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My wife and I had been planning our New Year’s Eve party for the last 3 or 4 months and had invited about 60 people that we know. About a half and half mix of her friends and mine. We had bought all the drinks, food, and party favours over the past couple of weeks. Many women from my wife’s office accepted, the people that she worked with closely.   The suggested dress code on the invitation was suits or coats and ties for the men and dresses and heels for the ladies.

On the day of the party a few of my wife’s friends came over early to help set up.   The first arrived around 7:00 pm and began drinking and having a good time. My wife had bought some clips for the table and asked us to attach them to some of the tablecloths so they wouldn’t move. We did but I had to get on the floor to attach them from underneath the table. I got on my knees and tried to attach the clips but could not get it.

I then noticed that my wife’s friend was standing right beside the table and her high heels were pretty close to my fingers.  I thought that I might be able to get a quick finger trample. I kept trying to get the clip but kept my hand on the ground by her foot.  Three other women arrived at that time because the next thing I heard was the women screaming hello at each other like they had not seen each other in 10 years.I looked down at her shoe while she was jumping up and down and slid my finger under her heel. I should also mention that she was wearing 3 1/2″ black patent high heels with the bell bottomed heel.

She came down hard on my pinky finger so hard that I almost screamed but didn’t. She kept doing this for about 5 seconds not realizing what she was stepping on with her heel. She then came down for the last time and landed on the same spot as when she first landed. Right on my pinky. Still she didn’t look down as she was saying hello to her friend. She then started shifting her weight on my pinky and I was in so much pain. She stood with all her weight on my pinky while scratching her leg with her other foot. She tilted up on her heels with both feet for a couple of seconds. She brought her other foot close to the one stepping on my pinky but not stepping on my hand and all this time her heel was squashing my pinky. She finally noticed my hand under her heel and looked down at what she was doing and got off and screamed “oh my god I have been stepping on your hand for all this time”. I said “don’t worry about it” and smiled at her. I then concentrated on the table but had to get on my back and reach from underneath the table. She then bent down and placed her hand on my stomach and asked if she could help.

(Note: I should mention that my wife and I have been practicing high heel trampling for several years and she really gets off on it)

My wife then came in and saw me laying on the floor under the table and stepped up onto my stomach with her high heels and told the ladies that this is where man belongs under the foot of a woman. I could not believe this in front of her friends. The other two started to get closer to me and looked very interested. I remember looking at the clock and it was about 7:45pm. My wife still standing on me knew how much I liked it and asked her to girlfriends to join her atop “mount kaddy”.

They were very skeptical at first and said that it was okay. Then the woman who had been stepping on my pinky came over and said to my wife that she had just stepped on my finger for a couple of minutes while trying to attach the clips to the table. I then felt a kick to my ribs by her and then felt my wife dig her heels into my chest. The lady watching could not believe what was going on and either could I for that matter. My wife then told her friend to jump up on my chest to really hurt me. Her friend came up by stepping on my arm and stepping on my upper chest. She had never done this before and was really digging her heels in.

My wife’s other friend then starting to get into it started putting her foot on me and stepping down and various areas of my arm. My wife then told her to turn around and lift her heels up in the air and told me to put my arm under her heels. I did and my wife told her to step with all her weight on my arm (my palms were facing up and she was coming down just above my wrists). It hurt like hell and I started to move. Not a good idea. My wife jumped off and put her heels on my elbow area and began crushing it into the ground. Her other friend then put her on heel tip on my upper bicep and pushed all her weight onto it. (I have blood marks this morning from that).

Next everything moved to the middle of the living room floor and my wife tied me down (though I could have gotten out of it easily). I was still laying on my back at this point. They took turns walking over me until about 9:30pm when the doorbell rang and the first guests started arriving. They untied me quickly and told me to get cleaned up upstairs. I went upstairs, changed my shirt, and relieved my little general (hehe). My wife then came up and asked how I liked it and I guess she could tell from the look on my face that I had and told me if the occasion ever came up again she would try to fulfill my desires.

I came down to the main level of our house at around 10:00pm and was sore all over. There were a number of couples now in the house and I had noticed that one table clip had not been attached yet. I went over attached it very quickly and when I came to my feet one of my wife’s friends, the shy lady, was there standing beside me smiling. She whispered in my ear that if I ever wanted her to come over and walk on me that she would. With that she placed her spike heel tip on my foot, pivoted, and walked away. That one really hurt.

I did not see my wife’s other friend until about 11:00pm. She looked at me smiled and walked away. I tell you this is one new years I will never forget. I can’t wait until we all get together again. I’m sure my wife will have them over some night when I am not expecting it.

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