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written by Unknown author
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The door opened again and Rachel walked in. “Brrr, Its cold out there, and it started snowing.” I told her I knew and about her roommate coming home and what happened. She looked mad at what her roommate had said about her, then she looked down at me. “How did you like it?” I was in the middle of telling her how much fun it was when she suddenly stepped up on my face.

She still had on those thick-soled flip-flops. They had a zigzag pattern cut into the bottoms, which were wet with snow now. She slowly dragged one shoe sole then the other across my face with a lot of force. It felt like she didn’t take any weight off each foot as she wiped. I moaned and she went over to her bed and sat down. “I can’t believe how horny that makes me Mark. It feels so good to feel your face smushing under my shoes.” She just looked at me for a minute then stood up and came over and started unburying me.

I wanted to know what she was doing. I was looking forward to tonight and didn’t want to move. She replied “Shut up, I want to do something first.” I watched her go over to her closet and start going through it. She came away from the closet with a pair of shoes. They looked like ballerina shoes sort of. They had these little bows on the toes and they had this real thin plastic sole, and were all black. She kicked off her flip flops and her jeans. She walked over and stood on my chest. She put one shoe on and then the other one balancing on my chest. She looked down at me and put one foot over my right eye with the heel on my lips. I felt her weight shifting as she lifted her other foot and put it over my left eye and lips. She stood there for a second sinking in.

She started slowly grinding her feet back and forth a little bit. I could feel the sole of her shoe pressing on my eyeball through my eyelids, while my lips were being smushed against my lips. She stepped back and looked down at me. When my vision cleared she was just looking at me smiling a little bit. “Stick out your tongue” she said suddenly. I did it before even thinking about it and she lifted her foot and began to wipe her shoe soles across my tongue.

I saw her stick her hand down her panties and start playing with herself. She turned around and stepped on my cock with her foot. Her heel was on my head and her toes just reached the end of the shaft. She started to stand full weight on it. Until her other foot was in the air. She was still diddling herself and I could feel her trying to keep her balance on my cock. I was in heaven. She swung her other foot and twisted 180 degrees on my dick. It slipped out from under her shoe halfway. She then walked up to my chest. She put one foot right in the middle of my face and started to put all her weight on it. She was balancing on my nose bone it felt like.

My whole face was distorted as she shifted and twisted around as she got more and more excited. She stepped back to my chest. Then put one foot across my forehead and the other across my mouth. She looked right in my eyes as she started to twist and grind. Her legs were shaking and her eyes kept half closing. I could tell she was getting close because she reached out to the wall with her other hand, she started to go on her tip toe. She started climax as she was on tiptoe and twisting back and forth, each foot twisting 180 degrees or more. My features were twisted back and forth. I would see her one foot twist from my fore head and swing over so her toes were over my eyes closing them. Then she would twist back opening the one eye as her heel swung around in the air over my other eye.

Her other foot would twist towards my chin and her toes would curl under a little as she went over my chin, the ball of her foot would be crammed into my nostrils where her foot was bent. Then she would twist the other way and her toes would run into the side of my nose and squish it under as she continued to twist. I was afraid she might be doing permanent damage, but I was as hard as I could be. She finally started to crest and stopped twisting. She looked down at my face as my eyes peeked from between her shoes. “That was fantastic!!!!” she said. She walked off my face and stepped on my chest then my stomach.

As soon as her foot touched my dick It started spurting. She started to walk in place on my crotch as I finished pumping. Then she got off and started to rebury me. “You still want to go through with this right?” ABSOLUTELY I told her. “They will be here in a couple of hours so I’m going to take a nap.” She went over to bed and laid down. I started to drift off myself and dreamed off shoe soles smashing my face…..

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