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One Friday evening, a few months ago, I thought I would go into town as I was fed up with the usual faces in the local pub. I had a few drinks in a bar and then went on to a nightclub hoping to meet someone I knew. When I arrived there were plenty of people dancing but nobody I recognised so I made my way to the bar and ordered a drink. Sitting on a bar stool I spun round and noticed two young ladies dancing at the edge of the dance floor. My attention was drawn to the nearest. A tall slender girl with shoulder length dark hair, she was wearing a tight skinny top with ¾ length skirt and knee high black leather boots with modern style 3ins narrow heels. Her friend was not so slim but still very attractive wearing tight jeans with white high heel shoes. As I watched them dancing I began to stare at their feet wishing I were down there on the floor being stepped on as they danced.

It was at that moment that the girl with boots turned and looked at me.
“Hey” she said, raising her right hand in a wave. I then realised it was my mate’s sister.  “Hello” I mouthed, raising my glass in her direction. God, she looked really stunning and I remembered how gorgeous she looked the last time I met her in the village pub. Just 22 years old, she could have been a model.

About 20 minutes later she came over to the bar and stood next to me.
“Haven’t seen you here before” she said
“Thought I’d have a change” I replied “gets me out of the village. Would you and your mate like a drink?
“Yeah, why not. Two white wines please” she smiled. “I saw you watching us dance, well, watch our feet dance”. I felt the blush rise across my face. And she noticed.
Grinning, she said ” I bet you’re one of those guys who would love to be walked over by these boots”. Although she was laughing I didn’t know what to say so just raised my eyebrows and nodded. With that she picked up the drinks, turned and rejoined her mate. After that I tried my hardest not to stare but my eyes kept wondering back to the floor where they danced.
At the end of the evening both girls came to the bar and returned their empty glasses.
“Maybe I’ll see you here tomorrow” I said.
“You’re joking” said her mate “That’s it till payday. We’re both skint”
“What are you doing tomorrow evening then” I asked
“Nothing, why? my mate’s sister asked.
“Well, if you want you can both come round to mine and have a few glasses of wine” I said, “I’ve got a large music collection, mainly CD’s. There’s bound to be something there you like”

“Yeah, why not. It’s better than sitting in doors” She said. Then laughing she added “And I might even let you feel what it’s like having these boots walk over you” Before I could say another word she winked at me, turned and said “About eight then” I finished my beer and left the club, hailed a taxi and went home. That night my head was swimming with the thoughts of her last remark. I wonder if she really would. I couldn’t wait to find out.

The following day I went shopping. Later, four large bottles of medium priced white wine and some snack foods safely stored in the fridge, I settled down to watch some TV until the evening came. Would they turn up? Well, at eight o’clock the doorbell rang. With my heart pounding in anticipation I answered the door.
“Hi” I said, “Glad you could make it”
“I’m always up for a free glass of wine. My mate’s name is Sarah by the way” said Michelle.
“Go through” I said, “I’ll get you both a glass of wine”

Michelle looked fantastic. As it was a warm evening she just wore a white ‘T’ shirt with tight jeans and those boots, which really blew my mind. Sarah was looking more relaxed with a light blue blouse, jeans and white trainers. I followed the girls through to the kitchen, poured the drinks and invited them into the back yard where I have a large decked area, partially covered with an awning, with two large six seat picnic benches. We all sat and talked about many subjects, getting to know each other. Things were very relaxed and the drink flowed freely. After about an hour & half Michelle looked at me and in a slightly slurred fashion said
“Would you really like to feel my boots walking over you” At first I didn’t know what to say. If I said no I would blow a chance of a lifetime. If I said yes she might really do it but then tell everybody in the village. Decision time.
“Yeah, why not” I said “it can’t hurt that much” I stood and removed my shirt, lay on the decking face down and waited. My heart was racing as I saw her stand. She took the few steps towards me and then I felt the cold sole of her left boot on my back
“Ready” she asked.
“Yep” I replied. As Sarah watched in amazement she slowly increased the pressure until finally she lifted her right boot up and then stood with both feet on the centre of my back. Although she was a slim girl, her full weight pushed the air from my lungs. But I was comfortable and in heaven.

“How does it feel” she asked. “As good as you hoped?” With that she shuffled forward on to my shoulders.
I took a short breath and said “It’s OK” She stood still for a few moments and commented something to Sarah. They both laughed and then she stepped off.
“Wow, look at those marks” said Michelle “I bet that hurt really”. She sat down and emptied her glass.
I lay still for a while and then heard Sarah say “You should have seen his face when you stepped on him, he’s not as tough as he makes out” By now both girls had consumed a lot of wine and I wondered what was coming next. Without a word Michelle stood and went into the house, returning seconds later with two towels from the kitchen. Laughing, she gave me a light kick and told me to turn over and move to a position in the middle of the two picnic benches.
“Let’s do this properly” she said, then indicated to stretch my arms out and began to tie my wrists to the legs of the benches. Once she was sure I was secure and could no longer move she sat down next to Sarah and poured them both another wine.

A few sips later Michelle stood again and looked down at me prostrate before her.
She slowly stepped on to me and looked down at my face as she did so. The effects of the alcohol were now showing as she became unsteady. Trying to keep her balance she embedded her heels in to my soft flesh causing me to yelp. This amused her and she was more determined to stay where she was. She asked Sarah to come round and hold her hands to steady her giving the chance to trample up and down my body all the time looking down at the agony on my face. Taking her time, she was making a point of rocking back on her heels whilst on my stomach and then stepping heavily back on my chest. After around ten painful minutes she stepped off and looked at her handiwork prodding some of the deepest marks with the toe of her boot. They then both sat down and continued drinking their wine.

“I wish I’d worn my boots now” said Sarah looking down at her white trainers “I think I would have enjoyed doing what you did”
“Stand on his head” laughed Michelle “that’ll hurt”
“Now come on you two” I said “I think you’ve had enough fun” But both girls ignored my plea and seconds later stood once more over me looking down.
“Go for it” laughed Michelle and without another word Sarah stepped on to the side of my face. She wobbled a little until she rested a hand on Michelle’s shoulder. Being larger than her friend, I could feel the deep tread soles of Sarah’s trainers digging into my face. I couldn’t hear much but the two must have been having an interesting conversation as neither moved for about 20 minutes. Finally she stepped off and immediately burst out laughing.
“Look at those marks, they’ll never heal. He’ll have to go round with those for ages” she said tapping my face with her foot.

“I’ll see if I can press them out” offered Michelle and stepped on to my swollen face with her boots and then twisted as if trying to rub the marks away. This caused so much pain I had to cry out begging her to stop but this just made her more determined to complete the job. Once sure she had done her best she stepped sideways on to my chest. I slowly lifted my head, which felt like it had been crushed in a vice and looked up. One side of my face was red raw where the girls had been standing, the other had lines from the grooves in the decking. My mouth was dry and asked the girls if I could have a sip of wine. But Michelle had other ideas.

“Not till you’ve licked my boots clean” she said pushing her right foot into my face, balancing on my chest with her left. I was parched, but all I could do was put out my tongue and start cleaning her boot. Satisfied that the first was spotless, she swapped feet and watched as I cleaned the second until finally stepping off.
“Can I get up now, please” I begged. But they just remained silent.
“Look, I really hurt” I continued, “I need to do something with my face”
“Oh, it’s not that bad” said Sarah climbing onto one of the picnic benches.

“What are you doing” I gasped “Don’t be stupid”. She just stood silent with her arms outstretched and then jumped down onto my chest. I thought my body was going to explode. This heavy girl smashed every last breath out of my lungs and I began to gasp loudly. My obvious discomfort didn’t deter her and she launched her self up again crashing both feet into my stomach, which felt like being punched by a heavyweight boxer. The pain was excruciating and I thought all my internal organs were mashed. Slowly Sarah stepped off my crushed body and sat down next to her friend.
“I bet you enjoyed that” laughed Michelle watching me roll side to side in agony.
“I’m feeling hungry now” said Sarah and as both girls made their way to the kitchen they stepped hard on my face, splitting my lips and blackening one eye.

I lay were I was for about 20 minutes, gradually recovering from the punishment administered by these two cruel girls. Tears of pain still filled my eyes and I wondered if they might finally let me go. Then I heard them walking across the decking towards me once more. Michelle stepped over me and put a fresh bottle of wine on the table, but Sarah wasn’t so kind, stamping hard on my head twice using her heel for the best effect. I must have been knocked out for a few moments, coming back to my senses with a thumping headache. Carefully, I opened my eyes and looked at the two girls, each sitting either side of me.

“Now you are going to tell us the truth” demanded Michelle “Is it true you laid in a trench and let Mrs Gray and her daughter drive over you in their car?”
“Oh my God, they know” I thought without saying a word. They must have told everyone in the village. I could feel my face redden even more and wanted to cry with the embarrassment. How could I deny it?
“Yeah, we heard you enjoyed being run over and jumped on” grinned Sarah, a bit of a slur in her voice ” I recon we could do better given the chance”.
“What are you suggesting” I gasped
“Let me run over you in my car” said Michelle “and then lets see how you feel. If you agree we’ll let you get up”
“When” I asked fearfully
“In a couple of weeks when you’ve recovered from tonight” said Sarah

Well, there wasn’t much I could say, so just nodded. A few minutes later they untied me and let me get up. I put my shirt on and looked in both their eyes. They looked menacingly evil and I made a promise that if they didn’t tell my mates what they knew and what had happened this evening they could do as they wished next time the came. They continued to taunt me as we finished the bottle of wine before they left around 10.30. After seeing them to the door I went to the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror. It was worse than I thought it might be, my left eye black and swollen, lips still bleeding and trainer sole prints clearly still showing. These were going to take a few days to clear up.

I went back into the kitchen and opened the last bottle of wine, pouring a large measure before sitting down and wondering who else in the village knew what happened last year, who else wants to run over me and who else would be told what happened tonight. It’s gone too far now and there was no way of turning back.

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