Real Story – part 5 5 min read

written by Unknown author
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Rachel started to go through her clothes while I lay there on the floor in the clothes. Jen came in holding some clothing. Her Asics trainer smashed into my face as she went to my chest. She held up the skirt and blouse and asked Rachel what she thought. She twisted and turned on my chest showing her outfit. Rachel said it looked good.

Jen spun around and missed my face as she trotted out the door. Just then Tiffany and Erica walked through the door. Tiffany was a petite Asian girl. She had on jeans and a T-shirt. I saw her boots as the first one came down on my mouth. They were ankle high boots with a smooth sole and 3 inch heel that was about an inch around and shaped like a crescent moon.  It slammed into my lips and mouth. Her sole mashed down on my throat through the clothes. She strode on hitting my stomach and thigh before she was off me.

Erica’s wedge heeled boot came crashing down just the tip of the toe was on my fore head as she walked onto my chest and stomach. She was wearing a white shirt and a jean skirt with tan knee high suede wedge boots. They joined Rachel over by the closet and bed. I heard Rachel tell them what to wear and stuff. Tiffany came toward the door. I watched her shoe heel land right on my crotch. I could feel her heel on the base of my shaft through the few pieces of clothing that were there.

Just as my dick started to rise up from the pressure her sole landed and smashed it into my stomach. Her next footfall landed on my chest. I saw her swing her foot forward and watched as her heel landed on my throat right on my adams apple. Again my mouth was forced open as her heel sunk into my throat. Her sole came down and landed across my open mouth. As her weight shifted for ward her shoe sole popped past my teeth and filled my entire mouth.

I gagged on the pressure and the taste of salt and dirt and plastic. Just then Rachel called out to Tiff. Tiff spun around on the toe that was in my mouth. I felt her toe slip down into my gullet as she spun. Her heel swung around and struck my cheek and scraped up it stopping on my cheekbone. She leaned forward on the foot that was on my chest. And lifted her foot out of my mouth and placed it beside the one on her chest. “What?” said Tiff to Rachel. “Oh nothing, never mind” replied Rachel

I looked over at her and she looked at me with a devilish grin on her face. I started to fear that maybe this would be more than I could handle. My thoughts were interrupted by Tiff spinning on my chest to go. Her heel landed squarely on my nose. I don’t know how it didn’t break. It felt like her heel sunk into my face and completely flattened my nose as she kept walking.

Her sole found my fore head and relieved the crush of my nose. She walked out the door. Rachel and Erica chatted for about five minutes just inching closer and closer to me. They continued to talk as they very slowly walked forward chatting. Erica hit my knee first and stood there for 30 seconds or so. She weighed about 120 lbs so it didn’t hurt that bad. Rachel walked a little forward and stood on the side of my hip in her bare feet. Then Erica walked for ward 2 steps and was standing with one foot on my chest and one foot on my stomach right next to it. They stayed that way for a minute or so. Rachel shuffled over onto my crotch and found my dick with her feet. I knew she felt me through the clothes because she started kneading and pinching me through the clothes.

Erica shifted and I saw her boot come backwards. She rested her toe on my chin and shook her foot around as she talked to Rachel. I looked at the grooved rubber sole. You could see the outline of her foot by the dirty and worn areas. There was a price tag stuck to the bottom to. You could tell it had been stuck there for a while. There was no ink left on it, it was a dingy color and looked worn smooth.

She started to lean back and I watched as the vaguely paddle shaped sole slowly descended onto my face. Her other foot quickly joined the first. The sole of the first shoe smashed my mouth and nose closed. The heel went right between my eyes. The second was right next to it off center of my face. The sole was covering my left cheek and her heel went up beside my head.
I was helpless as Erica just stood there. I couldn’t breath, but my eyes were open. I saw Erica towering above me just casually chatting with Rachel who was steadily kneading my dick.

I could feel Erica sinking into my face as she leaned on the foot that was in the middle of my face. She laughed at something and I felt her shake and lean back on the heel. I just stared up at her beauty as my vision started to cloud. I could tell I was about to pass out. Erica was just chatting to Rachel not knowing that she was standing on the face of someone she knew and suffocating him. I stared up at the beautiful Erica and the suede boots crushing into my face and cutting off my wind. I blew the biggest load of my life then and slowly faded out…..

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3 thoughts on “Real Story – part 5 5 min read

  1. Really love these unknowingly trample stories.
    I hope one of her girlfriends will wear high heels and crush the hell out of his dick ????

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