Fingers Crushed at the Aquarium 1 min read

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I’d been to an aquarium lecture. We’d been sitting on the floor, in a dimly lit, carpeted room. After the lecture, a tall blonde in flat-heeled leather sandals I’d been eying, made my day.

She was maybe 5’10, tan, and a little extra padding, but very attractive. As the lecture began, I made sure I found a seat on the floor near her. During the lecture, her kid gave her a couple of pencils he must’ve gotten at the gift shop. She placed them on the floor between us.

When the lecture was over, she stood up with her back to me, and just as her heel came down on the edge of the two pencils, I slid my pinkie over to join them. Timed perfectly, her heel came down hard, so hard I almost yelped. Quickly she stepped out of the way (and as soon as she began to move I moved my hand back), saw they were just pencils, then went back to fussing with her kid and the stroller.

As she stepped a little toward the pencils I pushed the pencils out of the way and laid my hand down flat. She just stood there on my fingers for about 30 seconds, shifting her weight back and forth, hurting me reeeeeally good. Those tan, muscular, rounded heels of her looked sooooooo fine as they drove her shoe heels into my fingers.

As she finally stepped off, I turned around in time to see my wife shooting me the look of death. She knows about my fetish but doesn’t indulge it, and gets absolutely pissed when she catches me slipping stuff under another woman’s feet. My fingers were a little sore the rest of the day. So was my wife. How sweeeeeet!

2 thoughts on “Fingers Crushed at the Aquarium 1 min read

  1. I know your feeling, I have a trample fetish I tried to explain it to my wife, she called me a sick, discussing, perverted, freak and wanted a divorce, it took me over 3 months to convince her I was only kidding. So now I have to be very careful at what I do, say, or look at.

  2. sometimes when I take the wife on a date. I leave my clothes on the floor by the closet and mirror, she steps on stuff when trying on outfits/shoes. hot!

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