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That afternoon Erin and I decided to go to the cinema and watch a movie. She was working that evening at the strip club as it was just reopening after being refurbished. She was looking as hot as ever in a grey hoodie with wet look leggings and a pair of white Fila Disruptor chunky trainers. The cinema was pretty quiet but I could see a few guys slyly checking her out. She had her feet up on the chair in front of her and I couldn’t help staring at the Fila’s. “You like them?” she whispered in my ear. “Yeah, they look awesome.” She twisted one foot showing me the heavily gripped tread looked at me and said “just imagine what that tread would feel like.” It was tough to concentrate on the film after that.

Every now and then I would get a faint taste or smell of earlier in my mouth or nose. I looked at her and whispered, “you know I can still taste you know what.” She giggled and covered her face with her hands and I could tell she was silently laughing behind her hands. I gave her a gentle shove and she looked at me and said, “Is that a good or a bad thing.” I thought about it trying to decide. “Hmm, If I’m honest I’d have to say a good thing.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “You really are a total pervert you know that don’t you.” I laughed and said, “that’s not something to share on your Whatsapp group by the way.” She just smiled in response.

We got burgers for dinner and then I walked Erin to the club. She was going to be finished around midnight so I said I would come down later on in the evening and could give her a lift back to the flat. I was in the flat bored and at 9 pm decided to head down to the club. There were two bouncers on the door. The guy who I have seen there a few times before but tonight there was also a woman called Anna. Anna was in her early 30’s tall at around 5ft 11 and very muscular, she was obviously a bodybuilder. She had a pretty face though although she looked like she didn’t take shit from anyone. She had piercing blue eyes and long peroxide blonde hair in a ponytail. She was wearing black jeans with what looked like combat-style boots and a black bomber jacket with the club logo on the chest. Jim the other bouncer introduced us and said I was Erin’s flatmate. Anna looked me up and down and smiled which gave her face a much softer look than the hard stare that had been there seconds ago. She weighed 195 lbs and had size EU42 feet. It turns out it was Anna’s first night. She had recently moved to the city after breaking up with her partner.

I walked over to the bar, and said hi to Leanne. The bar was now much smaller and was tucked away in a corner. There were a couple of stools in front of it but they were now focusing on waitress service at the tables. The new waitress was called Natasha, she was 19, 5ft 2 with shoulder-length brown hair and a pretty face. She was wearing a skirt with a white blouse and old black ballet flats on her bare feet. She was thin, around 100 lbs, and had EU36 feet. “How’s your face doing?”, Leanne asked while pouring me a diet Coke. “Yeah, it’s ok, still a little tender but not bad now.” “You’re pretty tough taking us all on you non-stop like that.” “Haha yeah, it was pretty intense, especially those boots of yours.” She gave me a look as if to innocently say, who me, and replied, “Yeah had I known we were going dancing I’d have worn something less stompy.”

The club looked much improved and there were quite a few customers in. It looked like there were around 15 customers in total. Erin, Alina, and Riah were all working. They were sitting chatting to guys and having a drink with them. There was another girl on the stage dancing who I didn’t know but Leanne said her name was Elle, plus one other girl Hailley who was in one of the private rooms with 2 guys for private dances.

Natasha came over to the bar with a drinks order and while Leanne was getting them she introduced us. Natasha was a hairdresser through the day and had taken on the waitressing job to help support her baby daughter and her Mum looked after her kid while Natasha was working. The kids dad was a deadbeat who had been sent down for 9 months for theft. He was abusive and a drug user so she was glad to see the back of him. She was fun and really bubbly and although it was her first night everyone already loved her.
The girls were all really busy and other than a quick wave as they were moving about the club from customer to customer they ignored me which was absolutely fine. The manager of the club was a lady in her early 40’s called Angela, I had met her once before and she was quite friendly. She was 5 ft 4 with brown hair in a shoulder-length bob. She was average build around 140lbs and size EU38 feet. She came out of the back office and walked over to the bar and smiled at me. By now it was around 10.15 pm and the club would be closing at 12. She asked Leanne if she was happy to close later as she was going to head home. It had been a long week for her with the renovations, she was exhausted and her feet were killing her. “Yeah no worries, Ang, I’ll lock up later. You should get Rod to give you a foot massage, he’s great at them.” Angela looked me up and down as I went bright red and laughed and said, “Well isn’t Erin the lucky one, I’ll have to remember that.” I looked at her feet in her 4in black stiletto pumps as she walked towards the door.

Natasha who had been standing at the bar was giggling and said So he gives good foot massages, does he. Leanne laughed and said you don’t know the half of it.

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