My first head trampling 3 min read

written by Matador
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About 10 years ago , we had a neighbor living in the house next to us , I was almost 16 years old those days. Our neighbor’s name was Sarah, she was a girl with a solid body with long black hair , strong legs , round ass, and white skin. Her weight was about 70  (155 lbs) and her height 170 cm (5-7) , which could make me think twice before asking her to trample me .

Once my mom asked her to come to our house , I was laying on the floor when I saw my mother left home for couple of minutes In order to buy some groceries . That was my only chance , now or never, we were alone in a house , and I really wanted her to trample me from bottom of my heart , so I swallowed my pride and asked her to walk on my back , you know the old “back cracking ” trick always works.

She looked at me and asked ” are you serious about that?” ” I’m afraid I might hurt you !”

I looked back at her confidently and said ” yeah, don’t worry this is not my first time and I’ve had ladies much more heavier than you trample me , so , all is fine by me .” She replied” okay, as you wish , I hope you won’t regret this “.

By ending our short conversation she put her right feet on my back and started to apply pressure , my back started to crack by first attempt.
Suddenly I felt a huge amount of weight on my back , and I understood she is standing on me full weight, without even asking me. I was really in agony، It was hard to breath , I had no idea she could be some kinda a mean girl with no mercy.

She walked all over my back about 15 minutes , and she didn’t give me even a short break to catch my breath. I was collapsing beneath her feet and she wasn’t even caring .

During those 15 minutes I asked her to get off of me twice , but she answered ” it was your choice to start this , but I’m the one who decides when to put an end to this” . I think she kinda liked it or she wanted to make me regret what I asked for.

After she was done , she got off my back and laughed a little bit. I thought it’s over and she was done with me, so I kept lying on the floor regaining my energy , but I was wrong. Suddenly I felt a massive amount of pressure on my head , ” I’m going to give you a head trampling that you will always remember” she said. With that she began applying more and more pressure the way I can dare to say 40 kg (88 lbs) of her weight was crushing my head.
I was seeing stars and begging her to stop but she didn’t notice at all.
” Keep talking so I can justify myself stand full weight on your little head ” she said. I was passing out and my body was soft and defenceless just like a worm beneath her feet.

After 10 minutes the she gave of a hell of head trampling, she got her feet off of my head , she she tapped on my cheek twice and told me ” wake up , little boy , I wanted to teach you a lesson that how much a female can be strong and now you better go and sleep in your room , coz my foot print is on side of your face.”

This was the beginning of my trampling journey, after this story , I got myself into more dangerous trampling experiences and I experienced trampling with different ladies after a while. I am pretty sure that you want to know why I am into trampling and who and how caused me to have this fetish.

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