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written by Andy 21121
original source of the story was Unknown source

I must tell you this story. Whether you decide its fact or fiction is entirely up to you, the point to remember is its possible if nothing else.

The story is set a few years ago when I was employed as a taxi driver for a
local firm. For a few nights, we had been picking up fares from a large hotel that was hosting a few special nights in a marquee to celebrate the Christmas season.

As I had parked outside waiting for my passengers I noticed that the toilets were situated near to the marquee and the route was laid out with a length of carpet from the marquee edged with a chain fence. I also noticed that the
walkway was covered to protect from the weather and there were two separate toilet buildings – one for ladies and one for men. I noticed that the ladies room was pretty close to the boundary of the hotel and one of the lights was broken which threw a shadow across the walkway and into the field beyond.

A plan started to form as I watched young women walking up and down the walkway. The fashion of the day seemed to promote short dresses and chunky heels as going out attire and I started to think how easy it would be to hide under the carpet and fulfill my wildest fantasy. I thought about it and dismissed the idea as stupid – I would have to spend at least five hours under there as the functions were from seven till midnight and once committed there was no going back. As I watched the women going back and forth I thought I could easily last five hours as the chunky heels did not cause too much pain and it was more a feeling of being squashed down now and again for a short time rather than the painful trample you get from spike heels.

By midnight I had talked myself into it as I was getting more and more turned on thinking about actually doing it.

I returned to the hotel at 4 am armed with a small spade and a length of strong wood and approached from the field. I got quite close to the door of the ladies room and pulled back the carpet. I realized why it was carpeted outside when I saw how soft the ground was, this would work to my advantage however as the ground was uneven and no one realized what they were stepping on or cared. This was an added turn on for me – the fact of being walked on without the women realizing it was a person they were walking on. For added peace of mind, I walked up and down the length of the carpet and to my relief found it was all very uneven. Perfect.

I had to be quiet whilst digging a hole for myself as I knew there were the night porters employed who occasionally patrolled the grounds and checked the car park. After an hour the hole was complete and I lay down in it and pulled the carpet over me to make sure it was a tight fit with no gaps at my sides. I left my head exposed and looked down the length of the carpet, great you couldn’t tell where I was and by touch, I figured I felt no different to the ground. I climbed out and placed the wooden board over the hole just in case.

I returned at about five thirty in the evening over the fields wearing all black. I had decided that if I was discovered I would make a bolt for it over
the field. I crept to the spot and removed the wood and dragged it back to the field. I quickly crawled back and took my place in the hole, I covered up to my chest with the carpet then scraped small holes where my eye would be with a pocket knife for added pleasure. I covered myself totally at this point and hoped the carpet looked straight. There was no going back now.

I had only been lying there for about 10 minutes when I heard women’s voices approaching, had it started early? As they got nearer I noticed they were maids obviously coming to clean the toilets before the night started. A young brunette walked up my legs, trod on my cock then my chest and stopped. My heart stopped beating as she squatted down and straightened the carpet – it mustn’t have been lying right. She said to her workmate that she was sure she had already checked the carpet but it was lucky she had spotted it because it would not be tolerated tonight of all nights.

As she walked away I heard her complain to her friend about not getting extra money for working later as the license had been extended till 2 am.

Shit, I thought. Why tonight? What was so special about tonight? Ten minutes later the maids returned, The smaller blonde stepped on my head, stomach, and legs on the way and the view was fantastic. It felt so good being trodden on without her realizing what she was doing and the crush wasn’t that bad. I started feeling good and thought that I could last till 2 am no problem.

As the time wore on I could make out the sound of music coming from the marquee but it didn’t seem loud enough for a disco and definitely the wrong type of music for young party goers these days. As I lay there the music got louder and a bit more modern and I tensed when I heard voices approaching, I had waited for so long and now I was going to get my dreams to come true. I tensed my stomach muscles and stared through the holes and waited. At first, the head came into view, she looked late thirties with dark hair cut into a bob style and quite attractive. As she came into view I noticed she was wearing a black suit jacket and matching a dress and it all looked pretty top quality clothes. At that point, she stepped onto my right shin and the pain shot through me. I had never experienced pain like it in my life, it had only just registered when a similar pain exploded into my left thigh. I gritted my teeth as the pain in the shin subsided and was almost instantly replaced by a similar pain in my chest.

She continued on her way and I noticed she was wearing Red high heels which I would normally have thought set her clothes off perfectly.

I lay there and let the tears roll down my face, I had never expected pain like this, I was used to my girlfriend standing on me with heels on but it had never hurt as much as I had just hurt. Saying that though my girlfriend knew I was under her and probably didn’’t stand with full weight. The lady who had just passed had no such knowledge and just walked as normal considering me to be the ground.

Despite the pain, I became aroused at the thought and cursed myself for being unable to relieve the swelling.

I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts that the sudden onset of pain shooting through my left kneecap almost made me scream out, my eyes shot open and I noticed the tall giantess starting her progress up my body. She was younger than the first lady but a lot larger. She had short red hair and was quite plump and wore what looked like a party dress. I didn’t take much in because at that instant I regretted ever getting aroused as my balls seemed to be forced back into my body by the weight of this woman actually stepping on my genitals. The heel was buried at the base of my shaft and the pressure was unbearable, as the step continued she stepped down on the head of my cock and it felt about ready to burst when the pressure lifted at about the same time as my stomach felt like it was trying to meet my back.

The crush combined with the pain was intense and I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. Bad move, had I seen her foot heading for my face I may have been able to turn my head slightly but I knew nothing till I felt teeth crack as her heel slammed into my clenched teeth and straight after this my nose cracked as it was broken and spread across my face. As my eyes shot open I was staring up the side of the sole of a giant red shoe and up a hefty leg. As she stepped off I saw that it was a low heeled shoe with a heel of about two inches in diameter.

I lay there in absolute agony and could taste blood in my mouth and felt it oozing from my shattered nose – it hurt like hell and I was already really weakened when the first lady returned. I just caught sight of her towering above me as she trod on my already shattered nose sending waves of pain
and nausea through my head as she walked down my body sending fresh waves of pain signals to my brain as her heels dug into new areas of my body. I was convinced each step had left a tiny puncture hole in my flesh as the pain had been so intense. The fat lady returned causing more damage to my already aching body but thankfully missed my face and genitals. As soon as she passed a new lady took her place, again dressed to kill and looking immaculate. She was not a heavy lady but when her heel found my legs this was the worst pain yet. I realized she was wearing really high heels with a needle-like tip. I could feel blood oozing from my leg and I was sure she’d broken it as she stepped up onto my stomach. I felt as though I was about to throw up as her other heel found my forehead.

For a second I was staring passed the sharpest heel I had ever seen up
the back of her leg then she was gone. I knew my head was bleeding as I could feel it and I fund it hard to believe how much pain I was in as the carpet was stopping any real damage.

I was really starting to panic now, I was in agony and knew for a fact the night was still young. My earlier confidence had disappeared and I started thinking there was no way I would last till the party was over.

I toyed with the idea of just making a dash for the field and hope for the best but this was no longer an option as my legs were in no state to carry me quickly. The more I thought about it the more I realized I was screwed and was stuck there, hell there would only be a body left in the morning at this rate.

The woman with the sharp heels returned but mercifully walked to the side of me but my relief was short lived. I heard voices again and began to cry quietly. I’’m not ashamed to admit this and before you all call me a wimp this was a fantasy I had never acted out before and was not prepared for.

The new tormentor came into view, tall, blond and very pretty wearing a tight-fitting silver dress. This time my left ankle took the first hit, my brain
screamed silently to itself and I was convinced it was broken. I had watched her face and she showed no sign of remorse as she continued laughing with a friend just out of eyeshot. What did I expect, she didn’’t know I was there and had no reason to feel any feeling for a man she was unaware of yet torturing. Her left foot came slamming down on my right thigh and the pain was intense, it felt like a hot knife searing to the bone. The next step saw her right foot bury itself in my chest and even though my teeth were clenched I grunted with the pain. She mustn’’t have heard me because she just continued on her way and was gone in a second. I noticed she was wearing heels and it was then I remembered something important and my heart started really going flat out with fear.

The reason I had asked for the night off work was that the party was for the national association of female executives and these girls were bitches. They got really drunk, really quickly and did nothing but talk down to you when you took them home and considered most people below them.

Well, I was below them now and there was nothing more frightening. In one respect I found these women absolutely gorgeous because of how they appeared and the power their attire suggested. (I don’t think I’’d ever seen one of them not wearing heels).

Another side of me hated them though because they had everything I would never have. I was really frightened now though if any of these ladies found me I would end up in jail because they had the influence to make sure of it. I had no choice, I had to stay and suffer quietly ’till it was over.

The pretty one returned but it was her friend who appeared in my line of sight. This one was just as pretty with dark hair and a red dress. The toe of her shoe found my forehead, she stepped off as her other foot found my stomach. I winced, her heel had found my navel and the ball of her foot found the head of my cock.

Next, my left shin felt as though it had been pierced then they were gone.
This went on for an eternity. Many women walked over me and all seemed to be wearing heels. My body had been tortured beyond any point I even thought possible never mind have to endure and I was feeling light-headed. My nose had taken a lot more shots and I knew it was freely bleeding from a few areas and my balls were aching as I had never imagined possible.

I couldn’t have much longer to wait surely. It felt like I had been under the carpet for hours and I knew I was close to blacking out. It was about this point when my nightmare experience took a turn for the worst. You may not think this possible but believe me, what happened next was intense.

I was becoming resigned to the fact that I was in more pain than I could have imagined and was just about getting to the stage where new pain could no longer be distinguished from old pain. I honestly think at this point every square inch of me had been stepped on with heels and the pain could get no worse. Another woman started her walk up my body, it hurt but like I said I was getting used to it. Her right foot just missed my head and landed on the ground next to my face and her left foot hit the ground just by the right side of my face. This was where she stopped and just stood there. I was staring past her black, shiny shoes and up her extremely shapely legs at her ass firmly wrapped in a black skirt. I couldn’’t see her face but could make out a mass of blond curls falling down her back. I got a hard-on instantly and even that hurt like hell.

With sickening realization I guessed what was happening, they were starting to queue for the toilets. My new tormentor was straddling my head without standing on me but what if she moved? Would I be able to not scream?

The pain in my legs woke me up from my trance and a new tormentor joined the queue. She was another example of executive perfection; she was tall, elegant and aloof. Her raven black hair was tied into a tail making her look harsher than she should have.

Her skin-tight black dress showed off every curve and her feet were encased in black leather court shoes with a five-inch heel. She stopped and waited for her turn to come. I was in agony – her left foot was too my right and was on the ground but her right shoe was on me. The heel was boring into the top of my right thigh and the sole of her shoe was pinning my cock down.

The pain was incredible, as she stood still her heel started getting slowly deeper into my thigh. The ground must not have felt right to her because she started kneading the ground with her foot trying to subconsciously flatten out the lump she could feel under her foot.

My cock felt like it was going to split open when she shifted all her weight to her left foot and the pressure was reduced. She just stood there with her arms folded and started tapping her right foot with impatience. I couldn’t help myself and my cock exploded sending shock waves through my body, I couldn’t believe I was being given an unknown foot job by a goddess who didn’t care.

My euphoria was short lived however as she changed feet and all of her weight was transferred to her right foot. I felt the skin on my thigh tear and was sure she’d gone deep into the muscle. The lady straddling me moved forward as another lady stopped on my legs, My cock was squashed a bit more as she stepped forward and she stopped above my face as the other lady had done. This time, however, her sole covered my smashed nose and her heel was on the ground just to the left of my mouth. The lady on my legs moved up to my cock and planted her heel on my cock and just stood motionless causing extreme agony.

Another lady moved onto my legs and I was sure my knee cracked under the weight. My nose was being slammed repeatedly by the goddess on my face repeating her foot tapping and my cock was throbbing intensely as the unknown torturer just stood and waited. At last everyone moved up and I lost sight of the foot tapper. The cock torturer now stood motionless on my chest and I could hardly breathe.

She was a redhead and was smoking a cigarette. Her feet didn’t move a millimeter and she stood stock-still whilst waiting. She seemed a big girl and her heels were sinking deeper and deeper. The lady on my legs moved up and I had a heel embedded into each thigh and she started raising herself up and down on her soles sending fresh waves of pain each time she “landed”. I was in hell and crying like a baby – no one could see me though. Another unseen tormentor stepped onto my shins and exceeded all pain thresholds when she started stamping her feet on top of me. I guess she was cold – something else I’’d forgot about. The redhead’s cigarette end landed just on top of my nose and her foot was instantly onto it grinding it (and my already shattered nose) into extinction. She moved forwards stepping off my nose. The ladies all moved up and took up different positions on my shattered body.

I was now looking up at an older lady dressed in another version of the “little black dress” everyone seemed to be wearing. She looked late forties but still presentable and was wearing black heels. As she stepped forward to take her new position I watched helplessly as her heel descended into my forehead and there she stopped. The pain was intense and this pain was doubled as the lady next in line (about 35, blond hair and wearing a gold dress with no sleeves and obviously cold) stopped with her heel digging into my scrotum.

No one moved onto my legs however and it seemed the queue was dying down. The lady on my head started raising her heels up and down again and I was groaning out loud now. No one could hear me however as the conversations were quite loud around me. As she rocked back and forth on my head I started to feel fresh blood flow from my forehead as her heel increased and decreased its pressure as she rocked.

My balls suddenly exploded as the lady in the gold dress started stamping her feet again to combat the cold. This was pain taken to a new level, not every stomp landed on my balls but the majority did and it was the heel of her gold stiletto sandal that was slamming into my balls and cock with incredible force. I threw up, I couldn’t help it – it was just a natural reaction to having your balls stamped on repeatedly.

In the confined area of my hole, I could feel vomit lying all over my face and felt quite disgusted. The older lady moved off my forehead and the stamping stopped as the younger one moved up and stood on my face. This was too intense, Her heel was digging into my chin and the sole of her gold sandal was squashing my flattened and broken nose. I could see her toes peeping over the edge of her sole and she looked so innocent as she stood there shivering and slowly killing me. I became aroused again but this really hurt as my balls were probably swollen to three times their normal size. I think my cock must have been gouged too because I could feel blood ooze as it grew larger. I watched her foot lift above my face and hover for a second them come crashing down as she started her stamping again. I felt a tooth break and my nose mashed even more then her foot raised again and SLAM, SLAM, SLAM, SLAM. It was relentless I tried to turn my head but just didn’t get the time. My teeth were smashed, my lips bleeding and swollen. My jaw felt broken and my cheekbones seemed to have collapsed into my face. She just stood there stamping her feet against the cold totally unaware of causing suffering and carnage under her pretty feet.

She was grinding stale vomit into the cuts on my face and the acid started burning my eyes and stinging my face. I felt a foot land on my balls again and the pain increased there as well. I was in the worst agony of my fucking life and I couldn’t even raise the energy to cry let alone get the hell out of there. She moved on and a new lady moved onto my chest. I can’t recall her face as my vision was blurred at this point but she was heavy.

I couldn’’t even tense up anymore, I just lay there and groaned. Once she moved on I was released at last but felt like shit. I was getting cramp to add to my problems and I still had a raging hard-on. Ladies kept walking over me of course and the pain was always constant and I felt I was living in hell. I regretted ever digging this stupid fucking hole- what was I thinking?

Heels were constantly slamming into my face, balls, cock, legs, chest, stomach and parts of my body I thought unexposed. As the night wore on. The ladies were getting drunk and their steps were getting heavier as they began to stagger rather than walk. At one point I heard someone ask the time and the reply was 1:30. At least now I could see an end to my torment- an hour max, these dos normally dispersed pretty quickly.

At one point two ladies teetered towards me singing drunkenly. One of them fell and her knee slammed into my balls causing me to vomit once more. She just knelt there laughing and her friend moved in front of her to help her up. As she stood ready to help she had one heel planted over my left eye and the other to the side of my right eye. Thank god the carpet was stopping her heel penetrating.

The pain was intense however and doubled as her friend started to rise using her for support. Her knee lifted from my balls but her foot replaced it with her heel firmly positioned over my cock. As she stood she rocked unsteadily and I felt the skin of my cock tear again. I groaned and at this point, she lurched forward causing her helper to rock back on her heels. It was too much for the carpet and there was a faint tearing sound when one of her heels pierced the carpet. The steel tipped heel dug into my flesh on the right side of my eye and gouged its way down into my ear. The pain was searing and I cried out as the two girls collapsed into a heap. They were laughing so much they didn’’t hear me and I was thanking God it wasn’t the other heel that had penetrated as I would have surely lost my eye. One of the girls just sat laughing with her backside on my chest and her feet on my face. I instantly got hard again as she leaned back and rested her hand on my cock. Even this caused pain and when she eventually got up she stood full weight on my face with heels digging into both cheeks.

Only a few more walked over me after that and eventually, all went quiet. I
eventually plucked up the courage to move the carpet and looked out. All the
lights in the marquee were out and the place looked deserted. I could put no
weight on my right leg and had to limp over the field to where I had left the
car. I drove home slowly and limped into the house and went to get cleaned up. My clothes were all ripped and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified. My nose was so badly mashed that bits of bone were protruding from the flesh and I had a deep cut down the right side of my face. Despite the carpet, I could clearly make out heel prints all over my body and my balls were swollen and bruised. They looked like purple welts and my cock had two holes in the skin covered with dry blood. I had been Right about my thighs, the heels had pierced the skin and my legs were cut to ribbons and bruised. My ankle was broken and I was sick again.

I couldn’t help but relieve myself again thinking about my experience. I came hard and blacked out.

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