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I was watching TV the next morning on my folded out futon. Jen came over and sat down on the futon groggily. “Do you have an aspirin.” I got up and got her one. She was wearing her sweats and a T-shirt and socks; her hair was still messed up from sleeping. “Man I got wasted last night.” She said. “I don’t even remember coming home or anything after we left the party.” I lay back down behind Jen and she leaned back on me. Val came over a little later and helped herself to some aspirin and sat down next to Jen. They always came over and chilled because they weren’t roommates and I had a good TV so they would come over and sit down if the futon was up or like now when it was down they would sit down and lean on me.

Anyway Val was saying the same thing that Jen said, about how messed up they were and that they didn’t remember anything. Rachel came in already dressed for the day, wearing Capri jeans and a T-shirt. She had some real thick platform flip-flops on, like 5-inch thick soles. Jen was sitting leaning on my chest and stomach while Val was leaning on my thighs. Rachel came over and sat down right in front of me. She didn’t say anything to me she just started chatting with Jen and Val.

They told her about their evening and when they got to where they left the party Jen said, “I guess we just came back here and crashed.” Rachel looked back at me and our eyes locked. I tried to say don’t say anything as best I could with my eyes. She smiled. “What are you 2 grinning at?” Val asked. “Oh nothing, Right?” I laughed and agreed with her. They kept talking for a half hour or so. Then Val and Jen got up to go take a shower leaving me alone with Rachel.

She looked at me. I stammered through an apology for last night and tried to explain it. “It’s OK.” She said. “You know when I first felt that you were excited, it kind of shocked me. I always had a suspicion that you had a foot thing. What really surprised me was that when I watched Jen step on your face and you came, I got really wet. When I stepped on your face on the way out I almost lost it myself. I had this huge rush of power as I felt your face get smashed under my boot. I went to my room and 5 minutes later had a great orgasm.” She finished as she wiggled her fingers. I was speechless.

“Did you really enjoy being stepped on like that?” she looked at me expectantly. I just told her everything about when I was a kid all the way till now I’ve always wanted women’s feet. I told her how I wanted to lick them and smell them and their shoes. Most of all though I’ve always wanted to be walked on as if I wasn’t even there. Another piece of the floor as I was last night for a brief wonderful moment. I finished by telling her it was the best experience of my life so far. She sat there quietly looking at me. I didn’t rush her I figured she had to digest it.

“If you’ll let me I’d like to help you make more of your fantasies come true.” She said as she gave me this huge grin. What else could I say but hell yes. “You know how messy my room is with all the clothes piled on the floor, right?” she asked. OK I wonder where this is going? I thought as I said yes. “We could clear a spot and you could lay down and I’ll bury you under all my clothes and shoes and stuff. Everyone that comes in here just walks over the mound of clothes anyway. They’d never know you were there.” She finished. We started planning.

Later that day a bunch of Jen and Val and Rachel’s friends were coming over to meet and get ready to go out that night. Rachel’s room was laid out like the letter L. You walk in and it is a hallway with the 2 beds off to the right. She had a mirror on the back of her front door and they would use the pile of clothes to stand on to get a better view in the mirror. Plus they were always walking back and forth over the pile of clothes and shoes to come and go. I was worried about being discovered or a girl putting my eye out with her heel. Rachel assured me that she would fix the lighting so they wouldn’t see me, and that none of their friends wore thin heels, and on the off chance that they did she would tell them to take them off so they wouldn’t rip her clothes.

We started early when her roommate wasn’t home. Around 3 I was buried in a mound of clothing and shoes and bags, etc. She unscrewed the light in the short hall then put a desk lamp just about a foot or 2 above my head with the light pointing up. If they tried to look down instead of in the mirror all they would see is the light. I was covered except for my face. Rachel walked across me a couple of times to test it out. Her flip-flop landed squarely on my face on the second pass. She just walked on across the pile. “Did I even step on you?” she asked. I told her she had landed right on my face the second time. “I really couldn’t tell any difference.” She said. “I’m going to go to the store so get comfortable. You got a long night coming up.”

She said as she walked out, missing me. I lay there thinking about what was coming up later that night. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Rachel’s roommate and a friend. Rachel didn’t get along with her roommate so I never talked to her. I knew she was a sorority chick, but that was it. She was wearing a coat and jeans I didn’t see her shoes until one landed on my face. The 1-inch around heel landed right on my hairline as the sole hit my nose and lips. It was a smooth plastic sole with little ridges on the bottom for traction. Her shoes looked like the heeled loafers that are so popular. And they were all wet with slush and snow.

I watched her swing her other foot past my head and felt her weight shift from the heel to the toe. As she strode off my face her shoe slipped a little on my lips. My top lip was scrunched up as her sole ridges caught my nose and stopped the slide. Her sole finished lifting off my now exposed teeth filling my mouth with snow melt. She stopped on my stomach and wiped her feet. “Are those your clothes, Ashley?” her friend asked. “No. They are my messy roommates. I’m always trying to get her to clean it up, but she never does; stupid bitch.” She stomped down on my stomach and twisted both feet. “So maybe if I track dirt on them she will clean them up. Anyway I’m going to change into my boots for the snow. Please feel free to wipe your feet.”

Her friend laughed and said, ”Sure, I’d love to.” She also had on a coat and jeans. I saw her shoes as she got on the pile her soles were resting on my fore head with her heel on the box right above my head. They were big lug soled boots that had an inch platform toe part and a 4-inch heel. She started wiping her feet on my fore head dragging my eyes open each stroke.

They started chatting as the friend stopped wiping and just stood there. Her soles grinding into my forehead. I tried to concentrate on just being still and quiet. The friend started tipping her feet to the side putting all her weight on the edge of her soles, then she would slam them back flat on my forehead. Ashley got up after putting on some boots like her friends. She got up on my groin and asked her friend if they looked cute. She twisted and turned and tipped them on their toes and even leaned back on the heels then slamming them forward right into my erection. I felt it all the way through the clothes.

“Let’s go,” said Ashley. Her friend spun on my forehead ripping my skin by the feel of it. She stepped off and Ashley followed, her boot heel came down on my mouth splitting my lips then the sole smashed into my already ruined forehead. I gazed up helplessly as I watched her other foot swing forward. Feeling her weight shift from my mouth to my forehead. She gave a little twist as her boot left my face. I laid there stunned and waited for Rachel to come back from the store

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