White sneakers 6 min read

written by Matador
original source of the story was Unknown source


I was 19 years old when I experienced my first trampling by shoes. I usually had females trample me bare feet but this time something different and unexpected happened which changed many things.

I have a cousin. Her name is ‘Sogand’. She is as old as I am. She is an average size girl , I guess she was 120 lb (55 kg) that time and 170 cm tall (5-7), she was slender and in shape . I had a crush on her since the dawn of time lol . Her beauty was undeniable, white skin , long brown hair , black eyes , and beautiful feet with polished toes . These types of girls can make anybody go crazy.

Once Sogand’s family were invited to our house for dinner. We ate together and she suggested me to go upstairs together and play truth and dare. I agreed , we went upstairs and closed the door of bedroom.

First round of game started , Sogand asked: “have you ever had a girlfriend?” I replied “yes , but just social friends , no sex.” I asked her ” have you ever kissed a boy ?” She replied: ” Yes “.

On the second round she asked : ” Have you ever seen a cunt up close? ” Suddenly my mouth got dry and said: ” No , not at all” . She laughed and said: ” how pathetic. ” I got angry but I tried to keep myself calm . Besides, I had a crush on her , we had disagreements on many things since our childhood, so , I didn’t like her humiliating me . I asked her : “Have you ever imagined me making love with you ?” She replied confidently: ” No, you silly boy “. I think I was making her frustrated at this point.  On the final round she asked : ” do you smoke ? ” I was speechless ???? and since I knew if I had told her the truth, she would have told my father , I preferred to remain silent ????. I knew my father would punish me really bad.

“Time is up and I dare you to get on knees ” she ordered. I did exactly what she said. She went to guests’ shoe closet and picked up a pair of white sneakers . A pair of white Nike air force shoes which seemed new to me since they were shining and whitish. But the sole was dirty a bit which shows that she has worn them before.

“Lick my shoes now .  Bend your head and lick and kiss my shoes .” She said. My heart was in my throat , my mouth was dry , I could believe, my dreams were coming true , but I tried to stand on my dignity and said “No , I won’t.” She said ” Ok now I will go and tell the truth to everyone. ” I begged her : “No please , I’ll do as you say”.

I started to lick her sneakers and I realized she is filming the whole thing.  I got angry but she stopped me with a slap and said ” you’ll do as I say or else.”

Enough licking, lie down . I wanna trample the shit outta you. She stepped over my stomach , pressing harder and harder , ” I can feel your guts “. She said. She got off and let me catch my breath and said” now it’s chest time !” Without any hesitation she stood on my chest full weight , the pressure was bending me in half.

I had people trample me before but this was different, she was not caring at all besides she was doing it with sneakers which brought trampling to another level. Without any alert she jumped on my rib cage 3 times which totally caught me off guard. The last jump she was completely airborne. I was in agony to breath. “Look at you , you look like a roach “she said .

She walked on my chest and belly for more five minutes and she got off. ” Ouch, look at my shoes prints they do really look nice. ” She said giggling. I was drained and out of energy. I thought it’s over but it wasn’t.  She again stepped on my chest , this time she was stomping my chest hard . Then she said ” are you ready? ” And she immediately put her right foot on face .

The balls of her feet where on my forehead and her heel was on my mouth. The pressure was enough to make me pass out but she wasn’t satisfied at all, she unexpectedly stood on my face with both sneakered feet. My nose was collapsing and my mouth was closed . I wasn’t able to breath properly, besides the pressure on my skull which was unbearable. 120 lb (55 kg) was standing on my face and sneakers were making more difficult as well. I was trying to deal with pain while I understood that the pain is increasing , damn , she was bouncing up on my face .

After 5 minutes of bouncing I heard a cracking sound , i think it was my jaw or neck , she got off of my face . I was scared to death but she didn’t let me get up .she rolled me over and stood on my back. she walked there for some minutes and then she started to bounce. I was lost , I had no energy , and all I could do was just to Wait her to stop. She got off of my back and climbed over the bed , she jumped on my back , (I was lying in front of the bed ) , then she climbed the bed again and repeated over and over. She jumped on me ten times. She then got my hands beneath her feet and began to crushing my fingers.

I can say this was the easy part compared to what she had done to my face. She started to trample my head once again , this time on back of my head . She jumped on my head twice and when she heard my neck cracking , she got off. She flipped me over and said ” it’s time to trample two important parts that I have left out” . Suddenly she started to trample my balls . But since she didn’t want me to have some pleasure, she stopped it before I cum. ” The last part which is my signature move” she said .

She stood full weight on my throat, I was gasping for some air and she wasn’t caring at all. She took one foot on my face and one foot on my throat. It was the most unbearable part I can dare to say. Coz I couldn’t breathe, and also I was seeing stars because of the pressure on my head. I was about to pass out but she didn’t let and got off of my throat. She twisted my head to the side and stood full weight on it . She was twisting her feet like she was putting out cigarette. ” This is what you deserve and I know you have a foot fetish , coz my mother has done this to you when you were a child and she is the cause of your trample fetish. Now you know, get on with it . ” she said .

“I think you need to sleep and let help you with that .” Then she stood full weight on my throat and bounced up multiple times until I was put to sleep ( passed out ) . The next day when I woke up , my mother told me , “why on earth did you sleep on the floor and why your skin is reddish?”

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