Dating A Stripper

The author has written an excellent text about him experiencing his girlfriend’s secret profession

written by Smokncatfoot
original source of the story was Unknown source

You think you know someone pretty well, and then – BAM! You find out something about them that totally blows your mind! Take Michelle, for instance. Michelle and I had been dating for a little over three months. We both attend State University, where we have several classes together. We both listen to classic rock, we both love Thai food, and we both think Dane Cook is friggin’ hilarious!

I thought I knew her pretty well, but now I come to find out that Michelle is an exotic dancer! Apparently, she’s been doing this to work her way through college since before I met her! She works at a strip club in a neighboring town, hoping no one from school finds out about it. I found out from a friend of mine who lives over there. Continue reading “Dating A Stripper”

The Mars Trample

A story about a group of five girlfriends who periodically trampled the ex of one of them

written by footman2
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums

He laid there and was stood, stepped and danced on for a long time. The women were so used to him and didn`t pay attention to him anymore. The women were barefooted or in socks, which they usually used when he was a dancefloor. It was easier for them to dance on him that way. Continue reading “The Mars Trample”

Philippine Trample

The author remembers being trampled in Manila

written by Under Pressure
original source of the story was Unknown source

During my first trip to the PI, I had a wonderful little experience. As always, I book my airport transportation and hotel in advance. I always stay in Angeles City, at the American Hotel. I can’t have fun in the PI anymore. More on that some other time.

Anyhow, I arrive in Manila, get my ride to Angeles, and 2 and 1/2 hours later, I am at the hotel. As I am checking in, I see these two beauties sitting on a couch in the lobby. I glanced at them and went on about my business. I was then shown to my room upstairs.

The bellboy had just left a few minutes ago, and I was unpacking my bag when I get a knock on the door. I opened it and it is the bellboy again. This time, he has a note for me. He says it’s from one of the girls in the lobby. I open it and it reads, “I like you and I want to meet with you”. I ball it up and throw it in the trash.

Not 5 minutes later, I get a call on the phone. I say to myself what the fuck? I answer the phone and it is the girl from the lobby. She said that I looked cute and she wanted to meet me. I said if she wants to meet me, come up to my room. She said OK.

3 minutes later she is knocking on my door. Pretty little thing, and I do mean little. 5′ even. I let her in and we talk for a while. She invites me to a club later on that night. I tell her I might show up and I might not.

Fast forward to that night. I pull up on a trike and she is sitting outside waiting with 3 of her friends. She sees me and starts screaming like I was here long lost friend. We drink, we dance, she sits on my lap all night, club closes and I tell her that I will see her later. She wants to go to my room with me. I tell her no, I don’t even really know you. She starts crying, the bottom line is we go back to my hotel room. We are laying on the bed, watching TV.

I tell her that a massage always relaxes me before bed. She says that she would give me one but she doesn’t know how. I tell her it is easy, all she has to do is walk all over me. She asks, “won’t that hurt if I walk on you”? I told her she is only 5′ tall and probably weighs only around 110. I had been working out and was in pretty good shape. She said OK.

I was laying on my back. She just stepped up onto my stomach with both feet and started walking around on me. She wasn’t shy at all and stepped in my groin a few time and kept moving up towards my chest. Suddenly she screams. I am wondering once again what the fuck???

Apparently one of her favorite songs had come on the TV. She starts dancing on my chest, down to my stomach, and on top of my groin. Of course, things in that area start to grow. She either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care. She keeps dancing. She’s bouncing on top of me and I am bouncing on top of the bed. It was all good!!!

After her song finished, she stopped dancing and started back to just walking. She didn’t weigh much but she was solid. I asked her to walk a little higher. Now she was on my chest. I asked her to go a little higher. She just stepped on the side of my face. Then she asked, “Is this high enough”? I said that’s fine. She couldn’t stand on my head because she kept losing her balance. So she moved back down to my chest, stomach, and groin. She kept walking until I couldn’t take it anymore. Couldn’t take it anymore on that side.

I asked her to get down so I could turn over. She did and I did. Then she was back up and walking some more. The girl had energy. Her name was Lovely by the way. And she was every bit of that. It was feeling good, but I wanted more. So I asked her if we could move to the floor. It was carpeted. She said sure. I moved to the floor and then told her that it felt good, but it wasn’t hard enough. Could she put her shoes on? She said no problem.

She had sandals that looked like the bottom was from a tire. Deep tread. She put them on. I was laying on my stomach this time. She just walked up between my legs and kept going. She would walk up my back, step on the side of my face, then off onto the floor. Then she would turn around and go the other way. I just couldn’t get enough. So I asked her to wait a minute while I turned over onto my back.

She said that I must really like this. She was looking at my groin, which she stepped on a second later on her way up my body. She stepped on my face, then turned around for her trip back, and then she laughed. I asked what was funny. She said that I had footprints all over my body, even on my face. I finally couldn’t take anymore and had to ask her to stop.

She then took me into the bathroom and gave me a shower. She actually washed my body while I just stood there. It was a weird feeling. But what happened afterwards was not weird at all.

First real foot fetish experience

The author writes about his first foot experience

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I finally grew the balls to contact a foot goddess to satisfy my foot fetish cravings and let me tell you it was well worth it. When I first met the goddess I was very impressed. She was about 5’3 and I later found out she weighed a little over 100 lbs. She was in her low 20s and had the sweetest sexiest body you could ever imagine.

When we first met I was immediately taken upstairs to her room. She was wearing open toed shoes and I was watching her feet as I followed behind her. When we got to her room I took off my shirt and lied on her bed. Continue reading “First real foot fetish experience”

My Trample Christmas Present

The author writes about a memory of being trampled by his ex

written by Mashedup
original source of the story was Unknown source

This is a true story. It happened last night 12/22/02. My ex-girlfriend and I are still friends. She knows about my trample fetish and occasionally indulges in my fetish because she knows it makes me happy. She doesn’t like to trample me in stiletto heels even though she knows they are my favorite. She is afraid of hurting me and leaving scars. She will occasionally try on stiletto boots and shoes for me at the shoe store just to get a rise out of me (such a tease!). Anyway, she knows I like to be trampled with shoes so she decided to give me my Christmas present a few days early. Continue reading “My Trample Christmas Present”

Miss Taylor Starts her New Job

A story about a secretary hired to dominate her boss

written by Unknown author
original source of the story was Unknown source

I knew this was no ordinary office. The dress code alone was a tip-off as were the outrageous salaries. But I’d been desperate for a job any job that would allow me to stay in the city to be independent of the demands from which I’d yearned for so very long to escape. They’d conducted oodles of interviews and hours of testing and finally said my psych profile was ideal for it. Whatever that meant.

I was nervous the first day on the job but determined to brazen it out. Little did I suspect what I would be made to endure that first day. The secretaries were all stunning but it was something other than perfect features or perfect bodies that accounted for that. I’d never seen such an assortment of short skirts and low-cut blouses in a professional setting. Even more so I’d never seen people look so happy to be at work on a Monday morning.

No one spoke to me except to say good morning. They all smiled and nodded politely. There was a measure of vitality that was starkly different than all the other offices I’d worked in over the years. I’d been shown to my desk and told to have a seat there until the boss called me in. I’d met him briefly a couple of times in my second and third interviews after the long batteries of brain-picking tests. He’d struck me as average – average height dark and swarthy average build tending to lean if anything. His demeanor was anything but average. Continue reading “Miss Taylor Starts her New Job”

True Trample Experiences in Tanning Saloon

written by Juiced1000
original source of the story was Unknown source

Its been awhile since I’ve written anything so I thought I’d post some stories of real experiences I’ve had recently. A quick background, me and my girlfriend opened a clips site.

This has been a great excuse to recruit hot girls and have them trample and crush things. Anyways… I met this girl in my tanning salon, she’s 22 years old, a college girl who’s about 5’7″ and a good 140lbs. We started talking and I mentioned my website, she was instantly interested. She asked what the girls do and I told them that they trample me, front and back.

Well she agreed to do a shoot, I asked her “how about a trial run and see if you got what it takes?” with a quick little smile she said sure. We went back into my massage room and I laid on the table face down, she kicked off her flat, black sandals and without hesitation hopped up and stood on my back. “Does this hurt?” she asked, “Not at all, it feels great.” “Where can I go?” “Hey you’re on top, you’re in control, I’m just laying here,” with that she began to walk up and down my back. She placed her foot on my head and pressed down a little, “Does that feel good too?” “Yup.” Then she started to press down on my head harder. Before I knew it she was standing full weight on the side of my head. I could feel myself sinking into the firm massage table. I could smell the slight scent of sweat on her warm soles. She twisted her foot back and forth to test my pain tolerance. Continue reading “True Trample Experiences in Tanning Saloon”

The Stunning Blonde

A guy remembers being trample massaged by a woman, her daughter, and their female neighbor

written by GreyWolf
original source of the story was Unknown source

About 10 years ago I had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of a blonde, blue-eyed beauty through my work. She had experienced some marriage problems including physical abuse, and I helped her to move into a shelter temporarily until a restraining order could be issued, then into a nice apartment in the city. We became friends during the course of her divorce, and she often would either offer to share a meal with me when I got off work or just come by for a visit about 3 or 4 times a week.

Now … that’s the background … now for the story. Suzanna at the time was 35 but was “carded” every time she visited the gambling boat in town ‘cause she looked younger than 21. She stood 5’9” and weighed about 145# with one of the most beautiful shapes you’ve ever been blessed to view. She was tanned, blonde hair to her shoulders, and absolutely stunning 7 ½ feet always with a perfect pedicure. Guys, she was (and still is at 45) the kind of lady that would come into my workplace to see me and you had to wipe up the slobber from all the men in the building that saw her. Got the picture?

Ok, now …
The 1st time I visited her in her new apartment after she was all moved in, she and her 18-year-old daughter (also really pretty, but nothing like Mom) had fixed a fantastic meal to celebrate her new freedom and to show her appreciation of my efforts. After we finished the meal, she said, “Why don’t you stretch out on the carpet in the living room and let me and Krystle give you a back massage – You look so tense and you are always so stressed from work – I know you will love it.” Continue reading “The Stunning Blonde”

A Brother’s Servitude Chapter 2

written by Horsefly
original source of the story was Unknown source

Chapter 2

Tommy awoke on the floor of his sister’s room. At first, he was bewildered, wondering what the hell he was doing there. He became conscious of a dull pain in his balls and realized that his legs were tied together at the ankles, and his hands here bound behind his back. A dirty sock was stuffed in his mouth. Suddenly, all of the previous night’s humiliation came flooding back to him. He thought of spitting the sock out of his mouth and trying to crawl out of the room but thought better of it. If his sister beat the crap out of him when he was able-bodied, he didn’t even want to imagine what she’d do to him with his legs and hands bound. He turned his head and saw Samantha sleeping peacefully in her bed, her foot dangling over the side. He noticed that Jenny wasn’t in the room. Thank god, he thought. Continue reading “A Brother’s Servitude Chapter 2”

Trample Rep

written by Simon UK
original source of the story was Unknown source

Danny always looked forward to the visit of this particular sales rep. His shyness and her confidence had meant that most businesses had gone her way, which meant more visits. He was attracted by her dominating appearance, but mostly by her feet. Danny had a hard job keeping his eyes off them.

He had always liked feet since he was young. He used to religiously watch dancers and circus performers on the tv. He was especially turned on when the women stood on the men’s shoulders and backs. In one high wire act, a man lay on the wire and a female performer walked onto his chest and pose there, he almost creamed himself there and then. He loved it but he couldn’t understand why and so withdrew into a world where he felt so alone. Continue reading “Trample Rep”