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Saturday was a quiet one, both Erin and I just hung out working on assignments and drinking coffee. We got Chinese takeaway for dinner and watched a movie. She had her bare feet in my lap and I kissed them a couple of times when she would lift them to my face but otherwise, it was a very quiet day. To be honest, I was needing a relaxing day, my face was still red and sore from the night before and I felt absolutely shattered.

Sunday morning I woke early and showered and was sitting in the kitchen having coffee when Erin came out of her room. She laughed at the rash still on my cheeks and the cuts on my nose. “You have the complexion of an 80 year old alcoholic, is it still sore?” “Not really, no. Just looks a bit embarrassing.” She decided to come to the gym with me and asked me to wait while she got ready. She said, “I’ll shower when I get back or maybe you can clean me with your tongue.” I felt myself stiffen a little as I drank the last of my coffee. After another coffee, we were ready to go, and we walked down the road to the college gym. Erin looked smoking hot in matching light grey leggings and a sports top and an old trashed pair of Nike Air Force 1’s. “You got socks on in those trainers?” “Nope she said with a smile, I can feel my feet getting sweaty already.”

While we were checking in at the gym, Holly one of the PTs I’ve done sessions with before, was working on the reception desk. She was 22, had shoulder length straight dark hair with red tips. She was 5ft 4, very athletic with size EU38 feet, and weighed 110lbs. “That looks sore, what happened to your face Rod?” “Ask her”, I said, pointing at Erin. Erin laughed and rolled her eyes and said “he’s such a baby, sometimes a girl just has to dance.” She walked towards the gym leaving Holly with a slightly confused look on her face. We did a hard workout for the next 60 minutes, Erin was dripping in sweat and I was getting so turned on watching her doing squats and lunges. I was helping her doing pull-ups just adding a little support as she lifted herself up above the bar. On her last rep, she shook her hair and showered me in her sweat. She jumped back down onto the floor and looked me in the eye. “How much would you like to be licking my sweaty ass right now?” “You have no idea, I replied.” We were in a quiet part of the gym and she looked around and seeing no one said “put your finger in my ass crack.” Trying not to get too turned on I put my hand down the back of her leggings in her panties and slid my index finger into her damp sweaty ass crack. She looked over her shoulder at me, and said, “go on you know you want to finger fuck my asshole.” I slid my finger inside her hot sweaty hole and pushed it in as deep as I could and gently probed in and out. “Mmm that feels good, now take it out.” She turned round so her crotch was pressing against me and whispered in my ear. “How do I smell?” I held the sweat soaked finger up to my nose and inhaled her ass. She smelled dirty and sweaty which wasn’t surprising. She was looking into my eyes now looking at me smelling the finger that had been inside her asshole. “Does it smell nasty?” I nodded, she was holding my crotch now, “do you want to taste my dirty ass?” Again I nodded and she took my hand and pushed my finger into my mouth. My finger tasted tangy and a little bitter combined with the saltiness of her sweat. My cock was pushing against her hand and she smiled. “You’re going to clean my nasty ass when we get back.”

She turned and walked away leaving me standing there with a full erection to do my last set on the chin-up bar. It took a couple of minutes for my erection to subside enough for me to be able to do the set. When I was finished I walked out of the gym to find Erin and Holly laughing together at the reception desk. As I approached they both stopped laughing and stared at me. Holly was looking intently at my face but didn’t say anything. “What were you guys laughing about?” “Oh nothing much, just girl talk”, said Erin. We started walking out and Erin said “I’ll give you a call soon babes.” “Great, can’t wait,” replied Holly.

We got back to the flat and I made us both a coffee. We sat chatting and I could sense Erin was horny. She got up and told me to follow her through to her room. I lay on the bed and she sat on top of me and we started kissing. She was kneading my cock through my shorts and I could feel precum starting to drip from my cock. She stripped off her top and I couldn’t stop staring at her gorgeous tits. She peeled her leggings and sweat soaked panties down to the knees and turned round and said “ready?” “Bring that ass down here.” Erin lowered her ass towards my mouth and I felt and smelled her sweaty ass crack as she sat down on me. She smelled sweaty and a bit dirty but not as strong as I expected. I licked her ass crack and tasted the salty sweat from her workout session. “Mmm,” she said, “that feels awesome. Lick my hole, I want to feel your tongue inside me.” I pushed my tongue against her asshole and felt it yield letting me inside. As I pushed my tongue deep inside her she pushed hard against my face forcing my tongue in deeper. “Mmm God that feels fucking good, your tongue makes a great pipe cleaner.” Her hole tasted quite bitter but I was in heaven, this gorgeous babe rubbing her sexy sweaty ass on my face. She had my cock out and was playing with it licking the tip when suddenly she jumped off my face pulling up her leggings. Back in a sec, she said as she ran out of her bedroom.
When she came back in she stripped off and sat on my chest. Looking a little red she said, “haha, that was close, too much coffee, I nearly shit in your mouth.” Yeah, I figured, I replied. She looked at my cock still standing fully erect and said, “well that obviously hasn’t killed the mood” as she poked it with her finger. She turned round hovering her ass above me and said “I assume you’re happy to keep licking me back there?” and sat back down on my mouth. Her ass smelled much stronger now yet I found the humiliation of her dirty ass on my face so arousing. I pressed my tongue against her dirty hole and as it slid inside her the bitterness exploded against my tongue, I’d never tasted anything like it. She groaned in pleasure and started sucking on my cock as she fingered her pussy. In my head, I knew this was so gross but the combination of it being Erin, coupled to her jerking my cock and the humiliation I was overcome and exploded against the roof of her mouth. She kept sucking me dry and then sat up and fully concentrated on her own orgasm.

I knew she was close, my tongue was deep inside her and I pushed it in further, as deep as I could. She gasped, and I felt my beard and chin get soaked in her juice. She sat on my face for a minute and then turned round and sat on my chest. “That was so fucking hot.” She bent down smelling my face then wrinkled her nose and burst out laughing. What do I smell like ass? She couldn’t speak she was laughing that hard. I pushed her off me and ran to the bathroom. I washed my face and rinsed my mouth with mouthwash trying to get rid of the taste of her ass. I spat into the sink, feeling like I was about to be sick.

When I walked back into her bedroom she was still doubled up. I lay down on the bed and waited for her to stop laughing. When she did stop I laughed and called her a fucking pig. She punched me in the chest and said “you’re the pig. you obviously love the taste, you did cum while your tongue was in there.” We both burst out laughing again.

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