Wedding Surprise Part 4 9 min read

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written by paragon
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums


The ladies enjoyed a light snack of fruit, wine, and cheese. Vivian offered some to her husband who was still tied on the floor. As she fed him she spoke softly and sweetly to him. “Are you having fun dear? How do you like being my little foot slave? I want to know because we can do this regularly if you want. Do you like more than one girl on you at once?” Dan smiled and said, “I like what you like.” Vivian leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “I love trampling you and I get very turned on watching someone else trample you.” She locked onto his lips and gave him a very long, deep, passionate kiss. Dan was elated to hear his wife’s comment. All reservations and inhibitions left his consciousness and he resigned himself to enjoying his predicament. Vivian stood up with one foot on each side of Dan’s head. She looked down at him and smiled and then she looked at Tracy. “Tracy, I believe you have control of my husband’s cock.” She said. Vivian sat on the couch and invited Tracy and Nancy to join her. Tracy sat down and looked right at Dan as she licked her lips. Vivian looked at the clock on the table and yelled, “GO!”

Tracy quickly slid off the couch and planted her soft ass right on Dan’s face. She leaned over and took his dick into her mouth and began sucking while she stroked it up and down with her hand. Dan responded by becoming very hard. Tracy quickened her rubbing as she reached back with one hand and pulled her thong to the side so that Dan’s hungry tongue could feast on her. Dan started humping his hips in response to all these stimuli as Vivian and Nancy began to cheer her on. Tracy could taste the pre-cum in her mouth and stopped sucking on Dan’s cock. She sat upright a little and ground her soft ass onto his face as she continued to pull on his weeping cock. Dan exploded in Tracy’s hand as his body convulsed with orgasmic spasms. Vivian looked at the clock, “Two minutes and 48 seconds!” She exclaimed. Tracy slid herself off of Dan’s face and looked at him and chirped, “Was that good for you?” Tracy seductively licked her lips and then licked every drop of Dan’s cum off his dick. Tracy looked back up when she was through and said, “Who’s next?” Vivian told the girls that they had to wait for 30 minutes before Nancy had her turn. They all stood and left the room leaving Dan to recuperate and prepare for Nancy.

After 30 minutes had passed the ladies came back into the room and sat on the couch next to Dan’s tied body. Vivian looked down at her helpless husband. “Are you ready for Nancy dear?” She asked. Dan nodded. Vivian looked at the clock on the table again and yelled, “GO!” Nancy dropped from the couch onto Dan’s face with her ass and stretched her nylon-covered feet out and onto his dick. She put his dick between her slender feet and stroked up and down between her arches. Dan’s dick grew hard and he began to hump Nancy’s arches in response to her soft strokes. Nancy could feel Dan’s breathing get fast and heavy on her ass as she rode his face. She leaned forward a bit to let his tongue access her and she bounced up and down on his face as she stroked his cock. Dan moaned under Nancy’s ass as he humped her feet faster and faster as he neared orgasm. Dan finally shot his hot load on Nancy’s feet as Vivian and Tracy clapped and laughed. Vivian looked at the clock. “3 minutes and 15 seconds. Tracy is still in the lead!” she said. Tracy looked at Vivian and said triumphantly, “I’ll bet you can’t beat me either!” Vivian just smiled and said, “We’ll see in about 30 minutes.” The girls all got up and left Dan alone on the floor again.

When another 30 minutes had passed the ladies all reentered the room. Nancy and Tracy sat on the couch but Dan couldn’t see Vivian. “Where’s Vivian?” He asked as he looked around for her. Tracy spoke up, “She’s changing. She’ll be here in a second.” Dan heard footsteps behind him. He lay perfectly still in anticipation of what Vivian may be wearing. Vivian walked slowly up to Dan and stood facing his dick with one foot on each side of his head. Dan looked up to see his wife wearing a silky emerald green slip and a pair of silky sheer pantyhose that she had cut the crotch out of. Vivian looked down at her helpless husband, smiled seductively, and said “Are you ready for me my sweet?” Dan smiled and nodded his head. “I want you to cum really fast so I can give you a big surprise OK?” she said. Dan nodded as Vivian lifted a foot and held it over his face as she flexed her arch and spread her toes just inches from his face. Vivian sat down on the couch between Nancy and Tracy and held out her feet and rubbed them together just above Dan’s face. “You want to kiss them don’t you?” She said teasingly. “I’ll bet you just can’t wait to lick my soft soles can you?” she continued. “Do you like my pantyhose-covered feet? Do you want to suck my soft toes?” She teased. Dan’s cock started to grow as she teased and taunted with her sexy feet. Vivian looked down at his cock and smiled. “That’s right honey, get big and hard for me. I love watching your cock grow.” She continued to tease Dan as she flexed her feet and rubbed them together over his face. Vivian swung her feet down now so that they were over his dick. “You want me to rub your dick with my feet?” She asked. “How about if I stand on your hard dick. Will you cum for me then?” She teased. Vivian reached down with her hand and began to fondle her clitoris. “I’m going to make myself all hot and juicy for you so when I sit on your face your tongue can slide right in me.” She said as she looked at Dan. Dan started to dry hump the air as he grew more and more excited by his beautiful wife. Tracy and Nancy started to protest that Vivian had Dan hard already and hadn’t started the clock yet. Vivian told them that she hadn’t touched Dan yet and that they had the same opportunity. They knew that she had them beaten and no amount of complaining would help. Vivian turned her attention to Dan again and smiled as he humped the air desperately seeking relief. “Are you ready to cum dear?” She asked him. “Yes.” Dan gasped out. Vivian stood up and positioned herself so that she was standing with a foot on each side of Dan’s head and facing down his body. She slowly lowered herself so that her soft ass and pussy were just inches from Dan’s awaiting face. She said to start the clock and then lowered herself onto Dan’s hungry tongue and rocked back and forth on his face. She reached down with her hand and expertly stroked his cock until he exploded with a huge rush of hot cum on her hand. She lifted off of Dan’s face and looked down at him and smiled. “Only 43 seconds dear. That was very fast.” She said. Dan just smiled as he squeezed the last drop of cum from his dick.

Vivian turned around so that she was sitting on his chest with her legs stretched out on each side of his face. She pulled her legs up under his head so that she was sitting Indian style with his head straddled between her legs. She looked longingly at him and said, “Now I have a surprise for you. Since I won the little contest and I get to make the losers do what I want, I am going to have them trample you again while I watch and masturbate. And, if you are really lucky, I’ll let you watch while I trample them.” Dan’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of watching Vivian trample one of her friends as he watched. All his fantasies were coming true.

Vivian got up and sat on the couch between Tracy and Nancy. “OK ladies. Trample time. Make me cum from the sounds of my husband’s suffering under your feet.” She said to them. Tracy and Nancy stood up and each placed a foot on Dan’s body. Tracy looked down and smiled. “Are you ready for us?” she cooed as she stepped up onto his chest. Nancy looked at him and said, “Vivian’s going to enjoy it if he doesn’t.” And then she stepped up onto his stomach. Tracy and Nancy each started to walk in place atop Dan as Vivian leaned back onto the couch and started to masturbate as she watched the girls trample Dan. Tracy started to bounce up and down on Dan’s chest as Nancy followed suit on his stomach. Tracy giggled as she turned around to face Nancy and took her hands for balance. Tracy and Nancy started to jump higher and higher now until they were fully in the air each time they jumped. Dan grunted each time they landed on him. Vivian started to moan a little as she continued to masturbate on the couch while she watched Dan flatten under the feet of her friends. “One of you, stand on his face and the other on his dick,” Vivian said as she moaned. Tracy happily obliged and stepped up on Dan’s face. She straddled his nose with her soft arches and pressed the ball of her foot onto his eyes while her heels rested on his mouth. Nancy stepped onto his dick and mashed his dickhead under her slender toes. Vivian began to rub her clit faster as her breathing became heavy. Tracy started to walk in place on Dan’s face as Nancy began to bounce up and down on his dick. Vivian licked her lips as she started to tremble from her sexual arousal. Tracy dropped to her knees landing right on Dan’s chest. She looked back at him and shoved one of her soft little feet into his mouth, grabbed Vivian’s legs and spread them apart, and dived into her engorged pussy with her hot tongue. Vivian convulsed and screamed out as she came into Tracy’s mouth. Tracy came up from between Vivian’s legs and locked onto her mouth in a long passionate kiss. Vivian looked at Dan and said, “Want to watch me trample Tracy?”

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