A Lesson For Peter 5 (1)

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Foot Stories Specialist

It was September 1996. 24-year old Kayla Murray was just getting off work at the local shopping mall. It was about 10:30 at night as she approached her shiny red convertible in the parking lot. Kayla was a rather wealthy female, living in a large house in Los Angeles, California.

Kayla was a gorgeous girl of Japanese origin, with a perfect American dialect. She was 5’8, thin, and had a lovely face with a great complexion, complemented by her long, jet black hair. Kayla was always a good dresser. Tonight she wore a blue blouse with a black miniskirt, stockings, and leather flat-soled ankle boots.

Kayla arrived home 10 minutes later to find that a light on the second floor of her house was on. Something was seriously wrong. Kayla exited the car and rushed through the front door of the house. She checked the rooms on the first floor but found nothing unusual. Continue reading “A Lesson For Peter 5 (1)