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written by StompedAllOver
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By 11 pm the club was starting to quieten down, the girls were all still milking their customers but most of the ones sitting by the stage had left and Natasha was clearing glasses and wiping down tables. “You wanting to get yourself underfoot tonight.” “Haha, I don’t think my face is fit for those boots tonight Leanne.” “Chicken, besides I don’t have them on tonight.” “Oh really, what are you wearing.” “You’ll have to lie down back here and find out.” I smiled and finished my coke and walked round to the small entrance to get behind the bar. Leanne looked super sexy, she had on a white t-shirt with black leggings and black biker style Ugg Boots which looked awesome on her little size EU 36 feet. They were distressed leather with buckles on them but with the soles of Uggs. “They look awesome.” “Thanks yeah I love them, I’ve had them for years, super comfy. Go on then, on your back mister, some of us have work to do.” I laughed and got on the floor beside the counter. Leanne locked the entry into the bar and then even the tallest person would have no idea I was there. Leanne walked up my leg and bounced on my cock a couple of times, then continued walking onto my chest. She bounced a couple of times and said, “See, isn’t that better. Like being trampled by two pillows.” She lifted the sole so I could see the soles. They didn’t look like normal Ugg soles, they had a different pattern, still flat but the tread had been totally worn away leaving the sole smooth and grimy. She held onto the bar top and stepped onto my face, with one of her Ugg’s covering my eyes and the other on my mouth and nose. “Now, isn’t that better, you get a face full of boots and I get to see what life’s like from Riah’s height,” I mumbled an awesome from under her Ugg sole.

Natasha came back with a tray full of glasses which she unloaded and went back to get more. “You know I never thought it would be such an awesome feeling standing on a face. I thought there was something wrong with you when Erin told us. I mean you are a bit of a freak but it’s just such a power trip. I’m going to have some fun with Natasha and freak her out when she comes back ok.” I mumbled ok under her boot.

After about 5 minutes Natasha returned with another tray load of glasses, “Is that them all for the moment?” “Yeah pretty much, just the customers who are still in now.” “Ok, why don’t you come back here and help me clean them.” Leanne walked off me and opened the side door for Natasha. As she walked in she stopped and said “what the fuck.” Leanne laughed locked the side door again and climbed straight onto my face. “Now you get to properly meet Rod.” “What… Why… I mean what the absolute fuck. Are you mad, doesn’t that hurt?” I tried to speak but Leanne was treading my mouth. I tapped her boot and she lifted it up so I could speak, “honestly no it doesn’t. It feels amazing.” “But I mean the soles of your boots are on his mouth, there could be anything on there, that’s gross.” “He likes it Natasha. He even licks them clean if you want him to. Show her Rod,” which she punctuated by stamping on my face a couple of times. I stuck out my tongue and licked the filthy sole of Leanne’s boot. “Eew that’s gross, there could be drunks piss or dogshit or anything on your soles.” “Hahaha yeah I know but he loves it.”

Leanne said, “Isn’t there a guy that you would have loved to stomp on them.” “Yeah sure, my daughters dad for one.” “Well channel that and step on up.” “Hahaha, really this is crazy. I’ve never stood on someone before.” I felt Natasha’s foot on my stomach and then she stepped up fully onto me. She was very light in her ballet flats. “See that’s not so bad is it.” “No, it’s mad though. Is that how he got those marks on his face, I didn’t want to ask earlier.” Leanne laughed, “yeah 4 of us were dancing on his face on Friday night. He makes a good dancefloor.” Leanne stepped off my face and said “go on try it out.” Natasha stepped onto my chest and looked down at my face. Leanne said, “get him to clean your shoes first if you like.” “What do I do?” Leanne told me to stick out my tongue and kicked my cheek. “Now just wipe your soles on his tongue until your happy they are clean.”

Natasha held up her flat and wiped the whole sole along my tongue. Her eyes never left mine while she did it, a look of total wonder in her eyes. She giggled and said, “fucking hell that’s mad, his tongue is black.” “Yeah I know just keep wiping until they’re clean.” After a couple of minutes, Leanne said, “go on stand on his face.” Natasha held onto the counter and stepped up onto my face. The soles of her flats bent round my face and she looked down into my eyes. “Are you ok?” Leanne laughed, “hahaha stop worrying we were jumping on his face for hours. He probably can’t feel you on him.”

Natasha’s flats were wrecked, you could tell she had used and abused them for years. The stitching had come away at the ball of her foot which was right beside my nostrils. I could smell the strong popcorn stink of her barefeet stuck inside those flats. Leanne stepped up onto my chest and the two of them started cleaning the glasses from the evening. “When should I get off his face?” “When you want to. Just ignore him, he’s fine down there, just have fun with it.” At midnight the customers were gone, Elle and Hailley had left and Leanne, had told Jim he could go home. Erin, Alina, Riah, and the bouncer Anna were standing at the front of the bar, I still had Natasha and Leanne on top of me and I heard Erin say to Natasha, “so looks like you have been properly introduced to Rod then.” She laughed and said, “yeah it’s amazing, I’m channeling lots of hate through my feet into my ex at the moment.” Anna had a confused look on her face and Erin said “you better have a look behind the bar.” Anna got off the stool and walked round to see Natasha’s shoes on my face and Leanne on my stomach. “Hahaha awesome, the best place for a man. I did wonder where he had gone, now I know.” Erin and Leanne said “Have a go if you like” in unison. I loved that they were pimping me out now.

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One thought on “University Life Part 14 6 min read

  1. The part when she get her shoes clean is the best. I like the conversation between the two girls about him and that he likes to clean shoes.

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