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written by Unknown author
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I was awoken by a key going into the lock of the door. It was to dark to see who it was until I heard Ashley’s voice “I think she’s asleep. Shh” She motioned to her friend. She crept forward and stepped with her heel on the box above my head and her sole smashed my nose flat. Ashley was still wearing some thick, lug-soled boots with a big 2inch high heel that was 3 inches around or so. I felt my face trying to fit into the tread of her boot.

She suddenly stopped with all her weight on the boot on my face. I barely heard Rachel say something through the pain. I was looking straight up Ashley’s leg. I could see her boot disappear up into her jeans. I saw her hand splayed out at her side trying to stay still and quiet, with her head turned toward Rachel’s bed. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my face being smashed. I could feel one of those clover shaped things in the lug pattern pushing into the tip of my nose. My nostrils were crammed into the space between her tread pattern. Finally she continued to her bed and walked across me hitting my chest and crotch before she was off me. “Do you know Amy, Rachel?” Ashley asked as she gestured to her friend that was with her before.

“Hi Rachel, nice to meet you” Amy said as she came forward she missed my face as she ended up standing on my solar plexus. Ashley ruffled through her things as Amy and Rachel chatted. Amy was standing there and tipping her feet on the side putting all her weight on the edge of sole, then slamming them flat into my chest. Ashley found what she was looking for and told Amy she was ready to leave.

Amy turned and stepped forward her heel landing on the clothes over my throat and the sole landing on my mouth. Her heel sunk in closing off my breathing and pulling my mouth open as it sunk further. Her sole was directly over my now open mouth. I took the chance and licked the sole of her boot. It tasted salty from the street snow. She just kept her stride eventually her sole bent at the ball of her foot and my mouth was filled with part of her sole. It ground against the roof of my mouth and pushed my tongue into the back of my throat.

She finally lifted from my mouth and stepped toward the door. Ashley walked across me hitting my left knee then my lower stomach then my chest then she was out the door. ”How is my rug?” Rachel asked as she stretched in her bed. I tried to thank her for giving me the best days of my life. “Wait until after tonight before you thank me.” She replied. “I’m going to hop in the shower.” Ashley grabbed her towel and put on these real old thin flip-flops. “These stop me from getting athletes foot in the communal shower. I hope you don’t get athletes face.” She giggled. She walked toward the door stopping to wipe her flip-flops on my face as she talked.

I tried to look and see if I could see a clock but I didn’t want to move too much and ruin Rachel camo job. There was a knock on the door and Jen poked her head through the door ”Rachel you there?” I heard her talking to Val about me not being at home as she shut the door. About 10 minutes later Rachel came in the door with a towel on, with Jen and Val in tow. Rachel of course stepped on my face as she passed and then Jen missed. I saw her Asics sneaker sole flash over my face as she passed. I was watching her walk onto my chest then hip when Val’s moon boot sole came crashing into my face. It covered my entire face as she strode forward. The soft sole deformed around my facial features. I could feel Val’s weight swinging forward as she walked onto my chest then off to the side.

They sat on the bed with Rachel and started talking about their evening. “How many people are meeting here?” Val was asking. “ Well let’s see, Erica, Melissa, Tiffany and Michele. What do you guys want to wear?” Rachel asked. “I say we all wear black skirts and tops with boots. What do you think?” Jen said. “Sounds good. I’m going to take a shower.” Said Val. Jen jumped up and said “Race you to the good stall” In 2 steps she was on my chest and Val was up and pushed her.

Jen fell, her knees slamming into my collarbones as she caught herself with her hands over my head. She pulled one foot out and her sneaker sole found my mouth and nose as she pushed off with her foot to stand up my face was flattened as she half stood when Val ran up the right side of my body and knocked Jen over. Her foot slid off my face as she fell side ways. Val’s boot landed right above my head. Jen reached out and caught her other one as she ran. Val stopped and twisted around “Let go” yelled Val laughing. Jen pulled and Val hopped forward Landing right in the middle of my face.

Jen stood up and got on my stomach and started pulling again. Val was hopping in place on my face. She would bend her knee and push off my face about 2 or 3 inches and then slam back into it. She did that about a dozen times before she fell. I was lucky she had on those soft-soled moon boots and weighed less than a 100 lbs or I would need to see a plastic surgeon. As she fell backward Jen rushed for ward and her heel hit my fore head as she went for the door. I looked over at Rachel and she was looking right at me with her hand down her towel. She smiled. My vision was blocked as Jens sneaker came crashing into my face. Val had pushed her backward and she caught herself with her foot on my face. Once again my face was pressed into the bottom of her sole. Val walked out finally and Jen left my face.

I looked over at Rachel and she was shuttering ever so slightly. “That was so hot Mark.” She said as soon as the door shut. “The others will be here any minute, I don’t know how I’m going to make it without creaming my pants knowing that we are all going to be walking on you. If I see another shoe sole malform your face I’ll have to change my panties!”

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