking at the last rehearsal I got the shivers a bit, as reality was at hand now. How would I endure? Every time I had seen that the dummies got damaged. Clothing was often torn by the heels of the women as all were dressed in elegant office clothing and almost all wore high heeled shoes or at least very elegant shoes with very elegantly shaped (thin and often sharp)heels.

I also knew, that once started, there was absolutely no way back. A super thrill, but without a safeword.

During the lunch hour, I took my position by taking the dummy guard away and placing myself in its position. After about 15 minutes I heard different noises, made by all the crew and set members returning to the set and I knew: I was beyond my point of no return!

The taking of the scene started. Lights flashed, women screamed, walked, pushed and two women fell: “CUT” All movement stopped, except for the three workmen who picked up the dummies from the storage rack and placed the dummies at the same spot where the real victims fell. The workman who picked me up was informed about my deal with the director and (being paid well for it) reacted at the time with an “oke, if that’s what he wants.” While he picked me up, under my arms and dragged me into position, I kept my breath. The lights went out and there was a command which thundered in my mind: “ACTION”.

Within two seconds the first shoe was kicked into my side. Another woman stepped full on my upper leg. They both screened and warned their colleagues. A third one stepped on my upper arm. All was the same as I had seen in the rehearsals; except for one thing: this was for real and it hurt. One woman stepped over me, but not far enough. Her high heel landed on the back of my hand and I thought it went right through it. A lot of pain shot through my body, but so did the adrenaline. I was in sheer ecstasy.

A number of women succeeded in avoiding to step on me, but because of the pushing at the back in combination with the front part reaching the rope ladder at the end of the corridor, the “packing together effect” started. One woman stood exactly above my face and between her beautiful long legs, I had a terrific view at her crotch, covered by only a very small g-string. (O how I love modern underwear !). If she only knew; she would never grant me, a stranger, such a sight. But I had to pay a high price for that view, because if she had known that it was a real person’s face between her feet, she would probably not have put her right foot with a high heeled shoe on top of it, while she yelled: “o my God, I am stepping on the poor guy’s face and I can do anything about it. Help me, help him!” and with that applied the rest of her weight on my face. She then put her left foot also on my face and I thought my head was going to burst. The heels of her shoes crushed my lip, while her soles were on my forehead. She just stood there and it seemed for ages, then she just turned around. She twisted and turned until she was completely turned around and her heels were now on my forehead while her soles crushed my lips. It felt as if she twisted my face off completely. She slid off my face and stood again with one foot on each side of my head, giving me the fantastic view again. I felt a woman stepping on my waist protection and by doing so, she stepped fully upon my dick. It was flattened completely. She placed her other foot right next to her right; exactly upon the head of my dick. Before I could think, she twisted her feet and her heel was now placed at the bottom of my dick and the ball of her foot on the head. I thought I was going to pass out. Another lady drove her high heel in one of my nipples, while another one crushed my fingers. How was I going to survive this; it was a hell of a lot more than I ever imagined. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. I knew the scene would last for 8 minutes and only 2 minutes had passed.

At that moment there were at least five women on top of me. The flesh of my shinbone was severely damaged when a spike heel was driven in it first and then slid off. As no one was standing at my face, I managed to lift my head a bit and I had a terrific view. I was really trampled and I could see all those lovely blondes, brunettes, and red-haired women step on me without knowing and thus without care.

I turned my head to the side and my nose was just half an inch from an open toe pump, with a gorgeous foot in it. She had her nails polished red and when I looked up I saw her gorgeous legs and I looked under her skirt. She also wore a small, white g-string and it was too small to hide all of her black pubic hair. She must have had a lot of hair on her pussy. I looked at her feet again. Being so close, I could smell them. I must say, that for such a pretty lady, her feet smelled very strong, but I loved the odor. I could not control myself: I had to taste those toes. Very gently, I stuck out my tongue and touched her toes. Of course, she didn’t notice. Even if she had noticed something, she would never have thought it to be anything to pay attention to. What else could it be than just something on the floor? Perhaps a part of the dummy. She was pushed backwards a bit and to balance herself, I saw her putting most of her weight on her heels. Because of that movement, she lifted her toes just high enough for me to slide my tongue between her toes and the innersole of her pump. When she returned to her position, I felt a fierce crush of my tongue. Although the pain was almost more than I could bear, I didn’t dear to move it. She was standing on it and no way I could have pulled my tongue from under her toes without here noticing it. She moved her toes a bit and I now really experienced the taste of strong smelling feet. Part of my tongue was in-between her toes. I don’t know what was worse; the crush, the smell or the taste. On the other hand, I loved all three. All of this didn’t take long and in her next move, she tried to step over the obstacle on the floor (my face). She lifted her foot, my tongue was free now and the taste of in-between here toes was now in my entire mouth. However, she didn’t lift her foot high enough, so with stepping over my face, my head was forced to roll over, like a ball. When she stepped down, her shoe was still partly on my face and her high heel pressed in the corner of my lips and forced them aside. Her heel slipped inside my mouth and an intense pain struck me when the scratched the inside of my jaw, just above my teeth. The movement of the step went on and by stepping down; her heel hooked my inner cheek. I quickly turned my head further to prevent that she would completely rip off my cheek. My mouth was open wide by now and she was standing, full weight, on her left leg. My cheek was still under her heel. She was standing with her high heel on the inside of my cheek. This was far more than I could bear and tears jumped into my eyes. I am sure she couldn’t care less. For her, there was just a dummy under her feet. She wasn’t even aware of how she was standing on it. She brought her right foot over as well and placed it on my upper arm. Another woman stepped over my chest, without lifting her foot high enough and tore my shirt with her heel. My chest was scratched and my bare skin was exposed.

The total amount of impressions was more than I could coordinate in my brain and I didn’t recollect what happened further with my legs. It was as if they weren’t mine anymore.

The black lady took a small step and my cheek was free. It hurt like hell. I turned my head back. I women lost her glasses, as they were knocked off her face in the busy crowd. It fell just beside me and within a second a beautiful brunette crushed them. In my head, the alarm bell rang! And yes, I saw the next step of this gorgeous brunette above me as in slow motion. I saw the pieces of glass, which stuck to her sole. She placed her left foot on my bare chest but didn’t apply any weight yet. I heard her say: “O, I am to step on that fucking dummy again. I don’t want to lose my balance again, like in the rehearsal”. She twisted her foot back and forth a number of times. It was like I was struck by hundreds of needles. She was looking for the best place to put her foot down. She slid her foot forward and her sole, with the pieces of glass still stuck into it, was now on my left nipple and her high and sharp, damaged heel tip was now on my right nipple. I whispered, ”no lady, don’t put your weight on me now; do step over me.” But of course she didn’t hear me and when she was confident enough to have her right balance, she applied all of her weight and stepped on my bare chest. The pain was beyond belief and was even increased when she also put her right foot (with which she had also crushed the glasses) on my chest.

By now the cover of my dick was also gone, almost together with my shirt and he was exposed to those gorgeous but dangerous women, unknowing of the torment which went on under their shoes. He was still on top of my waist protection and therefore on a pretty strong and rather stiff surface. It was as if he was placed on a real floor. A red-haired babe stepped on me and stood directly on top of it. Because he was not covered anymore, there was no protection at all. I felt her sole on my skin and how he was flattened. The brunette laughed and said to her: ”It should have been that son of a bitch from the parking lot, instead of a dummy. I would have wiped my feet on him.” At that moment, she started to wipe her feet as if she stood on a doormat and caused immense pain. Her soles were still covered with the pieces of glass and her heels were sharp as hell. Her red-haired friend starts laughing also and said:

“Yeah, and I would twist the life out of him,” and applied extra weight on the foot where my dick was under and crushed it like putting out a cigarette.

Yes, I had my greatest fantasy come through. At the end of the scene, the last of the women descended the rope ladder and stayed below. They went for a coffee break, where the rest of the crew joined them. As everyone had left the set, my friend picked me up and took me to his home. It took me three weeks to recover. I was extremely lucky that I had no remaining injuries, as I could have been crippled for life very easily. Be aware, that no pro domme tramples you so extreme as women who are not aware of you, a living thing (let alone a man) under their shoes!! They just step on you as if you are just an inanimate part of the floor. They don’t think for a moment to take care, to avoid injuries. Why should they?

But that was exactly what I wanted and hoped for.

In fact, the risk I took was not sensible. On the other hand: without the risk, it wouldn’t have been a real unknowing trample.


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