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written by StompedAllOver
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“Hahaha yeah I’d love to”, replied Anna. Natasha stepped off my face and onto my chest while Leanne moved down onto my cock. Anna wasted no time and without looking down stepped up onto my face in her combat boots. The pain was massive and instantaneous. Her lug soles completely covered my face. Her 195lbs driving the heavy treads onto my flesh. “So do you just stand or do you guys stomp and jump around a bit.” “Absolutely”, said Leanne, “have fun, knock yourself out, or him if you like.” Erin burst out laughing. Anna held onto the bar and jumped into the air slamming her boots down onto my face making me see stars, then she did it again and again and again. My brain was rattling around inside my head. She stepped onto my neck and bounced a few times choking me badly before stamping on my forehead and stepping back onto my face. Then she started marching heavily on my face followed by another 5 heavy jumps. To close off her little session she put the heel of her combat boot on my nose and pressed down with her full weight. She lifted the other boot of my face to indicate my nose was taking all of her body weight. I felt the weight on my body increasing at the same time and realised Erin, Riah, and Alina were joining the party. With all 6 of them on me, I could barely breathe and Anna’s weight was still unrelenting on my nose. Somehow my nose held and slowly they all stepped off and looked down at me. Leanne was laughing at my face, “your face is just tread marks now”. I had tears streaming down my face from the pressure that had been on my nose. Anna was just staring at my face, now bloody and covered in her treads. She laughed and said, “I wish I’d brought my stilettos. I’d love a couple of hours in an abandoned place with you for amusement.” Riah giggled and said, “haha he’d be roadkill.”

Erin and I eventually left to go home, my nose was unbelievably sore. Erin said “that was so hot watching Anna on your face and scary at the same time. When she was jumping on you I thought she was going to really damage you.” “The nose was the worst part”, I said, “I have no idea how it didn’t break.” “Yeah I know, was amazing seeing her on you like that though. She’s really nice too. Did you like Natasha?” “Yeah, she seems like a lot of fun, sounds like she’s had a really hard time too.” “Yeah the guy sounds like a total dick, we could have a lot of fun with him on the floor.”

The next couple of days were uneventful but on the Thursday night around midnight, I was lying in bed when Erin charged into the room. “Riah just called, there is a guy she’s been seeing is outside her place. He’s drunk or high and he’s trying to smash his way in.” I jumped out of bed and threw on clothes and Erin and I drove round to Riah’s place. Riah’s flat was above a shop in an area that was mainly commercial and so no one else was hearing the drama unfold. I dived out of the car yelling at the guy who was still booting her door trying to get in. I could see Riah at the window looking terrified. The guy yelled abuse at me and turned pulling a knife as he did. Erin screamed and I pushed her towards the car. The loser was my height but skinny but the knife was evening out the odds. He swished the knife in my face a couple of times but I was waiting for him to make his move.

He lunged at me and I sidestepped parrying his blade arm away from me with my arm and punched him in the side of the head. As he came at me again I was able to get his wrist with the blade and bent it round behind his back and slammed him face first into the wall. The loser dropped the knife as I bent his wrist back and I kicked it away from us. I stood there with my weight against him with him pinned against the wall and shouted for Erin to go in and check on Riah. Erin got in and went upstairs and I started trying to defuse the situation with loser boy. Eventually, in his frustration, he burst into tears and I knew the fight was over. He sat down on the kerb crying his eyes out. I picked up the knife, folded its 4in blade back into the handle, and pocketed it. I sat down beside the guy and he started pouring out his life story. I don’t know what it is about me but people seem to pour their life stories to me when they’re drunk like that. The idiot was married with 2 kids but had completely fallen for Riah, but had gotten way too serious for her. He knew what an idiot he had been and I guess was just embarrassed that his life was such a mess. He wanted to apologise to Riah and say he’d leave her alone but I told him not to and that I would pass the message on. Loser got up and hugged me and said thanks for not kicking his ass. I took out his knife and as I was about to hand it to him I said “stick to opening boxes with this. The next time you pull this on me or anyone else you might not get away so lucky.” He apologised again and promised to sort himself out and was on his way.

Riah was too shook up to stay in her flat on her own so we took her back to our place so she could decompress there for a couple of days. We got back to the flat and Erin got Riah into her bed and she was out like a light, I guess the trauma and fear of the situation just took everything out of her. I on the other hand was totally wired, I’m always a little like that after a bad situation. I lay in bed, my eyes wide open when Erin came in and crawled in beside me. “She’s sleeping really peacefully and I don’t want to wake her, but I can’t sleep.” “Yeah me too.” “I was so scared when he pulled that knife.” “Yeah, I know.” “You’re so brave though, you just pushed me away and faced off with him.” “More like stupid.” “Hahaha yeah, a little.” Erin looked in my eyes, “I just can’t figure you out. You’re so submissive with women, then the next minute you’re this bad assed action hero.” “Haha hardly, what are you saying I’m your dancefloor in shining armour.” She giggled and grabbed my cock and said “yeah your full title though is my ass licking dancefloor in shining armour. Can you still taste me by the way?” I smiled, “no not anymore.” “Hmm that’s a pity, I’ll have to get your tongue in my ass again then. Maybe Riah would like her pipe cleaned out too.” As she played with my cock we started kissing and I felt her sliding my cock inside her wet pussy.

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6 thoughts on “University Life Part 15 6 min read

    1. I am glad that you enjoy it. The story is still in writing and there will be many more chapters.

  1. I haven’t read a story this awesome in so long. It’s too bad that mainstream media looks down on fetishes like this so this is the best I would ever find. Looking forward to the next chapters.

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